Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2024

Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2024

Thank you for finding us & your interest in Learning Sashiko. Please find the detail information about Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2024. It is a summary article of when and where Atsushi will be offering the Sashiko Workshop in 2024. As you may know, I do not offer many In-Person workshops throughout the year – probably maximum of 6 workshops to prepare each workshops as well as spend some time in my own creation. I hope that you can find one to join one of the Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2024.

*For those who wish to learn “Now”, please consider taking the Sashiko Online Class (2023). I am receiving many positive reviews that the Online Class can offer the same outcome of learning What Sashiko is. Some prefer Online Class as they could proceed their learning with their own speed.

Sashiko Workshop Schedule 2024

(Last Update: Sep.30th 2023)

The Way to Enjoy Sashiko More.

Loop of the Loom (Dumbo, NY) – January 13th.

One-Day (6-hours) workshop to learn the most important element of our Sashiko [Core & Essence]. It isn’t the workshop of “Let’s enjoy Sashiko together”. It is an intensive learning experience to go through the core essence of Sashiko to start your own journey in Sashiko.

Due to a numbers of Request to Learn & Enjoy Sashiko with soaked into this practice, a majority of the workshops I offer are 3 Days or 5 Days. All the workshop I offer starts with [Core & Essence] – the difference is if you have time to explore what you learned in the first day together or at home. The Core of the Sashiko we practice will be all covered in One-Day Workshop.

Aya Fiber Studio (Stuart, FL) – January 26t to 27th, 2024

Another Great opportunity to spend 3-full days with Sashiko we practice, from Core & Essence to many ways to apply to your own project. In Stuart, FL, we will have very fun, educational, and intensive 18 ~ 21 hours of stitching together. Plan your time in beautiful beach in FL with Sashiko!

*As of 2023 & 2024, this is the full package of what I teach, both [Core & Essence] and [Application & Practice].

QuiltCon 2024 (Raleigh, NC) – Feb 22th to 25th, 2024

It is an honor to teach Sashiko in QuiltCon again. This year, I will be offering Sashiko Workshop [Core & Essence], and a Lecture about [What is the difference between Quilting and Sashiko]. Please check the detail below for the possible participation to Quiltcon 2023 & Sashiko Workshop [Core & Essence].

Robert Frost Stone House Museum at Bennington College – April 13th

One-Day (6-hours) workshop to learn the most important element of our Sashiko [Core & Essence]. It isn’t the workshop of “Let’s enjoy Sashiko together”. It is an intensive learning experience to go through the core essence of Sashiko to start your own journey in Sashiko.

Please wait for an update for the registration page. The link for the Museum is here: it may be a good idea to contact them directly.

  • Saturday, April 13th: Sashiko “Core & Essence” Workshop

Textile Center (Minneapolis, MN) – June, 2024

This is my first time to offer In-Person Sashiko Workshop in Mid-West United States. Please wait for an update of the details.

We had great time in the In-Person SashikoWorkshop below!

Bring Atsushi to Your Group

Please consider bringing Atsushi to your group (or even to you as a private course) if you do not find a ideal location & time for you to join Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2024. Depends on the numbers of your group & location, this may be the best arrangement for you. Please take a look at the article below & contact Atsushi for the availability. If you are an organizer wishing to offer Sashiko Workshop with Atsushi, please check the “Pricing Benchmark” PDF from the link below.

Sashiko Online Class (23)

Sashiko Online Class is available for those who would like to start learning Sashiko right now from your place. After sharing Sashiko over the Internet for a while, I am confident that I can deliver the same message via Sashiko Online Class. I “restock” Sashiko Online Class in the 3rd week of each month, based on the numbers of participants who signed up for the specific period. If you find it available, there is no need to fulfill the waiting list. I am looking forward to meeting you online!

More to Come for Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2025

I have several workshops pending for 2025, and hoping that I can offer a few more workshops somewhere in 2024. Please follow Instagram, Business for @UpcycleStitches and Sashiko Stories for @SashikoStory for the latest update!

4 thoughts to “Sashiko In-Person Workshop Schedule 2024”

  1. I am a quilter in East Texas. Sashiko is fascinating to me. Is it possible you might come to either the Houston or Dallas International quilt show in 2024 for a workshop?

    1. Hello Karen,

      Thank you for the comment. As of now (2023 to 2024), I do not apply for teaching opportunities as I would like to focus on my creation & on the workshops that someone passionately host me. I do not apply for the teaching position to a Quilt Show or an event, but I am open to consider it when the organizer reach out to me. If you are a part of an organization, please have them contact me so that I can consider the possibility. The details for having me can be found here:

      Also, please consider Online Sashiko Class which offer the same technique & ideas.


    1. For the Shippipng Fee Adjustment. Alternatively, I am happy to calcurate the actual shipping to the participants location outside of the US, but it will be surely more than $15.00.

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