February 01, 2023 at 09:20AM

We now enjoy the “antique” side of Boro – some pieces of Boro are nicely exhibited in museums, or sold in the big antique market as “Art”. This is a very interesting phenomena, and I agree with the beauty of Boro. However, I feel the need to share the Stories of “Boro” and Sashiko. (Boro & Sashiko aren’t techniques in comparison – it is more like “Same” on the same time-line).

A few hundreds years ago, some Japanese had to stitch for their survival. It was often a necessity, not a choice. We appreciate the outcome of this “Out of choice” in a society where “Freedom of Choice” is the standard. It is culture – and the culture should change. And THEREFORE, I would like to share the stories & “techniques” to lead us to the stories to preserve Sashiko & Boro. By following the stories, we may be able to leave something behind for those who find our work beautiful in 2213 – about 200 years from now. When we ignore some of the stories in this long history, then we won’t be able to keep this sustainable for another 100 years. In a society where everyone can be connected over the Internet, everyone is a part of “making a choice”. I really appreciate you being here & listening to the stories. Although what I do isn’t the main stream of “Sashiko” and “Boro” unfortunately, I will keep trying my best to share stories so that I can be proud of myself in 200 years from now.



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