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Arranging Sashiko Workshop | Bring Sashiko to your group.

Are you interested in Sashiko Workshop and cannot find the appropriate the instructor/expert? Atsushi can offer you and your group a customized Private Sashiko Workshop.

I offer Sashiko Workshops with organizations and studios across the United States & World. In 2023, I have several workshop scheduled. Please check this article for the detail schedule.

Also, depending on the condition, I can arrange a private Sashiko workshop for your quilting guild, patchwork community, and friends groups. Please contact Atsushi for your needs with expecting the possible fee referring the “Fee Sample” below.

【Important Update & Announcement】

If you would like to arrange a Sashiko Workshop for your customers/students/members, please contact Atsushi after checking the Fee Estimate & Expectation. For 2024, the minimum length of the regular Sashiko Workshop (Core & Essence) is 6 hours. Without going through the “Core & Essence” workshop, no other workshops will be available to arrange.

[Updated on Nov.17th, 2023]

Sashiko Workshop Schedule in 2023

There may be an opportunities for our Sashiko Workshop in your States or City. Please check Atsushi’s schedule for the Sashiko Workshop in 2023 below.

Online Sashiko Class

With many requests from all over the world, I have developed Online Sashiko Class in 2020. Ever since, I have received quite many positive feedbacks. I am now confident that I can offer the identical experience via Online.

Please read the registration description & terms very carefully. To be honest, It is a challenge for me to offer the Sashiko Class online, without confirming how you are feeling. I would like to make everyone happy (as much as I can). So, please read them & ask me questions in advance to avoid any unfortunate misunderstanding.

Please contact me when you are ready to have me

I sincerely appreciate the increase of interest in Sashiko Stitching and my Sashiko Workshops.

I used to say, “please feel free to contact me with any small questions!” Although I feel the same, the increase of contacts ended up with no further reaction takes up so much of my time. Please contact me when you are ready to have me. It is perfectly fine if the workshop doesn’t work out because of a scheduling or financial conflict. I understand that.

However, not getting a reply after scheduling myself causes troubles and it may negatively affect the possibility of keep offering the workshop. I usually make a reply within a day. Please try to be on the track if you decided to contact me.

Thank you for your understanding & I am looking forward to work for/with you.

17 thoughts to “Arranging Sashiko Workshop | Bring Sashiko to your group.”

  1. How do I contact you? I live in Spainm and I want to learn Sachiko. I am now in the Florida, USA, and will be in NYC shortly. I wrote to the Japan Society to join your group, but unfortunately they said space is no longer available. 🙁

    1. I am interested in taking a Sashiko workshop from you in Lewisburg, Pa. I would be willing to be in a class with more people if not possible I would take the class by myself. I live about 11/2 hours away. If this is possible please send me dates that you are available in Lewisburg and the cost of the workshop.

      1. Dear Susan,

        Thank you for your comment. Yes, it is possible to arrange the (semi) private workshop here in Lewisburg, PA. I had sent you an email with the details. Please check your mailbox. Thank you.


  2. I am interested in the possibility of having you teach a group in the metro Detroit area – perhaps in April 2020. Our group is the Needlework and Textile Guild of Michigan ( and we may be able to fill three classes over a two day period. We provide transportation costs and private accommodations in a member’s home. I look forward to hearing from you regarding fees and a possible lecture/trunk show for the membership.
    Thank you,
    Kathy Bricker

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Thank you very much for your interest. Our fee is pretty straightforward as this article mention. Please expect an email from “sashikoatsushi @” shortly.

      Best Regards,

  3. Azu, I just discovered your website through Instagram. To say I am excited is an understatement. I live in Millerstown, Pa which is 50 minutes from Lewisburg. I have just discovered my love of the art and craft of Sashiko. I have been lamenting that there is no where close to learn how to do sashiko properly. My daughter owns a little shop in Newport Pa called Humblestitch. While it may take a while to get a class to her shop I would love to come and do some private instruction. My schedule is very flexible and I am available during the week. I am so excited and look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Deb Schreiber

    1. Hi Deb,

      Thank you for finding me.
      After the workshops in NYC (April 14th), my schedule should be pretty flexible for week days. Would it be okay I will email you after 4/14 for the details?
      Please email to my gmail whenever you want. I am here to share Sashiko from a small house in out of nowhere.
      One day, it is my dream to have a studio in Lewisburg.

      Best Regards,

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