Return Sashiko Customers

Thank you Coupon for Return Sashiko Customers

Ever since I opened up our Sashiko Online Store, it has been my strong wishes to offer something for returning customers as a token of gratitude. However, under covid-19 & more costly shipping expenses from Japan, I had to focus on keeping the business alive. After 16 month of difficulties, in Fall 2021, I have a good news for our Return Sashiko Customers. Due to a steep shift in USD/JPY rate (more than 5%), I can offer some discount without hurting the business activity. As a thank you note for your previous purchase, I decided to offer 10% off coupon for our “Sashiko Thread” available on our store.

*If you are new to our Sashiko Thread, you can get the same discount on our “First Time Trial Special”. Please find the details on the product page.

Anyone who had made a purchase on our website is qualified for this offer. In order to get the coupon, please fill out this form to get the 10% OFF coupon. I know I could make the step more simple by sending the mass emails to the customers who had made a purchase in our store. However, it is another strong wish of mine to get know of you as a returning customer, who are continuously supporting our Sashiko. Without you (them), I cannot continue this activity. Thank you very much.

Starting October 2022, you will find a password to the renewed Customer Follow-up Website below on your invoice. You can get the same coupon without waiting for me to reply to you. Please check your reciept included in the order package for the password. Thank you!

Notes about Coupon for Return Sashiko Customers

Our “One of a Kind” Indigo Dye Sashiko Thread is also available with this Coupon.

As I keep sharing, Sashiko thread is one of the most important element in Sashiko Stitching. Sashiko Thread Does Matter. I am, of course, aware of the pricing. It is more expensive than the other embroidery thread, or even other “Sashiko Thread” manufactured by bigger suppliers. There are reasons for this pricing: we do not have any scale merit since the manufacture we depend on is quite small. However, or “Therefore”, I would like to protect this thread for me to keep stitching in pleasure, for my mother to keep making beautiful Sashiko items, and for you & everyone else who are willing to learn & maximize their enjoyment in Sashiko.

We used to “prepare” the Sashiko thread with twisting the thinner cotton thread, such as basting thread. We found the best balance, and now we call it “Sashiko thread”. It is simply the best thread for the Sashiko stitching we do. I do not go back to the time we needed to prepare the thread before stitching. I do not want you to go through that extra step neither. Therefore, I keep speaking up the importance of the thread & promoting them. In this time, with this coupon, I am happy that I can reduce a bit of financial burden from the back of returning & supportive customers. I thank you for returning & supporting.

The coupon is pretty simple. 10% Off for the thread we have on our store. Please read a simple “terms & condition” to avoid any unfortunate misunderstanding.

  • Please help us out by writing reviews on the product page (Thank you so much if you have done that already). Please learn how to leave a review here if you need a help ( It would be helpful if you could leave the review with the same email address you write here. It is not a requirement, but your review is the greatest asset for our business. Thank you very much for your time & support.
  • The coupon is only available on our store limited to the Sashiko Thread. If you have made a purchase on other platform or in-person with Atsushi, please leave the message on the Google Form.
  • The coupon will be issued periodically based on the responses on the Google Form. Please email me if you would like to get the coupon right away. Thank you.
  • One coupon is available for one previous order. The coupon cannot be combined with other coupons. (For example, I cannot offer 20% off with using 2 coupons or combining the “Patreon’s thank you 10% Off” Coupon.
  • This promotion may end when the exchange rate shift back without further notification. I will do my best, of course, to communicate the situation. The Coupon will be expired within 30 days of issue date (and I won’t be able to re-issue it), so please get the coupon when you are ready.

Thank you very much for your understanding & support. I hope we can keep supporting your Sashiko journey.

Sashiko Class Arrangement

Sashiko Class Arrangement under Covid-19 pandemic

I has been so long since we had to jump into the new normal of Covid-19. With our “new normal”, I am now accepting the request to arrange the Sashiko Class toward the end of 2021 and throughout the year of 2022. My schedule for an In-person Workshop opportunity is quite packed until the summer of 2022. However, it is possible to arrange a day or so to arrange the nearby in-person workshop and virtual Sashiko Class. Since I starts receiving several requests, here is a summary of what I can do for Sashiko Class Arrangement.

In-Person Sashiko Class Arrangement

The possibility of arranging the In-person workshop in long distance from the state of Pennsylvania is, unfortunately, limited. My schedule is occupied until the summer of 2022, including two Sashiko In-Person Workshop in Aya Fiber Studio (FL) and QuiltCon 2022 (AZ). If you are neaby FL and AZ, please contact them if there is any availablity. If you are an organizer for the possible In-person Sashiko Class, please contact me after reading the Fee Estimate Structure Article.

I limitedly offer the In-person Sashiko Class Arrangement for those who live in nearby/within Pennsylvania (Zip Code 17837). If you woud like to have me for the In-person workshop, please consider having me for the Private Workshop. You may gather your friends and split (divide) the cost to make it happen. I am happy to consider traveling about 200 miles radious from 17837 Zip code. Alternatively, you can plan a visit to the town of Lewisburg to take the private Sashiko Class. For the Sashiko Class Arrangement in Lewisburg, please consider staying in a hotel or Airbnb so that I can offer the Sashiko Class at where you stay. I used to offer the Sashiko workshop in my small house as a classroom. However, under Covid-19 with 6 years old daughter, it is more comfortable for everyone to have your own space to have the Sashiko Class.

If you are interested in a Private & In-Person Sashiko Class Arrangement in Lewisburg and surrounding area, please check the In-Person Workshop Registration page.

*Additional Transportation Fee may apply if I need to travel more than 15 miles from Lewisburg, PA.

