Sashiko Workshop [Core & Essence]

Sashiko Workshop [Core & Essence] and [Application & Practice]

In this blog entry, I would like to explain the difference in Sashiko Workshop [Core & Essence] and [Application & Practice] that I offer as of 2024.

Thanks to many interest in learning Sashiko from a group of Japanese Sashiko Artisans, we have been offering Sashiko Workshops for several years. The style & contents of Workshop slightly alternate overtime. As the result, the concentrated version of all the experience I received is now so called [Core & Essence], and everyone who wants to learn Sashiko from us are required to take this class. We offer both In-Person & Online for [Core & Essence]. I no longer offer the workshop focusing on (To be) Boro or (In)visible Mending. Instead, I combined many popular contents into one workshop – which is [Application & Practice].

*On top of these 2 Sashiko Workshop [Core & Essence] and [Application & Practice], I offer introductory Online Course with much lower pricing for affordability. Please check Domestika for more information.

*Please check this similar article to learn all courses I offer if you are interested in the Sashiko we practice.

What is Sashiko Workshop [Core & Essence]?

Sashiko introduced in English mainly teach about the “patterns” and “How to stitch” from technical perspective. Some may teach “how to make even stitches”. I occaisionally find a style of teaching “Embrace the Imperfection”. It is indeed true that we can embrace the imperfection. However, when a teacher start teaching how to be okay to be clumsy, that’s the end of “wisdom”. So, in Western way of learning, Sashiko is categorized mainly in 2 big groups: (1) to increase the participants skill to control the needle & (2) to focus on “freedom” in stitching.

Unfortunately, neither (1) nor (2) are the core of Sashiko Stitching. Because the teachers in English do not go through the proper experience in Japan, they can only interpret Sashiko from their own perspective. Their teaching isn’t wrong. However, it is missing the most important element in Sashiko for us (as a group of Japanese Sashiko Artisans).

In the minimum of 6 hours of Sashiko Workshop [Core & Essence], a participant will learn the “FORM” of Sashiko, which lead them to learn Unshin – the movement of needle. It isn’t a style of Workshop saying “Let’s enjoy Sashiko Together“. It is an intensive learning experience that some may have to go through very uncomfortable process to learn something new. We all have a muscle memory based on our experience, and some needs to go over the “habit” to have another muscle memory. After learning it, one can use the both (and more) muscle memory – but until then, it can be quite challenging time.

Therefore, I have a minimum of 6 hours for this workshop. Most of the participants find its form within 6 hours of the workshop. Rest of the participants would find their own rhythm & form after the workshop when they continue trying. It is extremely important to have this fundamental understanding of “Form & Rhythm” in our Sashiko. Therefore, [Core & Essence] is the prerequisite for Sashiko Workshop [Application & Practice], and Sashiko Japan Tour.

Analogy of [Core & Essence]

Please imagine that the Sashiko Workshop [Core & Essence] is a training for you to be able to ride a bycicle within a limited time frame with better efficiency (with less scratch & bruses). Anyone can learn how to ride a bike when they keep trying. Some may be able to do so by just watching others riding a bycicle. Others may need some expert help to get it easier. Sashiko Workshop [Core & Essence] is the expert advise for you to learn how to ride a bicycle (How to get the rhythm in Sashiko).

What is Sashiko Workshop [Application & Practice]?

Once you learn the “Form & Rhythm” in Sashiko, you are ready to explore the unlimited possibility of Sashiko. Sashiko Workshop [Application & Practice] will encourage a participant to apply the Sashiko we practice to their ordinary by covering some popular concepts such as Visible Mending (and Invisible Mending), Boro (and To Be Boro), and Designs for Sashiko. It also introduce other types of Sashiko such as Hitomezashi as an addition to the Sashiko they can practice with a lot of fun.

