Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2025 R

Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2025

We really appreciate your willingness to learn Sashiko from/with us. It is our sincere pleasure to continue offering In-Person Workshop in 2025 as well. Please find the detail information about Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2025.

This blog post smmarize the schedule of Atsushi offering the Sashiko Workshop in 2025. We continue restricting the numbers of workshops we offer throughout the year to make sure that we can offer sufficient – in fact, more than sufficient – experience to the participant. Depends on the location & time, the workshop gets filled pretty quickly. In most cases, unfortuately, I will not be able to control the participants list once the workshop is filled. If you find an opening, please consider to register it at your earliest convenience.

If you have any questions about the registration & admin process, please contact to the organization & studio hosting me so that you will have good image on what you can expect

*For those who wish to learn “TODAY” rather than waiting for the In-Person Workshop, please consider taking the Sashiko Online Class (2024~2025). I am receiving many positive reviews that this Online Class can offer the same outcome of learning What Sashiko really is. Some prefer Online Class as they could proceed their learning with their own speed. I will be always over the screen to support your learning of Sashiko

*Please check this article for the Sashiko Workshop in 2024. Thank you!

Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2025

(Last Update: June 1st, 2024)

To share the Sashiko we have been practicing.

QuiltCon 2025 (Phoenix, AZ) – Feb 20th & 21th, 2025

It is another pleasure to be a faculty in QuiltCon again. This year, I will be offering Sashiko Workshop [Core & Essence], a short Version titled [Apply Hitomezashi to your Ordinary] (In-Person Version similar to Domestika Course), and a Lecture about [Why we stitch (Sashiko)].

Please check the detail below for the possible participation to Quitcon 2025 & Sashiko Workshops & lecture. (Waiting for Registration Opens).

Aya Fiber Studio (Stuart, FL) – March 7th to 9th, 2025

3-Days In-Person Workshop has become my Standard & Best Style of Teaching the Sashiko we practice, starting with [Core & Essence] and following [Application & Practice]. This 3-Days Workshop will offer fun, educational, and intensive 18 ~ 21 hours of stitching together. Plan your time in beautiful beach in FL with Sashiko.

Sashiko introduced in English often focused on “Outcomes” too much without acknowledging the Japanese mindset behind Sashiko Practice. In order to fully appreciate the culture, one needs to learn the “new muscle memory” that is quite unique to many western style stitchers. This 3 Days workshop will keep encouraging you to learn something new from both technical & mindset perspective. With receiving many positive feedbacks, we are confident that this will be an eye opening experience for you.

Madeline Island School of the Arts (La Pointe, WI) – July 2025

This is my first time to offer 5-Days Workshop. In a beautiful Campus of MISA with an appreciation to the Spiritual feeling, we will invite you to fully enjoy Sashiko. I decided to call it Sashiko Retreat.

It is quite interesting to see Sashiko being famous as a word to express “Visible Mending”. It is true that Mending is a big part of Sashiko – however, they stitched to make fabric stronger so that they can avoid the mending until the last moment. For that, Sashiko is a word for “Invisible Mending”, yet “stitching/mending” itself can heal us regardless of the result.

Sashiko is NOT similar to Zen at all, although Stitching can bring us Zen-like outcome. While explaining the difference between Zen and Sashiko, I would like to offer the realization of outside of Dualism & Western Value System.

*The contents are very similar to In-Person 3 Days Workshop, starting with [Core & Essence] and following to [Application & Practice]. You are always welcome to join even after the In-Person 3 Days Workshop & a few participants have participated the workshop as a repeater & found themselves in learning more. Please be reminded, though, that the 5-Days Workshop is composed based on [Core & Essence] and [Application & Practice].

No Workshops near your place? Invite Atsushi to Your Place

Please consider bringing Atsushi to your Group (or even to you as a private course) if you do not find a ideal location & time for you to join Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2025. Depends on the size of your group & location, this may be the best arrangement for you. Please take a look at the article below & contact Atsushi for the availability.

In most cases, when you have me for an individual group, it will be a Day workshop. I will do my best to make the day memorable & something special. Sashiko is a stitching in Ordinary, but I am confident that I can make the day extraordinary with sharing our ordinary.

Are you an organizer for a Studio/Museum?