Scroll Down to the Links to In-Person Workshop Availability.

Online & Virtual Sashiko Class Arrangement

I can offer a group Online/Virtual Sashiko Class on Zoom if you are an organizer of the textile organization, schools, and other Sashiko interested groups. I will adjust the contents & pricing based on your needs. For the estimate & benchmark, please read below with possible 2 options.

  1. Online Sashiko Class with Recorded Videos & Specialized Follow-up.
  2. Virtual Sashiko Online Workshop.

Online Sashiko Class with Recorded Videos

with recorded videos & follow-up lecture & semi-private session

I have developed an Online Sashiko Class to offer Sashiko in this Pandemic. I have been receiving a lot of good feedback.

If you are an individual, please consider taking the Online Sashiko Class above. I receive many positive reviews, and I am sure you will find it eye-opening. I will support you until you can enjoy Sashiko running Stitch. Archives of Sashiko Webinars are also available (complementary to the Online Sashiko Class).

If you are an organizer in a group, I am happy to consider the special Sashiko Class Arrangement.

In this offer, I send you a link & password for the 3 sections of the Online Sashiko Class (3 Recorded Videos). Your students/participants will work on their own first with watching the recorded materials. After completing the 3 sections & practicing the Sashiko Stitching, I will arrange the Online Webinar about Sashiko’s history and philosophy (1~3 hours: it depends on your request & I will customize it as you wish). 

Then, I will set up several Follow-Up Live sessions (1~2 hours each) so that I can meet each student in a smaller group setting (like 4~6 students). The purpose of this live session is to confirm their learning & practice. It is not a form of lecture or workshop.

To be honest, this is the best way of Sashiko Class Arrangement even for a large group of people since each individual needs unique hours of time to practice the core & essence of Sashiko. Some people get it easily within a few hours (but it will take at least a few hours or so). Some need more hours and struggle to get it comfortable. At this point, I have met no one who had claimed “Oh, I knew what you taught today”, so everyone needs to go through some practice & challenges.

When I offer In-person workshop, I can physically help them to get it comfortable. However, in a virtual setting with many participants, allowing them to have extra time at their own pace would be be more beneficial.

The cost for Online Sashiko Class is the same for the organization Sashiko Class Arrangement as well: $330.00 per student including the supply package. The semi-private session & follow-up lecture are complementary when you choose with this option. The discount for the group may be available based on the numbers of students you have & if you allow me to connect to the students directly to send a follow-up email with recommendation for Sashiko supplies and tools.

*If you are organizing it for academic purpose (like collage students), please contact me for possible discount. Passing down Sashiko is my personal mission, and sharing with students can be my life-time work.

Please Contact Atsushi from Contact Form for the specific arrangement.

Virtual Live Sashiko Class

If you prefer Live-Style Sashiko Class, I can offer a set of 2 Sashiko Workshops on Zoom. In the First session, I will talk about the history of Sashiko & what Sashiko is for us. Then, I move to a class teaching the core & essence of Sashiko (Unshin). The esimate duration for the 1st session is 3~4 hours, but it depends on the numbers of students in the Live Class.

In between the 1st and 2nd section, I would ask a day to a week of time so that the students can practice the core & essence of Sashiko Class while watching the recording of 1st section. For this purpose, I will NOT offer the set of 2 Sashiko Sessions within the same day (The 2nd Session has to be later than the next day of the the 1st session).

The 2nd session is about “how to apply the core & essence of Sashiko” to actual Sashiko practice. The esimate duration for the 2nd session is about 3 hours to 5 hours, which is also depend on the numbers of students & the request for the contents.

I will prepare the materials package, and every participants are required to purchase it (or an organization can purchase the package for them). Without the package, I cannot operate the efficient Sashiko Class.

In this option, there will be no additional Webinar or follow-up Session (the recordings of the set of 2 workshops will be available after the virtual class for a month). The semi-private follow-up Session may be available with extra fees, if the participant would like to have a personal attention.

The cost for this Virtual Live Sashiko Class is below, following the Fee Estimate Article.(

Instructor Fee: $900.00 (estimating 3 hours per section, 6 hours total / $150.00 per hour).

Materials Fee: $70.00 per student. US Domestic Shipping is included. Extra Fee will apply for the International Shipping.

As an estimate, if your organization has 10 participants & Virtual Lecture is 6 hours length of 2 sessions, the total fee will be $1,650.00 USD ($900.00 Lecture Fee + $700.00 materials fee + single set up fee).

*Single Set up fee applies only for the first time. If you decide to offer it repeatedly, this fee will be waived.

*If you allow me to send emails to individual participants to recommend Sashiko supplies & tools to purchase after that workshop, I am happy to consider some discount (up to $120.00 per hour). 

*If you are organizing it for academic purpose (like collage students), I am happy to waive the set-up fee of $50.

I will do my best to make it happen.

Before the pandemic, I used to travel to NYC every few weeks to offer the workshops. I enjoyed meeting the passionate Sashiko students as much as they were happy to take the in-person class. Also, it was a big help for us to keep on going in our Sashiko journey. Making Sashiko pieces is what we do. However, teaching will help us significantly financially to stablize what we do.

With adjusting the new normal, after offering so many Online Sashiko Class & Virtual Sashiko Workshops, I am confident that I can offer the great experience to those who are interested in Sashiko. It isn’t only my subjective confidence without reasoning: it is based on the reviews & feedbacks I have received.

I will do my best to make it happen with your Sashiko Class Arrangement needs. It will help us to keep sharing the Sashiko we have been practicing as well. Thank you for your interest.

*If you would like to support us keep sharing the Sashiko Story, please consider the Patreon to support artisans & story-telling of Sashiko Story.

