Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2025 R

Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2025

We really appreciate your willingness to learn Sashiko from/with us. It is our sincere pleasure to continue offering In-Person Workshop in 2025 as well. Please find the detail information about Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2025.

This blog post smmarize the schedule of Atsushi offering the Sashiko Workshop in 2025. We continue restricting the numbers of workshops we offer throughout the year to make sure that we can offer sufficient – in fact, more than sufficient – experience to the participant. Depends on the location & time, the workshop gets filled pretty quickly. In most cases, unfortuately, I will not be able to control the participants list once the workshop is filled. If you find an opening, please consider to register it at your earliest convenience.

If you have any questions about the registration & admin process, please contact to the organization & studio hosting me so that you will have good image on what you can expect

*For those who wish to learn “TODAY” rather than waiting for the In-Person Workshop, please consider taking the Sashiko Online Class (2024~2025). I am receiving many positive reviews that this Online Class can offer the same outcome of learning What Sashiko really is. Some prefer Online Class as they could proceed their learning with their own speed. I will be always over the screen to support your learning of Sashiko

*Please check this article for the Sashiko Workshop in 2024. Thank you!

Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2025

(Last Update: June 1st, 2024)

To share the Sashiko we have been practicing.

QuiltCon 2025 (Phoenix, AZ) – Feb 20th & 21th, 2025

It is another pleasure to be a faculty in QuiltCon again. This year, I will be offering Sashiko Workshop [Core & Essence], a short Version titled [Apply Hitomezashi to your Ordinary] (In-Person Version similar to Domestika Course), and a Lecture about [Why we stitch (Sashiko)].

Please check the detail below for the possible participation to Quitcon 2025 & Sashiko Workshops & lecture. (Waiting for Registration Opens).

Aya Fiber Studio (Stuart, FL) – March 7th to 9th, 2025

3-Days In-Person Workshop has become my Standard & Best Style of Teaching the Sashiko we practice, starting with [Core & Essence] and following [Application & Practice]. This 3-Days Workshop will offer fun, educational, and intensive 18 ~ 21 hours of stitching together. Plan your time in beautiful beach in FL with Sashiko.

Sashiko introduced in English often focused on “Outcomes” too much without acknowledging the Japanese mindset behind Sashiko Practice. In order to fully appreciate the culture, one needs to learn the “new muscle memory” that is quite unique to many western style stitchers. This 3 Days workshop will keep encouraging you to learn something new from both technical & mindset perspective. With receiving many positive feedbacks, we are confident that this will be an eye opening experience for you.

Madeline Island School of the Arts (La Pointe, WI) – July 2025

This is my first time to offer 5-Days Workshop. In a beautiful Campus of MISA with an appreciation to the Spiritual feeling, we will invite you to fully enjoy Sashiko. I decided to call it Sashiko Retreat.

It is quite interesting to see Sashiko being famous as a word to express “Visible Mending”. It is true that Mending is a big part of Sashiko – however, they stitched to make fabric stronger so that they can avoid the mending until the last moment. For that, Sashiko is a word for “Invisible Mending”, yet “stitching/mending” itself can heal us regardless of the result.

Sashiko is NOT similar to Zen at all, although Stitching can bring us Zen-like outcome. While explaining the difference between Zen and Sashiko, I would like to offer the realization of outside of Dualism & Western Value System.

*The contents are very similar to In-Person 3 Days Workshop, starting with [Core & Essence] and following to [Application & Practice]. You are always welcome to join even after the In-Person 3 Days Workshop & a few participants have participated the workshop as a repeater & found themselves in learning more. Please be reminded, though, that the 5-Days Workshop is composed based on [Core & Essence] and [Application & Practice].

No Workshops near your place? Invite Atsushi to Your Place

Please consider bringing Atsushi to your Group (or even to you as a private course) if you do not find a ideal location & time for you to join Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2025. Depends on the size of your group & location, this may be the best arrangement for you. Please take a look at the article below & contact Atsushi for the availability.

In most cases, when you have me for an individual group, it will be a Day workshop. I will do my best to make the day memorable & something special. Sashiko is a stitching in Ordinary, but I am confident that I can make the day extraordinary with sharing our ordinary.

Are you an organizer for a Studio/Museum?

If you are an organizer wishing to offer Sashiko Workshop with Atsushi to add Sashiko Workshops to your program, please check the “Pricing Benchmark” PDF from the link Above.

In last 7 years of experience, we have never experienced the case of “Cancellation” due to the lower numbers of participations (below the minimum enrollment). In fact, the workshop will sell out pretty quickly especially when it is the first time for the organizer to have me.

In the “New Normal” after the pandemic, many things move to “Online”. In this trend, I have strong respect for those who maintain the physical locations as Studios and Museum to offer In-Person workshops. It is my intention to contribute to your place with the best Workshop Experience.

Sashiko Online Class (24~25)

Sashiko Online Class is available for those who would like to start learning Sashiko “Right Now” from your own house/room. After offering Sashiko Workshops over the Internet for a while during the Covid-19, I am confident that I can deliver the same message & learning experience via Sashiko Online Class. I “restock” Sashiko Online Class each month, based on the numbers of participants who signed up for the specific period. If you find it available, there is no need to fulfill the waiting list.

I am looking forward to meeting you online!

More to Come for Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2026

I hope that I can keep offering the workshop in the year of 2026. For the latest information, Please follow Instagram, Business for @UpcycleStitches and Sashiko Stories for @SashikoStory for the latest update!

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