Custom made Sashiko Product and Service

Upcycle Stitches LLC offers Custom made Sashiko Service. Atsushi will make Sashiko stitching on the fabric as the Order-to-made service. For the year of 2017, Sashiko on the denim jeans is the main challenge, and I am accepting orders with the special price.

If you find our service interested, please contact Atsushi through the contact form.


Detail of Special Offer with Denim Jeans

Atsushi performs Sashiko stitching on the jeans the customer wore for some period of time.

Fee: $150 to $1,000 | depending on the design you prefer. The price for the example_1 (Asano-ha Pattern) is $199 with the special deal.

*The regular price for the example_1 is $460


  • Used Jeans is strongly recommended for the best result. Most of the time, we refuse to perform Sashiko stitching on the new denim jeans.
  • Please make a shipment to the address / or hand it to Atsushi.
  • The price includes the labor and materials fee, and shipping fee back to your place.
  • Every stitch is done by hand with the supreme quality cotton Sashiko Thread.
  • Please expect 2 weeks to 8 weeks to complete the order.


The process of making the exmple_1 is available in form of an article.


Special Offer | Example_1


Other Custom Made Sashiko Product and Service

Sashiko Mending to your favorite cloth

We also provide Sashiko Mending Service. Please check the detail page. (Planned to be released soon.)

Custom Made Sashiko Products

With collaborating to Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya, we can make Order-to-made Sashiko products such as kitchen ware, bags, jackets and more.


Sashiko Patchwork 2 Custom made Sashiko Bag