Sashiko and Illumination

Sashiko and Illumination

As Sashiko became more popular, I started receiving more requests in more diversified ways. The ordinary request is to either offer Sashiko Class to them, or to stitch Sashiko for them as commission work. One day in September 2021, I received an interesting email. This is a off-stage story of Sashiko & Illumination

The title say, “Ask for Sashiko Consultation”, and it continued:

“I would like to have your consultation in a large-scale, artful display: Illumination.”

This request was based on the major misunderstanding of Sashiko introduced in English, that Sashiko indicate some specific geometric pattern. As I always state on my SNS, Sashiko is NOT the word for any specific pattern. If I have to define what Sashiko is, I would say it is a form of (hand) stitching developed in Japan. Each geometric pattern has its own name and stories. We just use the respected pattern for Sashiko stitching.

Unfortunately, this is a very common misunderstanding because there are not enough resources in English and many use Sashiko as the marketing term. In order to fulfill the missing resource, I share a story per day for the last 2 years. However, it isn’t strong enough to be an advocate in this strong & huge trend of Sashiko.

The request to my email box was interesting. However, I often receive similar comments on SNS, which often end up with them minimising my voice, or even ignoring my story. I was tired of the possible reaction saying “oh, just be happy. Sashiko is just the word”. So I was a bit scared of the possible consequences.

I replied to them as nicely as possible to share the Sashiko Stories I carry. Usually, in many cases, since I do NOT offer what they are expecting to hear, the request will not be proceeded. They often just fade away even without saying “Thank you for the reply”. I thought this request was one of those: just not on SNS, to my email box. I was expecting the same: Another waste of my time, but it is necessary in order to accomplish my mission.

The reply was unexpecting one to me, in a good positive way.

They said that they want to learn Sashiko as “Japanese stitching culture”, and then they wanted to use any inspiration they learn from me to create an artful display with illumination. 

Well… if they are willing to learn Sashiko, there is no way to deny their request. All I am asking is their willingness to learn the Sashiko which is NOT yet translated into English. I replied to them that I may not be a good fit and may say something extremely uncomfortable, but I am willing to give it a shot for the first initial meeting. 

My worry wasn’t necessary. After the delightful first meeting with feeling so much respect, I start thinking more deeply with greater confusion. Well, more accurately describing, I asked myself the most difficult question: What is Sashiko anyway?

[Sashiko is a form of hand-stitching to make stitches on the fabric (developed in Japan).]

This is a true statement. I believe no one can argue if it is true or not. Since this is a true statement, in contrast, we can possibly say it is NOT Sashiko if it isn’t stitching. I share my insight that the cloth with a Sashiko-like pattern printed and called Sashiko blanket is NOT Sashiko. However, I thought, isn’t it a form of dualism that I would like to get out?

Then, I start feeling why I feel so “content” after the meeting although their goal is to have an artful “display” with illumination, not stitching. I strongly felt that I would like to be their help if they get inspired by Sashiko. Their willingness to learn & humble to respect the Japanese culture was more Sashiko-like to me than those who hand-stitch pattern pre-printed fabric with caring how “perfect” the stitches have to be (and since they cannot, they immediately start embracing the imperfection) while blocking our voice.

When we look at the outcome, one is Sashiko (even without respecting the Japanese culture behind it), and one is NOT Sashiko because it is illumination (no matter how much they learn from Sashiko Artisans).

Is this my personal preference because I got good respect instead of indifference? Or… I needed to look into what is the feeling wiggling within me.

After many nights of deep thinking, I came to one tentative conclusion. Sashiko is a form of “praying” developed in Japan, and then formed as hand-stitching in their ordinary. It is TRUE and there is no doubt that Sashiko is a “Stitching” Culture. However, that “stitching” must have included the “praying” in their ordinary days. If they understand the significance of this Japanese culture, as long as they say “Sashiko inspired” by Sashiko Artisans story, I believe it carries the spirit of Sashiko more than just simple stitching which looks like Sashiko.

Sashiko and Illumination

Sashiko has to be a form of Stitching.

However, anything besides stitching also can be inspired by Sashiko, even if it is a form of art display. Lighting candles manually (by hands) one by one is a great form of praying similar to stitching one-stitch by one stitch. A similar process of stitching with praying, as if we are stitching to the ground, making the ground of the park stronger, and mend (heal) earth together with praying. 

Outcome is important. How it looks defines the value in many cases. However, in today’s society, the willingness to learn from each other can overcome the issue within diversity: Unfairness and Struggle. 

I believe I could contribute to them to somewhat connect their art display and spirit of Sashiko. I hope many people enjoy the art, that Erin came up with great design with her best willingness to learn about Sashiko.

*For the Article and the detail about the Sashiko and Illumination Event, please visit their website below.

*I introduce how to stitch the same pattern, Seigaiha, as a follow-up materials of Online Sashiko Class. Please consider taking it to fully understand the Sashiko I have been sharing.

Sashiko Jackets Portfolio Cover

Sashiko Jackets Portfolio

One Sashiko Jacket. It is rather easy to talk about one Sashiko Jacket. However, each Jacket takes so many weeks & months of time in stitching, even though we stitch quite fast & efficiently. We are proud of what we can, and what we have achieved. This is our Sashiko Jackets Portfolio.

*This portfolio will be updated as we take photos of Sashiko Jackets.

The details of our items are available on the Sashiko Portfolio Website (

Sashiko Jackets Portfolio (Until 2021)

All hand-stitched by either Keiko, Atsushi, or our friends who practice Sashiko with us. There is no such a thing as “One Correct Sashiko”, and therefore we make many kind of Sashiko. This page is the archives of Sashiko Jackets which are not categorized in Hitomezashi, Boro, and other types of Sashiko.