Analogy of [Application & Practice]

Let me explain what Sashiko Workshop [Application & Practice] is like with the Analogy I used above. When the [Core & Essence] is an opportunity to learn how to ride a bicycle, [Application & Practice] is a field trip where I take the participant to a Bike Park where we can enjoy many types of attractions for riding a bicycle. I will try to introduce as many “attractions” as possible, and the participant will have a choice of following the instructor throughout, or focus on one attraction more. So, it will be fun time when everyone have the basic understanding of how to ride a bicycle.

2 Major Category of [Application & Practice]

In the Sashiko Workshop [Application & Practice], we have 2 major Category of expanding the experiencing in Sashiko. One is “How to apply Sashiko to our ordinary days”, which includes following:

  • How to prepare the Pattern on the Fabric
  • How to complete different patterns
  • Learning of different materials for Sashiko

Another Category is “Hitomezashi“, which is completely another genre in Sashiko. For more information about the actual contents of [Application & Practice], please scroll down this article & find the detail description on what to expect from each workshops.

What is not included in our Sashiko Workshops?

As much as I have so many Sashiko that I would like to share, I know what I can do & cannot do (and what I am good at & not good at). In fact, the majority of things are something I “shouldn’t” teach. Please find some example of what I do not teach as I am not well qualified.

Category of Sashiko that I do not teach are: Koginzashi, Hishizashi, Colorful Hitomezashi on Fukin, Kugurizashi and many other new emerging Sashiko. Unfortunately, I do not have a good resource to learn these Sashiko in English. The teachers for these types of Sashiko do not speak English and/or not willing to have teaching itself. I am working on having them to offer some teaching opportunity in English with my assistance. Also, please consider joining “Sashiko Japan Tour” where I will take the participants to experience these different styles of Sashiko.

I also do not teach how to use sew up the Jackets and/or bags although we have some items available for sale from our collections. I can use a sewing machine, but very much an amature level. Please find other teachers for this purpose as there are so many better learning resources available in English.

What is the difference between 1-Day, 3-Days and 5 Days In-Person Workshop?

Depends on a Studio, Museums and Organizations, I offer different length of Workshop. When it is listed as 1-Day Sashiko Workshop, it is most likely the Sashiko Workshop [Core & Essence]. Very occasionally, I offer the Sashiko Workshop [Application & Practice] as 1 Day Workshop as the 2nd workshop the graduates of [Core & Essence]. The 1-Day Sashiko Workshop [Application & Practice] have the prerequisite of [Core & Essence], and it is clearly listed on the description. For the 1-Day [Application & Practice], the 1st part of the workshop will be “How to Apply the Sashiko to your Ordinary”, and 1nd part of the workshop will be on “Hitomezashi”.

3-Days Sashiko Workshops is one popular Workshop Style I offer. The 1st day will be [Core & Essence], then following on 2nd & 3rd day, we will move to the [Application & Practice] – usually the “How to Apply the Sashiko to ordinary” on the 2nd day and Hitomezashi on the 3rd day. Some spend 2nd & 3rd days to practice [Core & Essence] from the 1st Day, and I believe it is one good usage of this 3 days Sashiko Workshop. Once they master the [Core & Essence], the possibility of the Sashiko is infinate. 3-Days Sashiko Workshop offer the comprehensive experience of what I offer as “Japanese Sashiko we practice”.

Starting 2024 & 2025, with receiving some request, I am creating the 5-Days Sashiko Workshop. Well, it is more like “Sashiko Retreat” as the contents of these 5-Days are very similar to 3-Days Workshop from [Core & Essence] to [Application & Practice].

Amang many positive reviews for 3-Days Sashiko Workshops I receive, I find some participants prefer to spend more time in each “attractions” in the analogy above. For example, some want to focus on Invisible Mending & complete their work as much as possible in the Workshop Time Frame. 5-Days of focused stitching will have a variety of chances to be fully immersed into the Sashiko we practice. In addition to “more time to stitch together with Atsushi”, I am planning to expand the teaching focusin on Japanese Spirituality & our Ordinary (which can be an extra-ordinary practice in Western Value). So, summarizing what I am planning now, the 5-Days Sashiko Workshop will be the “Retreat” with Sashiko – to learn Sashiko & Japanese way of treating yourself better.