If you are an organizer wishing to offer Sashiko Workshop with Atsushi to add Sashiko Workshops to your program, please check the “Pricing Benchmark” PDF from the link Above.

In last 7 years of experience, we have never experienced the case of “Cancellation” due to the lower numbers of participations (below the minimum enrollment). In fact, the workshop will sell out pretty quickly especially when it is the first time for the organizer to have me.

In the “New Normal” after the pandemic, many things move to “Online”. In this trend, I have strong respect for those who maintain the physical locations as Studios and Museum to offer In-Person workshops. It is my intention to contribute to your place with the best Workshop Experience.

Sashiko Online Class (24~25)

Sashiko Online Class is available for those who would like to start learning Sashiko “Right Now” from your own house/room. After offering Sashiko Workshops over the Internet for a while during the Covid-19, I am confident that I can deliver the same message & learning experience via Sashiko Online Class. I “restock” Sashiko Online Class each month, based on the numbers of participants who signed up for the specific period. If you find it available, there is no need to fulfill the waiting list.

I am looking forward to meeting you online!

More to Come for Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2026

I hope that I can keep offering the workshop in the year of 2026. For the latest information, Please follow Instagram, Business for @UpcycleStitches and Sashiko Stories for @SashikoStory for the latest update!

Sashiko Class 2021 Cover

Sashiko Class and Workshops to share what Sashiko is

Sashiko became a well-known word in English for those who enjoy hand-sewing and crafting with textiles. I am happy that many people are interested in Sashiko, and enjoying Sashiko with sharing the inspiration they got from the Sashiko they see. However, unfortunately, the Sashiko translated in English is not enough to describe the whole picture of Sashiko: not many non-Japanese Sashiko teachers are teaching the core & essence of Sashiko. Sashiko in English is NOT wrong at all – however, they are insufficient. It is my pleasure and honor to share what Sashiko is for us with teaching the core technique of Sashiko & essence of why it is so important to focus on the process rather than the result. Anyone can learn & start enjoying Sashiko as we do by joining one of the learning opportunity I offer: Sashiko Class 2021 to 2022.

I offer several options, both Online and In-Person. Please check my schedule & availability. I am looking forward to meeting you soon!

Online Sashiko Class

The year of 2020 with pandemic brought us very difficult time. However, at the same time, it was the time that we all needed to somewhat adjust to the availability. For me, it was a year of investing majority of my time & energy to improve the Online Sashiko Class. With cancelling all of the workshop in 2020 due to Covid-19, I had to shift everything I had to Online.

I am confident that anyone can learn the Core & Essence of Sashiko Online. This is the main & the most important class I offer. I receive many good reviews with prefering Online Class because they can watch my hands movement closely and slowly over and over again.

You may find Atsushi’s Online Sashiko Class (Virtual Class) on other platform with slightly lower price. (As of Summer 2021, it is $330.00). I occasionally offer Sashiko Class online collaborating with other platform. I ask them strongly to match the price to our Online Sashiko Class, but the final decision will be determined by them (including some mistakes done by manually).

You may find our Online Sashiko Class on this official website as the most “expensive” choice. Please be advised that the other virtual online class will NOT offer the follow-up Live Session after the virtual class (some platform offer the recording of the virtual video & follow-up session with extra fees). The reason of the fee of Online Sashiko Class from my website is that I offer the “Full-Support”, until you can do it or until you completely give up while I will NOT give up on you). Although the Online Sashiko Class include only one virtual ticket to join the “Live Session” to confirm all of your learning, if a participant needs additional session to “be able to stitch like we do”, I will keep offering the time. I may offer the one-on-one session if necessary.

For me, “The learning of rhythm & practicing Sashiko in the rhythm” is the reason I share Sashiko. I sincerely would like you to be able to stitch in the rhythm – therefore, it would be very helpful if you would consider the Online Sashiko Class 2021. (*1) and (*2)

In-Person Sashiko Class / Workshop 2021

It is my sincere pleasure to start offering the In-Person Sashiko Class & Workshop as well. Although I am confident in sharing the technique & skill over Online Sashiko Class, it is also nice to meet in person and share the same moment. I will be there, right next to you, to share & teach Sashiko with my hands on your hands. Also, the biggest advantage of In-Person Sashiko Class / Workshop is that you can touch and feel what we make – the Sashiko we have been practicing. When the condition allow, I bring as many sample as possible with me. You may touch it and wear it for your inspiration. I will still try to limit the opporutnities of In-Person Sashiko Class, there are several of confirmed plann toward 2021 and 2022 (*3)

Sashiko Workshop: Core & Essence

Saturday August 14th: 10 am to 4 pm offered by Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh, PA.