Purchase Availability

Some of the Jackets may be available as the “One-of-a-kind” Jacket for you. Since we make them with hand-stitching & availability of fabric vary, we cannot promise that we can make the exact same jacket. However, we will do our best to follow your preference. Please contact Atsushi for more information. The pricing estimate is listed there. Please respect the estimate.

Sashiko Patchworked Jacket 2021 A

Made to Order.
Designed by Keiko Futatsuya.

Estimated Price: $3,900.00 (USD)
Estimated Lead Time: 10 months.

SKF Sashiko Jacket 2021 A

Made to Order.

Designed by Keiko Futatsuya.
Estimated Price: $3,000.00 (USD)
Estimated Lead Time: 8 months.

SKF Sashiko Jacket A

The Sashiko Patchwork Jacket – Keiko 2019

Made to Order.

Designed by Keiko Futatsuya.
(patchworked with multiple Japanese traditional designs.)

Estimated Price: $3,900.00 (USD)
Estimated Lead Time: 10 months to 14 months.

Sashiko Coat Jacket Keiko 01

Designed by Keiko Futatsuya.

Estimated Price: N/A(USD)
Estimated Lead Time: N/A

SashiCo Brown Coat Jacket X18

Designed by Keiko Futatsuya.

Estimated Price: N/A(USD)
Estimated Lead Time: N/A

SashiCo Denim Jacket

Made to Order
Designed by Keiko Futatsuya.

Estimated Price: Ask
Estimated Lead Time: N/A

Asanoha Workman Style Jacket (No Sleeve Samue)

Made to Order
Designed by Keiko Futatsuya.

Estimated Price: $800
Estimated Lead Time: 5~6 months

Other Sashiko Jackets Portfolio

On top of our Sashiko Jackets Portfolios, we have other items Portfolios. Please check the list below.

  • Sashiko Hitomezashi Jackets Portfolios.
  • Sashiko Bags Portfolios.
  • Sashiko & Boro Portfolios.
  • Sashiko Throw and Tapestory Portfolios.
Sashiko Webinar

Sashiko Webinar Series | Learn what Sashiko is for us

More than 700 SNS Posts and 140 Full-Length Sashiko Story on Patreon. I still have a lot more to share. In a trend of simplifying Sashiko, sharing Sashiko Story, both wisdom I receive and personal experience I had gone though, is the way to pass down the Sashiko we have been practicing. In August 2021, I offered a lecture about Sashiko’s essence for the first time in while. I thought it would be somewhat “boring” because all of the content was repetitive stories I had already shared. However, I had received many positive feedbacks for what I had shared. The same story, but in a different way to share: Visual and Audio. I would like to focus on “deliverying the message” besides the “Sharing Stories”. I will continue sharing the story, of course. This is just an announcement of my new way to contribute to the Sashiko Culture. I offer Sashiko Webinar Series to share what Sashiko really is for us.

Sashiko Webinar Details

Sashiko Story Webinar 101 – What is Sashiko anyway?

Date & Time: Friday, September 10th, 9 pm ~ 10 pm EDT

Please get a ticket from the link below. (*It is free of charge to get ticket. However, if you are new to what we do, please condier donation as a ticket price.)

Sashiko Story Youtube Videos

I have been sharing “Sashiko Story” on Youtube as well. Please check this playlist to watch & lean what Sashiko is for us. This can be a great preview materials before joining Sashiko Webinar Series (Of course. it is NOT required).

Cultural Appropriation in Sashiko

I learn the word, “Cultural Appropriation”, when I was accused to be so arrogant while me sharing my personal stories. It is very unfortunate that one can be so ignorant to damage foreign culture. Cultural Appropriation is a very sensitive topic to discuss. I do NOT think “Only Japanese can/should practice Sashiko”. I believe anyone can enjoy Sashiko. However, it has to be done in a respectful manner to those who had developed & tried to pass down Sashiko to today’s society.

Sashiko is simple, very simple, therefore it carries a lot of cultural aspect. I do not want it to be filtered by/for someone’s convenience. The goal of this Sashiko Story Series is to tell them the importance of “acknowledging” it. I am not asking them to stop doing Sashiko or apologize for what they did. I just need them to “learn” what Sashiko really is.

For more details on Cultural Appropriation in Sashiko, please watch the video & read the article below.

Cultural Appropriation in Sashiko

Sashiko in Other Languages

Sashiko in Other Languages besides JP and ENG

I receive many requests and offer to tranlate our Sashiko Stories to other languages besides Japanese and English. Yes, it is my wishful goal to introduce Sashiko in other languages, many other languages. If you wish, please feel free to translate our stories into your language, enjoy it, or even share the translation on your platform. I am happy to mention your account in my Platform. Only thing I ask is a valid credit (link/tag/citation). Then, you may wonder, why can Atsushi find a translator who translates what he shares periodically if his goal is to share the Sashiko? Well… when it comes to a case of “I (Atsushi)” being in charge of the translation, including outsourcing it to a professional translater, it most likely will not happen soon as of now (Summer 2021). Here is why.

What I write in English is not a direct translation of what I would write in Japanese. With spending so much time, I try my best to encourage you to understand not only the information I share but also the Japanese culture and mindset. Therefore, I really would like to trust the person who translates what I write/say – since I cannot make sure if the translation is done properly – in the language I do not understand. Asking a professional translating firm is a simple & valid way to have the “great translation”, but as an artisan who shares the cultural matters, it seems very irresponsible to just “translate” without valid checking. I am proud of being valid because I am the first source of information. When I have a translated our Sashiko Story, I want my partner to be the first source as well instead of just my “translator”. So, please be patient a bit more. From those who learn our Sashiko, I hope I can find someone eventually.