In Summary…

1-Day Sashiko Workshop offer the very essential time for you to learn the [Core & Essence] of our Sashiko. Ocassionally, for those who previously graduatd [Core & Essence], you may find a 1-Day compact version of [Application & Practice].

3-Days Sashiko Workshop is one comprehensive opportunity to learn the whole picture of the Sashiko we practice. With many topics to go over with Sashiko, one can have a comprehensive understanding of the Sashiko I share.

5-Days Sashiko Workshop/Retreat (In Planning) offer something more than “learning” of Sashiko. I will update more information as it gets to closer to the actual 5-Days Workshop.


I appreciate your time & interest to learn what I offer as “Workshop – Teaching Opportunity”. As I write, I feel as if what I teach is the answer to Japanese Sashiko. Please be advised that what I teach is only one part of a big picture of Sashiko as a Japanese Culture. I can share the “whole picture” of Sashiko that I have been practicing throughout [Core & Essence] and [Application & Practice]. However, it doesn’t mean that I am teaching the whole picture of Japanese Sashiko.

So, after learning [Core & Essence] of Sashiko, I want everyone to learn other styles of Sashiko – and moreover, the essence of how Japanese think, behave, and stitch. I hope that my teaching will be a great gateway to the Sashiko which in Not introduced in English yet.

Also, it sounds like that “everyone” has to take the workshop I offer to reach to [Core & Essence] of the Sashiko We practice. It isn’t true. One can reach to the realization by just watching others to stitch, like Youtube Videos I periodically offer. So, I wouldn’t say that one cannot reach to the [Core & Essence] of Sashiko wihtout taking this workshop – however, this workshop will make your understanding of Sashiko more comprehensive & deeper.

Also, your decision & commitment to learn [Core & Essence] from us directly support the sustainability of the Sashiko we practice. There are so many types & styles of Sashiko that got “wiped away” by history. Unfortunately, the Sashiko we practice is no longer the main stream of the Sashiko practice (even in Japan). In order to protect the upstream of this beautiful culture, your commitment is very much appreciated. I am pretty confident that I can offer the “Eye-Opening” experience for you.

More Details of Sashiko Workshop [Core & Essence] and [Application & Practice]

Sashiko Workshop [Core & Essence]

The workshop is an intensive learning opportunity rather than “let’s enjoy Sashiko together”. The participants will learn the important “Form” and “Mindset” of the Sashiko we have been practicing. This workshop will be the fundamentals of any following Sashiko Workshops.

  • Learn the basic of the Sashiko we practice
  • Rhythmical Running Stitching – Unshin – as the Core & Essence.
  • The appropriate posture of Sashiko stitching.
  • How to use the thimble & needle appropriately.
  • How to make even stitches
  • Hands-on Stitching Time with stitching the Asanoha pattern.

Sashiko Workshop [Application & Practice]

– and yes, we will extend it to Boro.

We will apply the Sashiko I shared on the [Core & Essence] on to the actual project such as some ordinary cloth you wear. The participants will learn the following.

  • How to prepare the fabric (Transfer the fabric / pre-stitching).
  • How to mend the garment with Sashiko mindset & ideas.
  • How to make Boro (What is Boro after all)
– then, move to Hitomezashi

The [Core & Essence] focus on students to find their own rhythm in stitching. Some styles of Sashiko require a bit of more “control” besides their own rhythm. In [Application & Practice], we will introduce a different style of Sashiko with the same form, ideas, and techniques we cover on the previous learnings.

  • Understanding Hitomezashi with Grid.
  • The Hitomezashi & Its Rhythm.
  • How to proceed with Hitomezashi.
  • How to apply Hitomezashi to future projects.
[Core & Essence] will be a very strict form of teaching as every participant are required to follow the direction of Atsushi. [Application & Practice] will be a bit more easy-going like an independent study while using the technique & understanding of Sashiko of [Core & Essence].

