January 28, 2023 at 11:33AM

I often enjoy Sashiko with Indigo Dyed Cotton Fabric & White Thread. This combination has been introduced as “Tradition”, and some think that I am trying to “protect” this tradition by denying the on-going change. They say I am stubborn – one even accused me of being an obstacle to “their” creativity. Well… please let me know if you find any articles or videos that say it is NOT okay to use colorful threads and fabrics. There are no problems or concerns with using any colors in Sashiko like the photo today. This is the recent work by Kieko. The reason I use Indigo Dye Fabric & White threads aren’t so sublime. It is more practical & ordinary: I just feel comfortable with Indigo & White.

I like (French) Fries with Ketchup. I understand that there are many dipping possibilities like Mustard, Ranch, you name it. While watching the show “Prison Break”, I learned that dipping (soaking) fries into a milkshake is one option. Derrick had it so attractively. I tried it once. I enjoyed the taste of Fries with Milksahek, but it didn’t become my ordinary. After so many years, I still prefer Ketchup.

For me, “Indigo & White” is like Fries and Ketchup. It makes me feel easy & satisfied. Trying something new is great and entertaining, yet we often come back to the “ordinary choice”. Here, the ongoing trend of Sashiko & Boro can be like Fries & MilkShake. It may be ordinary for some people, and that’s great. However, it is NOT the answer for how to eat fries. I just like Ketchup, and hopefully I would like to keep this option to the next generation by sharing how good they are. What I do isn’t so extraordinary – I am just trying to protect our ordinary from someone who uses our ordinary for their benefit (convenience).


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