September 02, 2023 at 07:02PM

While you continue enjoying Sashiko, one of the experiences I would strongly like to embrace with you would be the time to introduce (let you meet) Keiko in-person. She is my mother, but we have a completely different approach, style, and even philosophy in Sashiko – she has her own Sashiko Stories, and her character will enchant everyone. They will understand that I am trying extra hard to be “difficult” on this account when you meet her.

She is joining an event & offering a small exhibition/workshop in Gifu Prefecture this weekend. Among many messages I try to deliver, this is the smile I want to protect. This is Keiko that I would like to introduce to the world. I hope I can arrange another “Japan Tour” soon… and spend days with Keiko while enjoying Sashiko in Japan.

*To arrange a workshop with Keiko in non-Japanese language, my [Core & Essence] Sashiko workshop (In-Person/Online) is the prerequisite. As Keiko doesn’t speak English, it is extremely important for us to be on the same page about Unshin. No exceptions for me to arrange a workshop with Keiko – so please take the [Core & Essence] Sashiko workshop before you send me an inquiry.




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