Online Sashiko Class Video Library

Here is a list of On-Demand Online Sashiko Class Video (Online Sashiko Class Video Library). In order to participate in the Online Sashiko Class, please check the registration page.

[Update: April 29th, 2020]

Atsushi periodically make an update for the follow-up information. Please check the end of this article for more information.

Welcome to Online Sashiko Class Video

Online Sashiko Class Video Section.1

Online Sashiko Class Video Section.2

Online Sashiko Class Video Section.3

Online Sashiko Class – Full version of Asanoha Stitching

Double Speed
Full Speed

Online Sashiko Class – Otsukare sama Desita

Sashiko Video Log – Story for you.

Follow Up materials for your Sashiko

Please find the follow-up materials to enrich your Sashiko learning.

How to draw the Patterns on the Fabric

3. Hishi Seigaiha (菱青海波) – PDF

Please download the PDF to learn how to draw the Hishi Seigaiha pattern on the fabric. The password is the same to watch the Online Sashiko Class Video.

2. Shippou (七宝) – Youtube Video

1. Asanoha (麻の葉) – Youtube Video

5 thoughts to “Online Sashiko Class Video Library”

  1. Video Section Two is very clear and helpful, thank you. I have watched it twice, and for me, I will watch it another time before trying the techniques. Great information.

  2. Thanks so much for posting the Full version of Asanoha Stitching, which I find very helpful to watch and to refer to intermittently while stitching. And thanks so much for the Video Log! Using painter’s tape on the fabric edges is a great idea, and the caution about the little sharpeners attached to various pincushions is such important information.

    I would be interested to hear you talk more about the meaning of the different stitch patterns, when you have time. I am still working my way through reading all your articles on the website, so if you have already discussed pattern meanings, I will find them, of course.

    The class has already exceeded all my expectations. I am having great fun learning with your Sashiko techniques and learning about the history and your perspective. Thanks.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Thank you for your comment. It is my pleasure to provide these materials as the support materials of Online Sashiko Class. I will talk about the meaning of the patterns (as much as I can). Thank you and see you soon.

  3. I’m two videos in and very excited and grateful. Thank you so much for taking the time to share the history of Sashiko. This is fascinating and says so much about the blend of practicality and creativity that went into creating this form of art. I can’t wait to move on to future videos and begin my own work.

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