September 03, 2023 at 05:35PM

I consider this account as a platform to “educate us” via sharing our Sashiko Story. “Who to educate” is not only the readers who want to learn Sashiko, but it also is “me and others in pain” who may need to learn how to speak up. Many advise me that I shouldn’t engage in negative comments with ignorance. I am learning to do so better to protect myself. However, I strongly feel the importance of “understanding their (negative) reaction to what I write”. There may be a key for the “Change by Mindful” in Change by Ignorance.

In 2023, 99% of the reactions I receive are supportive, yet we can find 1% of opposite reactions. What I write is “one post”. It doesn’t change the contents by itself overnight, then why do I receive 2 completely different reactions to one story? One says “Continue”. The other says “Don’t Continue (Why Continue)”. I appreciate & understand those who support me by saying “Continue”. Thank you. However, I also want to understand how “others” react so differently (negatively) even if it isn’t so often (any longer – it used to happen a lot). Is it Ignorance? MicroAggression? Gaslighting? – I will keep educating myself as my goal is to pass down the Sashiko, which means including those who ask me why Continue (ideally).

Sashiko can be a mirror to reflect who the stitcher is. I see a lot of myself in my Sashiko. As I spend so much time in Sashiko, my words (writing & saying) may have inherited Sashiko’s Character to be like a mirror. My Writing can be a mirror, too. It is my crazy guess, but I hope some feel the same. I hope some find themselves in my writing. I know it is impossible to “change” how others think – but it is greatly educational to me to learn “what Sashiko can do for us”. Thank you for your educational input here – I read all of the comments here, both supportive & not.


#Sashiko #刺し子


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