Sashiko Classes Cover 2024

Explanation for Different Sashiko Classes We Offer

It has been 6 years since I started “teaching” Sashiko as my action to react to many requests. For me, Sashiko wasn’t something to “teach” so systematically. In the beginning of my teaching, I didn’t even know what to teach as I thought everyone knew what I call now as “Core & Essence”. While learning what I can offer, it has been my pleasure to share the Sashiko we practice. Over time, we established several kinds of Sashiko Workshops/Classes. This article is an explanation for Different Sashiko Classes we offer.

*I often receive a question about my recommendation for resources to learn Sashiko. Unfortunately, there are no books written in English that I can recommend to learn the Sashiko we practice. Because I don’t have any recommendation in books, I share so many Stories & information on the Internet. If you are new to Sashiko, please check them as it is quite rich content after years of accumurating. I summarized the list of links at the end of this page.

Different Sashiko Classes We offer

(As of September 2023)

As of 2023, I offer 4 different Sashiko Classes as I listed below. I used to offer other kinds of Sashiko Workshops such as “Invisible Mending”, “To-Be-Boro Making” and “Hitomezashi”. However, after 2020, I summarized those workshops into [Application & Practice]. Please take the 3~5 Days In-Person Workshop for the [Application & Practice] class. The [Core & Essence] Sashiko Workshop is prerequisite to join [Application & Practice].

*I am eager to make the [Application & Practice] online version. It will also have a prerequisite of [Application & Practice]. I appreciate your Understanding & Support!

List of Different Sashiko Classes (with Links)

Difference Between Domestika Course & [Core & Essence]

One of the frequesnt question I receive is about the difference between the [Introductory Japanese Sashiko] Couse on Domestika and Online Sashiko Class [Core & Essence]. Although there are a few contents over-rapping, the biggest difference between 2 classes are the “Goal” that I expect students to achieve.

I agreed to Domestika’s Course as I have the same “dream” in teaching. Regardless of where to live, what to have, and who they are, I would like them to learn the Sashiko We practice. Therefore, the pricing on the Domestika’s Course are very reasonable. When one decided to skip 2~3 Starbucks Coffee, they can take the Course – the easy access for as many people as possible was the Goal of this Introductory Class. As the result, unfortunately, I do not spend a lot of time in the [Core & Essence] of Sashiko that I want to pass down – it is Form of stitching & Understanding of Unshin. One can learn this [Core & Essence] by just watching me stitching on my Sashiko Live Streaming. However, to make sure that I pass down the Sashiko we practice, it is very important for me to know the students, their hands, their philosophy, thier approach to Sashiko & most importantly “Their Rhythm” in Stitching.

I strongly recommend taking the [Core & Essence] Class (either In-Person or Online) if your goal is to start stitching like us, with similar philosophy, similar technique, and toward the similar understanding. Try the Domestika Course. If you like what I offer there, then if you find it difficult to stitch like we do, please consider taking the [Core & Essence].

Why Do I create the Domestika Course if it doesn’t teach Core?

Ever since I started teacing Sashiko, I have been receiving the same questions very frequently. It is: [What is your recommendation for the resource of Learning Sashiko?] and [Where do I start learning Sashiko]? Until 2023, sadly, I had to answer those questions saying [There are no recommendation in books & resources. Please take my Workshop to start learning Sashiko]. However, for those who just discover Sashiko, taking the [Core & Essence] class would be a big commitment to make.

Sashiko introduced in English is quite simplified. It isn’t wrong, but missing great part of Sashiko. Therefore, I keep sharing Sashiko Stories on SNS – yet I wanted & needed to have a place where I can recommend anyone to. The Domestika Team understood my dream, and with agreeing to achieve their goal, I decided to make the Course, Introduction to Japanese Sashiko on Domestika.

*I elaborate my feeling toward the Domestika Course in the article below,

[Core & Essence] to [Application & Practice]

In order to explain the Different Sashiko Classes I offer, I would like to use an analogy with “riding bycicle”. Let’s say you have not seen the type of bycicle some Japanese ride. You want to learn how to ride neatly and safely.