Before 2018, I wouldn’t worry a process of translating my stories this much. However, after learning the current trend of Sashiko & insufficient information of Sashiko, I had to change my mind. Now, I am spending so much time and effort to “re-twist” the cultural filteration already done in English because the translation from Japanese to English in Sashiko filtered some core & essence of Sashiko. I wish I could just focus on “sharing”, but I also need to work on “uninstalling” some of the misunderstanding (including the sense of achievement).

Therefore, I have to be extra careful to translate our Sashiko in Other Language. To be honest, I can just translate it tomorrow with outsourcing it online, or even using free Google Translate, and make money. However, “communicating what it is” more important than “how popular I can get”. Once a word start walking by itself without proper guidance from the native, it will get almost impossible to bring them back.

Sashiko in Other Languages.

I haven’t given up. It is just very difficult to find a translater who is fluent in both language (Japanese and the language to be translated), live(d) in Japan, and have Japanese culture as their ordinary, with hopefully some hand-crafting experience. Otherwise, in this time, I may repeat the filtering that I am working so hard to fulfill.

Meanwhile, please translate what I share as your “interpretation” and “translation”. As long as it is NOT translated as my first message, it isn’t going to filter the cultural essence. In fact, it would be a great support. I would like to support you as a Sashiko practitioner in other Languages. I just cannot validate a post in another language I do not read (therefore I need the trust first).

*If you know anyone, or if you are the one who is willing to learn Sashiko from us & native in other languages, please contact me. This is a big project, and I will start a crowdfunding so that I can offer good compensation to the committment.

  • A Japanese Native (lived in Japan) with fluent language skill besides Japanese & English (I will share as much information as possible with the translater in Japanese over Zoom Meeting)
  • Anyone who is fluent in English or Japanese with other language skill, who takes Atsushi’s Class first.

Instagram Post about this translation Challenge

【Post on 11/19/2020】

As of now, our contents are available in ENG and JPN.  I receive many requests to translate my Sashiko Class & Articles to other languages. I really appreciate your interest. Please understand that translating cultural matters requires careful & time-consuming & skillful process. The result from “Machine Translation” sometimes loses its value. As I explain how ENG and JPN are different as language on my Patreon Page, the mis-translation can be critical. There are reasons I make a post in 2 languages here. It is so challenging to introduce Japanese culture in another language.

In order to make “translation” happen, I have to find a person with 2 core abilities. (1) Language knowledge (fluent or native) in both JPN and the language & (2) (Willingness to) Understand the Japanese & Sashiko Culture. If you know anyone who is willing to help us out, please let us know.

Please, Please do not get me wrong. I am very happy to have readers from all over the world. I wish I could express my message in all the language. It is perfectly fine to use Google Translate to read what I write here. I just want to remind you that you are reading a “message translated by machine – not human with the same knowledge” if it is not JPN/ENG. Once I find a partner I can trust & communicate in Japanese, I will start working on translation. Thank you very much for your interest in learning Sashiko. (Words on the photo are the languages I know the very basic).

QuiltCon 2022 Sashiko Workshops

QuiltCon 2022 Sashiko Workshops Announcement

It is my sincere pleasure to announce that I will be teaching again in the QuiltCon as a faculty. QuiltCon 2022 Sashiko Workshops will be offered as a part of QuiltCon 2022 in Pheonix, Arizona between February 16th to 20th (

Thanks to many positive feedbacks that we had received in 2020, I can offer 2 kinds of Workshops in Quiltcon 2022. In this blog, I explain what is the contents of these 2 choices in QuiltCon 2022 Sashiko Workshops – Sashiko: Core & Essence and Sashiko: Application & Practice.

*The Registration for the Quilcton 2022 will open for MQG members on August 4, 2021, at 10 a.m. EDT. For General Registration, it will be available on August 19, 2021 at 10 a.m. EDT. To get detail information & description about the workshop on interactive catalogue, please search the class by my name “Atsushi” or “Sashiko“. I do not offer Boro workshop.

Sashiko: Core and Essence

In 6 hours of the workshop, I want you to learn the Core & Essence of Sashiko Stitching. I will go over a history, terminology, and the technique of how to use unique tools with one of the core essences of Sashiko – Unshin (運針).

This is a learning opportunity rather than a “let’s do sashiko together” workshop. Therefore, participants may go through some challenging phase to learn something new. In 6 hours of intensive stitching practice, you will be able to achieve the Unshin that you may have seen on Youtube.

Sashiko isn’t about making one perfect stitch. It isn’t also about embracing the inperfection. It is about communicating to the fabric by moving your needle at your own “rhythm”. This is the workshop of Sashiko’s Core & Essence.

While your practice, I will share many Sashiko Stories. Sashiko is more than just a technique (I will of course teach you techniques to make stitches even & beautiful).

With following some of my SNS Sashiko Stories and Youtube, this will be a memorable & eye-opening experience for you.

This workshop is the must workshop to continue learning from Atsushi & Upcycle Stitches. It is mostly the same contents to the other In-person Workshops (6 hours length) as well as the Online Sashiko Class. If you have taken the other In-person Workshops or Online Sashiko Class, you do NOT need to take this class again. Of course, it is your choice to repeat the same class, but please be advised that the contents will be very similar. If you would like to have the refresh of the workshop, please contact Atsushi with the email address you have taken the first class. I can offer some support.

