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Consulting Work for Sashiko Project

As the word “Sashiko” gets so popular, we can find many articles, publications, Art Pieces, and any form of projects using the word “Sashiko”. Many of them follow the idea of Sashiko within their capacity. Unfortunately, some are completely ignoring the Cultural Understanding of Sashiko. It is true that there are not much information available in English regarding Sashiko. By simply following the information from the Online Sources, the project can mislead the audience even if it isn’t the intention of the authors or organizers. To avoid further misleading the culture, I decided to start offering the Consulting Work for Sashiko Project.

The lack of information regarding Sashiko (and other Japanese culture) is caused by many factors. One of my favorite saying is, “Westerns (Developed Cultures) Ignorance, and Japanese’s Laziness”. It is true that Japanese people neglected to explain their Cultural Significance for many decades. For Sashiko, as I am somewhat proficient in both Japanese & English, I will try my best to get out of the “Laziness” of explaining the cultural part of Sashiko.

Service of Consulting Work for Sashiko Project

The Service itself is quite specific as all I can offer is the consultation from the perspective as a Sashiko Artisan. However, because of this speciality, I believe the consulting Work for Sashiko Project will be very valuable.

What I can offer is:

  • Providing the Voice(s) from Japanese Sashiko Artisan(s). I have a group of Sashiko Artisans stitching actively together. It won’t be just my own personal imagination.
  • Translation with adding as many “annotation” from Cultural Perspective. As my translation itself isn’t so professional level, it would be very efficient to combine a translator & me as a contents proof reader like below.
  • Proof Reading to check if the writing is Culturally Inappropriate.
  • Advise to Apply Sashiko Philosophy to your Project
  • Advise to Publication, Articles, Films, and any other materials toward the general public

Potential Clientele I am hoping to work with

It is my pleasure to work with anyone & any organizations who are interested in what I would say. That being said, the Clienteles that I am imagining to work with are following:

  • An Organization which try to apply Sashiko’s Philosophy to their project
  • A Media potentially writing/filming about Sashiko Stitching & related philosophy
  • An Author/Publisher who are planning to write an article/book about Sashiko
  • Any Organization/Individuals who consider using the word “Sashiko” for commertial purpose without anyone Japanese in the process.

How much does it cost?

At this point, I do not know how much I “should” charge for the Consulting Work. In fact, it depends on the type of request. If you interested in having me, please reach out to me from the contact form below.

*To make it sustainable & considering that I would work with organizers/companies, please expect $100.00 hour rate or so. It will, of course, change on based on the request. I am setting the line to avoid the unfortunate misunderstanding. I will not reply to the request without this base understanding.

Sample Consulting Work for Sashiko Project

I haven’t announced this Consulting Service in the past. However, several organizations & publishers were very considerate on their projects. They invited me to their project & ask for the voice to make the project & writing more Culturally aligned to the history.

Here are several sample works I have worked with.

2023 – Longwood Garden, Illumination with Sashiko’s Philosophy

2022 – Voice for the Video

2021 – Longwood Garden, Illumination with Sashiko’s Philosophy

Personal Work for your own leisure

You may be wondering if you would need Consulting Service to your own personal Sashiko Work. As much as I would love to offer my feedback to your Sashiko, I do not think it is necessary to have me as your consultant. Instead, please consider joining to my teaching opportunities from below. If you want to see how my teaching is like, please start with Domestika Course. Then, when you wish to learn Sashiko more seriously, please consider taking the [Core & Essence] Class (Online or In-Person)

It would be very much appreciated if you could support me on Patreon Platform where I continue sharing the Sashiko Story. With the monthly support of as less as $5.00, I am happy to offer my advise on your Sashiko Project when it is done for your own leisure.

*Please consider hiring me if your Sashiko is for commertial purpose like mentioned above as “Potential Clientele I am hoping to work with”.

Please involve Japanese who knows what they are talking about

When I see a group of people are discussing on a topic “What is Sashiko/Boro” without anyone who aren’t really a part of Japanese culture, I feel very strange. They define what Sashiko/Boro is without even asking/talking to the Japanese people.

It is okay when the discussion is done as a part of hobby or leisure, I guess. However, when it is done as a part of Cultural Contents of the Company or Media, I believe it is important to have someone who knows what they are talking about. Even more seriously, when it is in a “teaching Setting” such as Workshop or Class, as the students/participants will naturally believe what the teachers say, the contents need to be throughly examined to avoid the misunderstanding.

Unfortunately, this offer may be too late as I see quite many misunderstanding & teaching with misleading information. However, it doesn’t mean that I can give up my own cultural practice. I hope that this service will help them to realize it is more than what is introduced in English. The Sashiko introduced in English is very simplified, yet romanticized, for the entertaiment & profit purpuse.

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