Special 3-Day Sashiko Workshop

Monday January 31st (2022) to Wednesday February 2nd, offered by Aya Fiber Studio in FL.

Sashiko Workshop: Core & Essence / Application & Practice.

This is Sashiko Workshop for QuiltCon 2022 in Phoenix, AZ. QuiltCon 2022 will be held in FEBRUARY 16 – 20, 2022.

For more detail about Sashiko Workshop such as the contents, fee and how to register, please visit the QuiltCon webpage above, and follow the direction.


(*1) The Online Sashiko Class from this website comes with “Full-Support” I describe above. The Sashiko Online Workshop offered by other platform, the “Full-Support” may be available with additional fee. No matter where you learn from me, my goal is the same. I just would need to priotize the one who pay the full price. Thank you for your understanding.

(*2) Other Online Sashiko Classes via different platform offer the same contents as the Online Sashiko Class 2021. However, the personal support may be available with extra fee. Most of the platforms provide you to access the recording videos. If you would need the personal support, please visit our website to purchase the ticket to get the personal support.

(*3) Please be advised that the In-Person Sashiko Class offered in Central PA (where I live) is still unavailable due to my family condition. Please wait for an update for that. It is my hope to start having the participants soon.

Sashiko Online Workshop Cover

Online Sashiko Class | Anywhere Anytime.

It is my pleasure to start offering the Sashiko Online Class via videos on our Vimeo page & Follow-Up Live Session. In order to avoid any unfortunate misunderstandings, please read carefully this “Online Sashiko Class Terms and Conditions” before signing up here.

【Last Update: Jan.2024 // Class is available as of 2024】

What is Included in Online Sashiko Class

Online Videos to Learn [Core & Essence] of Sashiko

Sashiko Online Class (Core and Essence)

  • Section.1: Sashiko Lecture about history and wisdom (about 30 minutes duration. Lecture style)
  • Section.2: Stitching Lecture about the core of Sashiko (about 30 minutes duration. First, watch the video through, then move hands with watching it for the second time.)
  • Section.3: Sashiko Stitching Lecture about how to maximize the Sashiko experience with stitching with Asanoha pattern.
  • Live Session: A participant joins the Live Zoom Session to confirm their learning (Semi-private setting).

*I have to admit that the video filming and editing aren’t my strength. You will have unlimited access to those videos for a year, and I will keep updating the video as necessary. If you have any questions, please feel free to share so I can improve the videos.

This is the online version of the Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Core & Basic). Due to “new normal” during/after Covid-19, the opportunity for In-person Sashiko Workshop is limited. After 2 years of teaching online, I am confident to say that the Online Sashiko Class is as good as the in-person workshop.

Some of the topics, such as “how to apply Sashiko stitching to visible mending” or “how to stitch the certain patterns” are not included in this Sashiko Online Class. I have a plan to offer them as a subscription program. When it happens, this Sashiko Online Class (Core and Basic) will be the prerequisite to any of the workshops I offer.

**If it is extremely difficult to join the Online Session, I also understand that. In that case, the participant can send me a video of him/her stitching as I introduced in the workshop. The person has a year to join the Online session or to send me a video for checking. I am afraid that the prerequisite will not be effective until Atsushi actually confirms the stitching the way the participant does.

Materials to learn Sashiko with:

The Online Sashiko Class comes with all of the materials you would need to ennjoy Sashiko. The contents are following:

  • Indigo dyed cotton fabric with Asano-ha pattern printed on (Please do NOT pre-wash).
  • Another fabric to practice the rhythm & to make a tote bag or something “usable” (Thinner Cotton Fabric)
  • Swatches to practice the needle movement (and they can be used as a bag handle)
  • A skein of Sashiko Thread – White
  • A package of Sashiko needles (3) and the Thimble
  • Sashiko Thread Bobbin Paper
  • A chalk pencil to enforce the pattern

*If you have purchased the #12 thread before and would like to have the other color, please contact me as well. You may choose the other color from 15 colors collection, or other natural dye Sashiko thread with the additional fee.

