Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2023 Cover

Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2023

Please find the detail information about Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2023, when and where Atsushi will be offering the Sashiko Workshop. As you may know by now, I do not offer many workshop throughout the year – probably maximum of 6 workshop throughout the year. I hope that you can find one to join one of the Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2023.

*For those who wish to learn “Now”, please consider taking the Sashiko Online Class (2023). I am receiving many positive reviews that the Online Class can offer the same outcome of learning What Sashiko is. Some even prefer Online Class as they could proceed their learning with their own speed. One downside of Online Class is a missing opportunity of you touching our actual Sashiko items.

* For the drawback above, if you are learning from Sashiko Online Class & live near the workshop location, depends on the schedule, you can stop by the workshop & meet in person!

Sashiko Workshop Schedule 2023

Sashiko Workshop Schedule 2023 Across the United States.

(Last Update: Jan.30th 2023)

Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2023

Schweinfurth Art Center (Auburn, NY) – Oct.2023

This is my first time to offer 3 Full Days Sashiko Workshop in well-known Schweinfurth Art Center in New York. Starting with learning the “Core & Essence” of the Sashiko We practice, we will go through the whole standard process of our Sashiko with sharing many Samples & ideas. This will be an intensive 18~21 hours of Sashiko Stitching Workshop.

We had great time in the In-Person SashikoWorkshop below!

QuiltCon 2023 (Atlanta, GA) – Feb.2023

It is an honor to teach Sashiko in QuiltCon again. In this year, I will be offering Sashiko Workshop “Core & Essence”, and a Lecture about Cultural Sustainability in Sashiko. Please check the detail below for the possible participation to Quiltcon 2023 & Sashiko Workshop “Core & Essence”.

Aya Fiber Studio (Stuart, FL) – April.2023

Another Great opportunity to spend 3-full days with Sashiko we practice, from Core & Essence to many ways to apply to your own project, and practice Sashiko with them. In Stuart, FL, we will have very fun, educational, and intensive 18 ~ 21 hours of stitching together. Plan your time in beautiful beach in FL with Sashiko!

Bring Atsushi to Your Group

Please consider bringing Atsushi to your group (or even to you as a private course) if you do not find a ideal location & time for you to join Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2023. Depends on the numbers of your group & location, this may be the best interest for you. Please take a look at the article below & contact Atsushi for the availability. If you are an organizer wishing to offer Sashiko Workshop with Atsushi, please check the “Pricing Benchmark” PDF from the link below.

Sashiko Online Class (23)

Sashiko Online Class is available for those who would like to start learning Sashiko right now from your place. After sharing Sashiko over the Internet for a while, I am confident that I can deliver the same message via Sashiko Online Class. I “restock” Sashiko Online Class in the 3rd week of each month, based on the numbers of participants who signed up for the specific period. If you find it available, there is no need to fulfill the waiting list. I am looking forward to meeting you online!

More to Come for Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2023

I have one workshop pending in 2024, and hoping that I can offer a few more workshops somewhere in 2023. Please follow Instagram, Business for @UpcycleStitches and Sashiko Stories for @SashikoStory for the latest update!

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    1. Thank you for finding & reaching out to me.
      I have made a reply to your email. Please check it in your mail box.

      Thank you.

  1. My friend and I live in central PA and are interested in coming to Lewisburg to take a class from you, the basics of sashiko. Is this something you would do? Do you need more than two students?
    Looking forward to hearing back from you. I have a group of friends that took a class from you at your home and they had all good things to say regarding their experience.
    Thank you
    Christie Yorks

    1. Hello Christie,

      I apologize for the late reply.
      At this point, I do not offer a workshop in my house (I used to invite students in my house before Covid). Alternatively, I can look for the place for the workshop in Lewisburg, or simply arrange a day to visit you.

      If you are interested, please send me an email with your preference & detail request. I will follow-up with the possible cost for that.

      Thank you.

      1. Atushi,
        Thank you for getting back to me. Mary and I would be happy to come to Lewisburg if you’re able to find a church or other place for a workshop.

        I’ll await your response and further details.
        Thanks again!

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