Sashiko: Application and Practice

*Prerequisite: Sashiko Workshop (Core & Essence). Online & Other full-length in-person workshop can be used as the prerequisite as well as the “Sashiko Mastery Class” from QuiltCon 2020. It is perfectly fine to take the Sashiko: Core & Essence Workshop in QuiltCon 2022

I believe the Sashiko Workshop (Core & Essence) conclude my Sashiko teaching. Therefore, I do not offer the “advanced” Sashiko Workshop anymore. The workshop Core & Essence Is the ending of my teaching about Sashiko’s Core, and it is the beginning of your Sashiko. However, I receive many request to organize the workshop to encourage & inspire the continous Sashiko stitching with the core they learned.

This workshop, Sashiko: Application & Practice, is the workshop where I will walk you through how we can apply the Sashiko stitching to what you may enjoy more. I will teach some non-Sashiko related contents to enrich your Sashiko journey as welll.

As I wrote above, “Sashiko: Core & Essence” is the prerequisite for this class. I will only briefly review the Unshin in this class. Therefore, without taking those 6 hours of practicing, this workshop (Application and Practice) may be extremely uncomfortable. Please, please consider taking the Sashiko: Core & Essence before taking this workshop even if you have more than 30 years of experience in Sashiko. This workshop is NOT “advanced” – more like a “Let’s have fun together” with the core & essence I have shared – which is going to be fun because it is the first step to make the Jacket below in future (We will NOT make the Jacket like below in the workshop. However, I will be able to share how we make it with the core you have learned).

Some participants work on their Denim with Sashiko Stitching. This Application & Practice Workshop will be a great opportunity to learn that as well.

I will see you there in Phoenix

I have workshop from morning to the evening everyday. After the workshop, each day, I plan to enjoy the Quilt Exhibition in the main area. You may be surprized… but I am pretty shy. So if you see me walking, please say “Hi” to me. Unless I am running to the workshop, I will be happy to share our Sashiko with you there.

Sashiko Class 2021 Cover

Sashiko Class 2021 to 2022 to share what Sashiko is

Sashiko became a well-known word in English for those who enjoy hand-sewing and crafting with textiles. I am happy that many people are interested in Sashiko, and enjoying Sashiko with sharing the inspiration they got from the Sashiko they see. However, unfortunately, the Sashiko translated in English is not enough to describe the whole picture of Sashiko: not many non-Japanese Sashiko teachers are teaching the core & essence of Sashiko. Sashiko in English is NOT wrong at all – however, they are insufficient. It is my pleasure and honor to share what Sashiko is for us with teaching the core technique of Sashiko & essence of why it is so important to focus on the process rather than the result. Anyone can learn & start enjoying Sashiko as we do by joining one of the learning opportunity I offer: Sashiko Class 2021 to 2022.

In 2021 and 2022, I offer several options, both Online and In-Person. Please check my schedule & availability. I am looking forward to meeting you soon!

Online Sashiko Class 2021

The year of 2020 with pandemic brought us very difficult time. However, at the same time, it was the time that we all needed to somewhat adjust to the availability. For me, it was a year of investing majority of my time & energy to improve the Online Sashiko Class. With cancelling all of the workshop in 2020 due to Covid-19, I had to shift everything I had to Online.

I am confident that anyone can learn the Core & Essence of Sashiko Online. This is the main & the most important class I offer. I receive many good reviews with prefering Online Class because they can watch my hands movement closely and slowly over and over again.

You may find Atsushi’s Online Sashiko Class (Virtual Class) on other platform with slightly lower price. (As of Summer 2021, it is $330.00). I occasionally offer Sashiko Class online collaborating with other platform. I ask them strongly to match the price to our Online Sashiko Class, but the final decision will be determined by them (including some mistakes done by manually).

You may find our Online Sashiko Class on this official website as the most “expensive” choice. Please be advised that the other virtual online class will NOT offer the follow-up Live Session after the virtual class (some platform offer the recording of the virtual video & follow-up session with extra fees). The reason of the fee of Online Sashiko Class from my website is that I offer the “Full-Support”, until you can do it or until you completely give up while I will NOT give up on you). Although the Online Sashiko Class include only one virtual ticket to join the “Live Session” to confirm all of your learning, if a participant needs additional session to “be able to stitch like we do”, I will keep offering the time. I may offer the one-on-one session if necessary.

For me, “The learning of rhythm & practicing Sashiko in the rhythm” is the reason I share Sashiko. I sincerely would like you to be able to stitch in the rhythm – therefore, it would be very helpful if you would consider the Online Sashiko Class 2021. (*1) and (*2)

In-Person Sashiko Class / Workshop 2021

It is my sincere pleasure to start offering the In-Person Sashiko Class & Workshop as well. Although I am confident in sharing the technique & skill over Online Sashiko Class, it is also nice to meet in person and share the same moment. I will be there, right next to you, to share & teach Sashiko with my hands on your hands. Also, the biggest advantage of In-Person Sashiko Class / Workshop is that you can touch and feel what we make – the Sashiko we have been practicing. When the condition allow, I bring as many sample as possible with me. You may touch it and wear it for your inspiration. I will still try to limit the opporutnities of In-Person Sashiko Class, there are several of confirmed plann toward 2021 and 2022 (*3)

Sashiko Workshop: Core & Essence

Saturday August 14th: 10 am to 4 pm offered by Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh, PA.

Special 3-Day Sashiko Workshop

Monday January 31st (2022) to Wednesday February 2nd, offered by Aya Fiber Studio in FL.

Sashiko Workshop: Core & Essence / Application & Practice.

This is Sashiko Workshop for QuiltCon 2022 in Phoenix, AZ. QuiltCon 2022 will be held in FEBRUARY 16 – 20, 2022.