[Introduction to Japanese Sashiko] is a course that you can learn about the bycicle. How it is different from your knowledge of riding a bycicle. Why it is so different from what you know. What kind of items you need to enjoy bike riding. Where to get them with as many samples as possible. Unfortunately, this introduction course doesn’t include the support on actual “How to Ride the bicycle”. Some may be able to ride it without support with their own style, or the other may experience the difficulty to ride the bycicle like they see on videos and photos.

[Core & Essence] is the actual workshop/class to teach you “How to Ride a Bike (in Sashioko, How to stitch with Unshin while learning the proper Form)”. Explaining each step carefully, asking them to strickly stitck with the form & approach I offer no matter how uncomforatble it is to them, I am confident that everyone can learn how to ride a bycicle like we do (how to stitch like we make Sashiko). As everyone has different hands & condition, some may need extra help & adjustment. Also, there may be (is) some philosophical understanding we have to be on the same page in learning. To help you fully to accomplish the Goal, I share “Live Session” for the Online Sashiko Class, and one-on-one time over In-person Sashiko Workshop.

The Goal & Contents of [Core & Essence] classes are the same both Online & In-Person. Each style has different advantages, and you may have your preference as well. Some strongly prefer to In-Person workshop as I will “force” you & you can get direct support on site. Others prefer Online as they can proceed learning with their own pace. Either way, I will do my best to support your learning.

*One of the advantage of In-Person workshop is to see, touch, and feel the Sashiko we make directly. Over online, it is difficult (impossible) to do so. Therefore, when I have a workshop nearby you, when the organizer allows, the Online Class Students are welcome to visit me & touch the Sashiko We make. At the same time, one of the advantage of Online is that you can start learning “Right away”. As what I teach is the startline of the Sashiko We practice (equivelant to how to ride a new bycicle), it is a good idea to start learning before installing other “habit”, especially when your goal is to learn the Sashiko we practice.

[Application & Practice] is, in the same analogy, the workshop I take you to the bike park to enjoy many kinds of attractions such as Time-Attack, Climing Hills, Jumps, and such. [Application & Practice] is an opportunity for you to learn how to apply “the Sashiko we have been practicing”. It would be sad & difficult for one to enjoy Bike Park if they do not know how to ride a bycicle. With the same logic, therefore, I set the [Core & Essence] as the prerequisite. Some of the information I share are over-rapped with Domestika Course. However, we will actually do it together in the [Application & Practice] workshop.

3~5 Days Sashiko Workshop

Thanks to many Art studios & Museums all over the world, I occasionally offer the 3~5 days Sashiko Workshop (In-Person). This is a combination of [Core & Esence] and [Application & practice]. On the 1st day, we cover how to ride a bike. On the 2nd to 3rd/5th day, we jump into many possible application of the Sashiko we practice. The difference between 3-Days to 5 days are the page & depth of the contents. 3-Days (2 Days of Application & Practrice) would be enough to cover the contents I can offer. However, I receive feedback that they would appreciate more time to engage in each process. It is very much up to the budget & goal of the Art Studios & Museums.

As I am trying to reduce the frequecy of In-Person Workshop for 2023~2024 in order to focus on my own Sashiko, I would recommend booking it when you find the availability.

[Application & Practice] Online

I am eager to create the [Application & Practice] Online Class as a follow-up Online Class for the [Core & Essence]. Your feedback from the Google Form below would be very much appreciated.

Platform Links to Support our Different Sashiko Classes

My goal is to share as many Sashiko Stories (information, knowledge, wisdom & techniques) as possible. In order to achieve the goal, as well as the form of follow-up of the Sashiko Classes we offer, we keep sharing Sashiko Stories on different platform. Please find the major account we offer.

