September 05, 2023 at 04:53PM

I will be joining an interesting Talk this weekend organized by Yuki-san ( The topic is [Appreciation vs Appropriation]. I learned a lot from the previous Talks with Yuki-san and Emi-san (@little_kotos_words), so I hope I can contribute to this event from the perspective of Sashiko Artisan. Link on Story Highlight or (

There are quite many Japanese words that have transformed their meaning in the process of “translating”. [Futon], [Hibachi], [Kombucha]…in most cases, what you imagine in your mind now in English doesn’t have the same meaning in Japan. I feel [Sashiko] is joining this group. Don’t get me wrong. I accept change – so this translation… or even “transformation” is probably the Natural Flow. However, it doesn’t mean that I have to be quiet when something I feel important is being “transformed” by someone. The word [Sashiko] in English is losing its essence in this transition. This simplification happens because those who introduce(d) Sashiko in English focused on “profit (business/publication/Kits/Teaching) more than its history. Again, don’t get me wrong – “profit” is very important to preserve the culture. So, where is the line we have to respect? I have been illustrating the boundary here in this account. I hope I can do the same in an hour Talk there (as I feel an hour may not be sufficient, I prepare a Q&A session after on my own platform with the permission from the organizer. Please join the follow-up session from the Link on Story (Please prioritize the Talk with Yuki-san. What I offer is just a follow-up).



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