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QuiltCon 2024 Sashiko Workshop Details

It is my pleasure to re-join the QuiltCon 2024 as a Faculty. This page is for those who plan to attend QuiltCon 2024 Sashiko Workshop, “Core & Essence”. Please find the details below to see what you can expect in QuiltCon 2024 Sashiko Workshop. If you have the registration confirmation, I prepared the support page below.

*If you do not have a registration confirmation to join the QuiltCon 2024 Sashiko Workshop (Core & Essence), please contact MQG for the possible waiting list. In the previous QuiltCon, there were a few last minutes cancellation, and there may be a chance for you to join this year. Also, I offer Online Sashiko Class as well as a few In-person Workshops (for 2024). Please check each articles for the details. Thank you.

*The Support Page will be password protected after the QuiltCon 2024, and I will send the Password for those who attended the workshop. The offer available on the Support Page are only available to those who sign up & purchased the Special Supply Package. Misuse of any offers are subject to the actual price adjustment. Thank you for your understanding!

In QuiltCon 2024, I offer Sashiko Workshop “Core & Essence” (on Thursday & Friday) and a Sashiko Lecture about “How Sashiko is different from Quilting“. In this page, I explain what you can expect to join the Core & Essence Sashiko Workshop in QuiltCon. There aren’t many preparation request. However, please read this article carefully to maximize your experience there.

QuiltCon 2024 Sashiko Workshop: Core & Essence

In our tradition, Sashiko is NOT about making perfect (or Inperfect) stitches. It is all about moving (trusting) a needle comfortably while communicating the fabric. Unfortunately, the current trend of Sashiko is missing one important aspect of Sashiko. In this “Core & Essence” workshop, I will teach you the core technique of our Sashiko so that you can start focusing on communication rather than judging each stitches you make.

It is extremely important to take this workshop before jumping in to any of other workshops we offer. There are a few Japanese terms that the participants need to memorize (not so many & no exams or whatsoever, but knowing them is important).

On Instagram and Facebook, I often say: Sashiko is NOT ◯◯. This workshop “Core & Essence” will give you the answer what Sashiko is for you while you learning new techniques.

*This workshop is not a type of “Let’s Enjoy Sashiko Togeher” workshop. It is one-direction learning experience for you. The participants are required to stitch a lot. They may have to go through some “uncomfortable” stitching experience (due to new muscles they use). Sometimes, it may require some mindfulness in an eye-opening experience. Please do not be scared or worried, however. I will do everything to help you to “experience” and “start enjoying” the Sashiko we practice today.

*There is NO prerequisite for this workshop. No experience in Sashiko is necessary. If you have never touched the hand-stitching needle, please try to learn how to “thread” the needle, or how to use the threader (videos are available on my Youtube). On the other hands, if you think you already know about Sashiko, please try to be as open-mind as possible. What I teach in this workshop is probably different from what you already know. There is no such a thing as “Right and Wrong” in Sashiko: and I will add another perspective of Sashiko in this workshop.

Please purchase the special package for QuiltCon Sashiko: Core & Essence below.

It is extremely important that everyone has the exact same materials & tools to pass down the Core & Essence within 6 hours. Please purchase the special package below before the QuiltCon 2024.

What to bring to Sashiko: Core & Essence.

The Special Package above is all you need to enjoy the Sashiko: Core & Essence. If you choose to receive it to your home, please bring all of the contents inside.

The following list is something maybe helpful for you to bring & prepare:

  • Masking Tape or Bandage to protect the nail from scratching by needles.
  • It may a good idea to cut the nail on the dominant hand (the hand with the needle). One can learn Sashiko with long nails, but it may be an obstacles in the first trial.

About Recommended Tools for our Sashiko

The Special Supply Package for the [Core & Essence] Workshop includes everything the participants need in the workshop. There is no need to prepare thread, needle, thimble or fabric for learning Sashiko in this workshop. In order to avoid unfortunate misunderstanding, I require everyone to use the exact same tools & supply.

That being said, there are a few recommended tools for Sashiko, which is NOT necessary yet very useful when you wish to continue Sashiko stitching. You can find another article here for Recommended Tools.

  • Thread Clipper
    • In the Sashiko we practiece, we try to make both side of the fabric as the “finished Side.” To make it easy to cut the thread left over, this thread clipper is a good idea to have.
  • Bobbin Paper for Threads
    • Our Sashiko Thread is quite easy to get tangled when it is not properly handled. This Bobbin Paper is designed to keep the Sashiko Thread in a good shape for a travel or heavy usage.
  • Mylar Paper
    • In a process of preparing the pattern, this thick plastic paper can protect the costly carbon paper below.
  • Carbon Paper
    • It is important to learn how to prepare the pattern by ourselves as Sashiko Practitioenrs. One way to prepare the fabric is to “transfer”. This paper will help us to do better.

Recommended Items are available as a Set Deal for Quiltcon 2024 with the purchase of the Special Supply Package.

General Information for the Recommended Tools & Supplies for Sashiko Stitching

I am here to Support

After receiving the participation confirmation, if you have any questions about QuiltCon 2024 Sashiko Workshop “Core & Essence”, please contact Atsushi. I am happy to answer any questions or worries prior to the workshop. 

Your question may be someone’s question, and I will share the question and answers here on this website (of course, annonymously).

I am looking forward to meeting you in the QuiltCon.

QuiltCon 2024 Sashiko

Q&A for the QuilCon 2024 Sashiko

Q: (Sample) What is Sashiko?

A: (Sample) You will find out in the workshop!

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