*Starting 2024, I do not include the Fusible Interfacing I talk about in the Online Class Video to keep our Online Class fee. The fusible Interfacing doesn’t have to be specific unlike other materials in the box. Depends on how you use the stitched fabric, you may not need the interfacing. Therefore, please get the Interfacing from your local store, or even Amazon, when you need one. Thank you for your understanding.

Support for your learning experience

  • I will be available for any questions over e-mail. If I cannot answer it over the email, I will make a video to clear your concern.
  • Unlimited access to the videos to learn Sashiko Online for a year starting from the day you receive the official welcome email.
  • After completing the section.3, One ticket to the Online Live Sashiko Session to clear up all the questions and confirming what you learned through video.

The preparation requirement on the Participant side

Please prepare the items on the list below. The tools and items below are NOT included in the Online Sashiko Class materials.

  • Fabric Scissor (or good fine scissors to cut the skein of the thread) – You may purchase one from me here.
  • Thread Clipper (A scissor above would be acceptable, but it is a good idea to have the thread clipper for better result) – You may purchase one from me here (*strongly getting the high end, like above $20).
  • Scotch Tape – Any tape is fine. We use it to secure the thread together
  • Threader – I will explain how to thread the needle, but a threader may help for the first few times.
  • Masking Tape or Vynil Tape to protect your fingernail from scratching.

*Please expect the email describing what kind of preparation we need for the Live-Session for Sashiko Online Class. It isn’t so complicated, but you would need a smartphone (or a PC) and a stand (or a tripod).

A limit numbers for the sign-ups

Although the most part of the Sashiko Online Class is done by you watching the recorded videos, I set the limit numbers for the sign-ups for a period of time so I can be fully supportive to the participants.

The Sashiko Online Class completes when the participants join one of the Live Sessions where Atsushi will confirm the hand-stitching he/she performs & answer questions. Therefore, we would like to keep the numbers as comfortably manageable. The Sashiko Online Class is the hybrid of Video Lectures (on Vimeo) as well as the Live-Style workshop.

  • Due to a high demand, the Online Sashiko Class may be “sold out”. In that case, please fill-out the waiting list so that I can contact you before refilling the spot.

Videos are strictly for the participants

Please respect these terms and conditions for all the Sashiko online class materials. It is, of course, for the copyright we hold for the contents we make. It took so much effort to come up.

I am not only talking about compensation for us. Spreading the videos to the ocean of the Internet is so scary because the videos can cause misunderstandings without the proper explanation. I decided to offer the Sashiko Online Class by overcoming the fear of making some mistakes on-demand Videos. The reason I could overcome the fear was the trust of the others that they will be responsible & I will be extra careful. Your understanding of my situation would be very much appreciated.

As I mentioned above, the Online Sashiko Class complete when Atsushi checks the Unshin (運針)and answers all the questions about Sashiko stitching. It is the support and follow-up that makes a difference. I learned that the video itself will not teach the core of Sashiko stitching 100%, and it is very important that I will meet you over the Internet.

If this video goes to the public, we won’t be able to follow-up with all the audiences. People will watch what they want to watch, and they will understand Sashiko as they want to understand. It will not achieve the goal I set for the Online Sashiko Class.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding. Please do not share the passwords to watch the videos with others. Again, someone misunderstanding what I really would like to share by watching the “free” video is the last thing I would like to experience throughout this new challenge. I know the people who read these terms and conditions will not do something like this intentionally. However, I want you to be extra careful when you handle the password.

How the Lecture videos Work

By agreeing and paying the fee, I will add you to the Sashiko Online Class Mailing list (or a Group-chat App). Your access to the On-Deman videos is valid for a year. Within the year, you can watch the videos of Sashiko Online Class [Core & Essence] as many times as you need.

I know I am not good at filming the video. Therefore, I plan to update the videos every once a while, and as necessary. Occasionally, I change the password when I feel the necessity. So please make sure that you have your email address available for the Google Group email. The access for the videos can be extended for the extra fee (Please find the latest google form that I had asked students to extend their subscription. I believe it is reasonable.)

The Password will be in the supply package & on the Welcome Email. You will receive an email when we change the password.