For more detail about Sashiko Workshop such as the contents, fee and how to register, please visit the QuiltCon webpage above, and follow the direction.


(*1) The Online Sashiko Class from this website comes with “Full-Support” I describe above. The Sashiko Online Workshop offered by other platform, the “Full-Support” may be available with additional fee. No matter where you learn from me, my goal is the same. I just would need to priotize the one who pay the full price. Thank you for your understanding.

(*2) Other Online Sashiko Classes via different platform offer the same contents as the Online Sashiko Class 2021. However, the personal support may be available with extra fee. Most of the platforms provide you to access the recording videos. If you would need the personal support, please visit our website to purchase the ticket to get the personal support.

(*3) Please be advised that the In-Person Sashiko Class offered in Central PA (where I live) is still unavailable due to my family condition. Please wait for an update for that. It is my hope to start having the participants soon.

Japan Tour Visiting Cover

Japan Tour visiting Sashiko actually exist.

In an ordinary village in Japan, Sashiko (or something similar) existed. It is about the past. Many Sashiko Stories seem to be buried in history without names. Various kinds of Sashiko we can enjoy today are mostly “revived” versions of the Sashiko based on their local voice & stories. Most of the Japanese who had to practice Sashiko discontinued stitching for survival when they became wealthy enough to choose not to stitch. Their choice is a form of culture. The other people’s choice where they decided to revive is also another form of culture (*1).

You may wonder. Is there such a thing as “real Sashiko” in Japan now? Although I say most of the Sashiko we can find today are “revived” versions, Sashiko isn’t the history yet. As long as there are people stitching with living in Japan practicing Japanese culture as their ordinary, that is one real Sashiko I can define.

Well… It is very difficult to define what “real” is in Sashiko. Is it about the pattern or design? Is it about what to make for what purpose? Or the technique and how to? Although all of them can be a part of the definition of the “real Sashiko”, one very important essence of defining the real Sashiko is a sense of “community” – where people can belong. This is also my long-hoping dream to make it true – to make a place where people can feel as a community. (If you read Japanese, you can probably find me saying “居場所を作りたい(I want to make ‘the’ place)” all over the posts & videos. 

For this essence, Otsuchi Sashiko is probably the closest to the “real” Sashiko. They get together to do Sashiko, and they stitch not only for their leisure, but also for making their ends meet. This is the Sashiko community where we have not introduced ourselves in English well.

*You can visit Otsuchi Sashiko with us in May 2022 by joining our Sashiko Japan Tour.

Sashiko isn’t in history

Although most of the Sashiko in English are discussed based on the documents left, Sashiko is still an ongoing culture. I agree with the fact that the culture changes over time. It is changing now by those who practice Sashiko for their community. It will never be a whole picture of Sashiko when one ignores the on-going change in Japan. 

Otsuchi Sashiko Project (previously, it was called Otsuchi Sashiko Recovery Project) started as a welfare project to support the Tsunami survivors from the NorthEast Great Earthquake in 2011. It has been 10 years, and they have worked with so many local people there throughout sharing the Sashiko on-going practice. Sashiko isn’t in history yet.

*Please read the full description here:

It is my sincere privilege to be able to join the Otsuchi Sashiko project. In my stay there (2011 Nov to 2012 Feb), regardless of my position as “teacher” or “advisor”, I received a lot of learning from them. To be honest, “learning” is not a sufficient word for what I have received. It is something more important than “learning” – like enlightenment. I would like to share what I learned there because it is what I indeed received from the Sashiko practice.

Japan Tour Visiting where Sashiko Exists

The main theme of the Japan Tour we organize is to share the “On-Going practice” of Sashiko. There are a lot more I can share with actual people & their stitching. For example, some say it is impossible to make “authentic Boro”. It is a true statement because it requires a few hundreds years to create one. However, we can make the “future authentic Boro” by stitching as the Japanese would have done so many years ago. I would like to take you there to stitch together, enjoy together, and share the “place” created by Sashiko.

The town of Otsuchi is very far from major cities in Japan. The transportation isn’t so convenient to visit. Therefore, I will not plan a visit (unless I specifically design the tour to visit) Otsuchi Sashiko Project in my own Japan Tour. For the Tour in May 2022, thanks to a great organizer Koshiki-san, we will visit them and spend some time together – in the place Sashiko would connect us regardless of where we are from.

Of course, throughout the tour, I will be there with you and for you to learn what Sashiko/Boro for us. I have spent more than 400 hours to share more than 750 stories about Sashiko on Instagram & Facebook. I feel that I still have only shared 10% of the whole stories I would like to share. Yes, the core & essence of Sashiko can be mastered by taking my Online Sashiko Class or In-person workshop. Yes, there are many information available online to learn from. I just think, however, that the time I would spend with you in Japan focusing Sashiko would be incredible memories for us. I would like you to find your own “Place” – which you may have already so you can add to your life.

We offer Japan Tour visiting where Sashiko exists.

*1: There may(should) be a form of Sashiko in which the Japanese did not choose to discontinue. In Koginzashi & Hishizashi, there are another pile of many Sashiko Stories that I am not qualified to talk about. When my stories are completed, I will work on introducing their voices as well.

Sashiko Tour Japan Spring 2022 | with Tanpopo Journey

Are you interested in Sashiko & sightseeing in Japan? If so, the Sashiko Tour Japan Spring 2022 with Tampopo Journey is the all-in-one package tour for you. Sashiko – a form of hand-stitching developed in Japan – has been introduced in English very widely. With some keywords such as “slow-stitching” and “visible mending”, Sashiko has became a trend in crafting & textile field. However, Sashiko is more than just a trend with slow stitching or visible mending. It is a part of Japanese ordinary days, and traveling Japan to visit Sashiko artisans with an active Sashiko artisan (Atsushi) right next to you, will provide the comprehensive expereince of the Sashiko we have been practicing.

