September 06, 2023 at 07:51PM

Come to think of it, the “Talk” on this coming Saturday about [(Cultural) Appreciation vs Appropriation] is the first time for me to talk to a person about how I feel about “Cultural Appropriation”. I have made several videos on Youtube. I have written a few blog posts. I got involved (accidentally) into many discussions on SNS & writing. I talk to myself on Live Streaming – but, in this talk, my mission is to summarize my message & deliver what I feel & think. I received a well-thought list of questions. As I take memos, I am about to write a full chapter of a book by simply replying to the prepared questions. Therefore, I decided to offer a follow-up Zoom Session, where participants can ask me questions on what we will talk about on the Main talk. If possible, please join the Main Talk, then the follow-up Q&A to make it smooth. Bring something to stitch with for yourself. I will probably mention the same theme on Live Streaming tomorrow at 9 pm EST on Youtube – and I am very much looking forward to talking to people whom I have been learning about this topic.

Sashiko is MORE than stitches – it carries so many stories & so many people’s lives behind the word. I hope I can share the most important story there on Saturday. Registration link is available from my Highlight Story or (



#Sashiko #刺し子


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