You receive one ticket to join the Online Live Session, where you can ask any questions. I will also make sure that you learned everything I introduced by checking your hand-posture and stitching. You may receive the 2nd ticket if I find any issues or concerns that need to be resolved. This Online Sashiko gathering will take about 30 minutes to up to 120 minutes, depends on the person’s level of understanding.

Don’t worry too much. My goal is to help you to master the Sashiko stitching.

*You may want to purchase the 3rd or 4th ticket to join the Live Session for the extra fee. Please let me know if you are interested. I am pretty sure that the videos and one-time live-style workshops are comprehensive for you so you won’t need an extra ticket. I will offer the 2nd one if there is anything we couldn’t resolve. Also, Watching my live-streaming would be just enough to make sure you are doing appropriately. However, I am happy to have 3rd or 4th session if you would like to: Please choose a ticket here. Also, if you are a graduate of Atsushi’s In-Person Sashiko Workshop [Core & Essence] (6 hours or longer Workshop), you are eligible to take the Online Live Session. Please purchase the ticket AFTER confirming if you have taken the [Core & Essence] Workshop.

Terms and Conditions for Sashiko Online Class

  • All the participants of the Sashiko Online Class read this article & registration description carefully and agree with the contents.
  • No images or videos is allowed to be shared online or with others unless the person has written permission (email) from Atsushi and Upcycle Stitches LLC.
  • All contents throughout the Sashiko Online Class is protected by copyright to Atsushi Futatsuya & Upcycle Stitches LLC
  • All purchase is final. There is no refund available unless Atsushi made a fatal mistake in his explanation.

Cancel and Refund Policy

Since this workshop includes a lot of materials delivered to you prior to the actual workshop, we do not accept the cancellation and refund after the official welcome email with mentioning the package is shipped out. The subscription will start the day you receive the package from us.

You may reschedule the Live Session to check up your progress after signing up, but please respect us and the others who join the Live Session on the same day. So please let me know as soon as possible. In the extreme case scenario, I will accept the reschedule of the appointment, but please be reasonable for that.

Your understanding and cooperation would be very much appreciated.

I am looking forward to meeting you!!

[Last Edit: Feb. 2022]

Private Sashiko Workshop Cover

Arranging Sashiko Workshop | Bring Sashiko to your group.

Are you interested in Sashiko Workshop and cannot find the appropriate the instructor/expert? Atsushi can offer you and your group a customized Private Sashiko Workshop.

I offer Sashiko Workshops with organizations and studios across the United States & World. In 2023, I have several workshop scheduled. Please check this article for the detail schedule.

Also, depending on the condition, I can arrange a private Sashiko workshop for your quilting guild, patchwork community, and friends groups. Please contact Atsushi for your needs with expecting the possible fee referring the “Fee Sample” below.

【Important Update & Announcement】

If you would like to arrange a Sashiko Workshop for your customers/students/members, please contact Atsushi after checking the Fee Estimate & Expectation. For 2024, the minimum length of the regular Sashiko Workshop (Core & Essence) is 6 hours. Without going through the “Core & Essence” workshop, no other workshops will be available to arrange.

[Updated on Nov.17th, 2023]

Sashiko Workshop Schedule in 2023

There may be an opportunities for our Sashiko Workshop in your States or City. Please check Atsushi’s schedule for the Sashiko Workshop in 2023 below.

Online Sashiko Class

With many requests from all over the world, I have developed Online Sashiko Class in 2020. Ever since, I have received quite many positive feedbacks. I am now confident that I can offer the identical experience via Online.

Please read the registration description & terms very carefully. To be honest, It is a challenge for me to offer the Sashiko Class online, without confirming how you are feeling. I would like to make everyone happy (as much as I can). So, please read them & ask me questions in advance to avoid any unfortunate misunderstanding.

Please contact me when you are ready to have me

I sincerely appreciate the increase of interest in Sashiko Stitching and my Sashiko Workshops.

I used to say, “please feel free to contact me with any small questions!” Although I feel the same, the increase of contacts ended up with no further reaction takes up so much of my time. Please contact me when you are ready to have me. It is perfectly fine if the workshop doesn’t work out because of a scheduling or financial conflict. I understand that.

However, not getting a reply after scheduling myself causes troubles and it may negatively affect the possibility of keep offering the workshop. I usually make a reply within a day. Please try to be on the track if you decided to contact me.

Thank you for your understanding & I am looking forward to work for/with you.