With collaborating to Tanpopo Journey, an experienced tour agency, it will be a very unique & comfortable Sashiko Tour Japan to satisfy your expectation & preferneces. I will travel with you to share the Sashiko we have been praciticing. In addition to the Sashiko experience, you will enjoy “tourists” part of Japan. I am happy to share the Sashiko we practice in Japan with visiting many beautiful places & enjoying the delicious Japanese meals.

Two Sashiko Highlights of this Tour

This is very unique tour because Atsushi, a Sashiko artisan & Storyteller, will travel with you in most of the itenary (Atsushi will not visit Kanazawa to prepare the workshop in Takayama). On top of that, we will offer the very special Sashiko Workshops collaborating with our family & friends – Keiko Futatsuya & Otsuchi Sashiko Project. There are many Sashiko Tours to Japan available. However, I can say out-loud, these 2 workshops with Atsushi’s translation & explanation will be available only in this tour.

Visiting Otsuchi Sashiko Project

If you are interested in Japanese Sashiko, and have not yet heard about Otsuchi Sashiko Project, then your understanding of Sashiko in Japan may be filtered (biased). Otsuchi Sashiko Project is one of the “community business” where people apply Sashiko to maintain their economical sustainability. Sashiko has become a form of hobby. Not many people can make ends meet by just doing Sashiko. I respect those who have been trying to revive the Sashiko from history & trying to pass it down to the next generation as a lifework (like me & Upcycle Stitches).

The essnece of Sashiko exists in the ordinary of Japanese culture. For that, Otsuchi Sashiko with trying to keep the economy moving within their project (a form of community business) is the on-going phenomina of Sashiko in Japan.

I will share everything I know about the Otsuchi Sashiko.

Learn about Otsuchi Sashiko Project via Upcycle Stitches

Meet Keiko & Learn from her artistry

Sashiko Tour Japan Keiko

I say Sashiko isn’t (Fine) Art because the essene of Sashiko existed in the ordinary. The definition of “Art” may bring Sashiko to the extraordinary side, and therefore I have not still yet considered Sashiko as the Art. However, what Keiko makes me think that Sashiko can be an Art. Her Sashiko isn’t traditional (which I will explain why in the tour), yet following the essence & core of Sashiko very much.

With visiting Keiko, we will have a day with Keiko’s workshop – making “Authentic Boro to be” pieces in playing with the fabrics (Both vintage & authentic Japanese fabric).

*We no longer offer the Sashiko Workshop by Keiko. A workshop may be arranged for those who took Atsushi’s Online Class and/or in-person workshop. Even that, due to Covid-19 & her condition, it will most likely “impossible” to offer her workshop. In this Sashiko Tour, I will make sure to be there with her and support her workshops. This is the opportunity to meet Keiko & learn from her (She doesn’t talk English, but I will be there to translate.)

Other Highlights of this tour

Please visit the official page for Sashiko Tour Japan Spring 2022 with Tanpopo journey for the details of itenary. The tour is focused on Sashiko, but it includes many other sightseeing & expereience opportunities as follows.

  • Welcome dinner & sashiko workshop
  • Take a tour of the Tsukiji Fish Market and have fresh sushi for lunch
  • Visit Tsutaya Edomoji Studio
  • Guided arts and crafts tour of Iwate prefecture
  • Visit stencil dye and homespun studios
  • Take a cooking class from a local women’s group
  • Workshop with Otsuchi Sashiko Recovery Project
  • Kanazawa sightseeing
  • Kutani Pottery Studio Visit
  • Feather & needle art workshop (optional)
  • Gold leaf application workshop (optional)
  • All-day sashiko workshop in Takayama
  • Day-trip to Shirakawago, UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Fabric Shopping in Textile Town
  • Farewell Dinner

Travel Details – Sashiko Tour Japan Spring 2022

Sashiko Tour Japan Welcome

Date: May 8 – May 19, 2022
price: $5,999 per person, single occupancy*

what’s included:
– Hotels & local transportation
– Workshops & demonstrations
– Some meals
– Guide/interpreter
– Transportation to/from hotel on the first/last day of tour
– $100 charitable donation to Otsuchi Sashiko Recovery Project (NPO)

what’s not included:
– Travel or medical insurance
– Flight to/from Japan
– Personal spending including:
– Shopping, alcohol, laundry, some meals
– Online-sashiko workshop / In-person Sashiko Workshop prior to the tour (Prerequisite)

Why is Sashiko Class prerequisite?

Please imagine that we will go to a Cycling Tour to Japan with planning to visit mahy cycling courses. You would need to learn how to ride a bycicle before the Cycling tour. This Sashiko Tour is operated with the similar idea. We will enjoy a lot of Sashiko stitching in 11 days tour. In those experience, the core technique of “Unshin (Needle Movement)” is a necessary skill to have. The participants do not need to “master” the technique or posture. However, they have to be aware of the idea & technique so that we can practice in the tour.

Some may think that they are experienced in Sashiko. However, unfortunately, I have not met anyone who practice Unshin like we do without taking our Sashiko Class. Therefore, in order to be fair with everyone, the Sashiko Class by Atsushi is prerequisite for this Sashiko Tour Japan.

If you have taken Atsushi’s Workshop (more than 3 hours length), please contact us with the email you took the workshop with. We should have you in the system, and we are happy to welcome you with some follow-ups.