  • Instagram:
    • @SashikoStory is the main platform for me to share the Sashiko We practice. It is more than just stitching.
  • Facebook Group:
    • Unlike other Sashiko Groups on Facebook, this group has very strict rules to preserve the “Japanese Sashiko”. Anyone can join & posts. However, please read the Group Guideline Carefully before joining the Group
  • Youtube Channel: (Sashiko Story)
    • It is important to share unedit & unmodified version of me stitching for the next generation. For that, I share it every week as Sashiko Live Streaming. Also, I upload many Tutorials & Webinar regarding the Sashiko We practice.
  • Patreon Support Page:
    • I try to be as honest as possible on SNS – however, I learn the risk of being so volnourable where anyone can read & react. To keep my safety & sanity, I share more honest stories on Supporter Only Page – here Patreon Page.
New Sashiko Online Course Cover

New Sashiko Online Course in 2023

I’m thrilled to announce my new Sashiko Online Course, “Introduction to Japanese Sashiko Stitching“. This course is a bit different from what I have been offering online & In-Person. A team of professionals worked with me on Domestika, and the course has more clear, beautiful, and creative videos & photos. The Trailer is already so artistic (not my work – they are the professionals in film making!).

Video/Photo (c) Domestika

What you can learn in New Sashiko Online Course?

The main goal of this new Sashiko Online Course is to introduce the Sashiko we have been practicing. In a big trend of sustainable fashion & mending, the word “Sashiko” has now it own definition in English. As many “Sashiko Teachers” with no Japanese background offering classes, workshops, and publication, Sashiko in English is not the Sashiko I have received. I understand that the trend is so powerful. What they are teaching is NOT wrong – just insufficient to define the Sashiko as a Japanese Stichery.

It is very challenging to introduce a culture & its practice. It requires a series of Story-Telling & practicing it. However, I do not want to just let the word (Sashiko) go away without original Stories. The New Sashiko Online Course “Introduction to Japanese Sashiko” will teach you a sample of my Sashiko project, start from the beginning and application with sharing what is Sashiko for me, for Japanese, as “Japanese Sashiko”.

What is going on with Atsushi

Some of you here may find this new Sashiko Online Course as “inconsistent” to what I have been saying on Instagram & Youtube. You may wonder why Domestika? How about a (self-published?) Book that I promised to work on? If I were you, I would have so many questions, too.

I do have the answers to your question, of couse. To be honest, this course wasn’t an easy decision. In fact, I was very difficult to many people in Domestika’s Great Team, and I feel bad for them for being so difficult.

In last 5~6 yeares, I have declined almost all offers I receive from publishers, either video or book. It is because I learned that their goal & my goal aren’t always the same. In most cases, the goal is quite different even if we agree on the basic things. I learned it in a pretty painful way, but well… I learned it.

Domestika broke through this fear by sending me many offers with their willingness to understand what I want. The person in charge read most of my Instagram Post, watched as many videos on Youtube, and understood the “limitation” I worry about. It was very different from the others who try to raise “loyalty” to convince me to take the offer. No, that kind of negotiation doesn’t do much to me (Of course, money is very important, but it isn’t the reason to decline): What I want is their willingness to understand what Sashiko is for me.

Again, I am aware that I was very difficult to manage as I kept mentioning this personal code. I know teaching “How-To” is the biggest demand in the trend, but I wanted to go over it, as much as I can. I really appreciate Domestika’s Team for being understanding of this. 

So, I am still the same. I worry if this new Sashiko Online Course may impact me somehow… but my goal is still the same: to pass down (up/across) the Sashiko we have been practicing. I still take very careful steps for “teaching” the culture & its practice. As I feel the need for direct interaction & communication the Online Sashiko Class / In-Person Sashiko Workshop I offer is still the best way to get the “Core & Essence”.

At the same time, I wanted to speak up instead of being silent when the word “Sashiko” walks away from the Japanese Sashiko Artisans. So, with a great help with Domestika, this is the new Online Sashiko Course.

This is my answer to the most asked Question

One of the most frequend asked question I receive is: “What is your recommendation for books? Where should I start Learning Sashiko?“. Before I wrote a blog article about “I have no recommendation”, I received this question almost daily. Well. Unfortunately, my answer to the questions was: “There are no recommendation for books about Sashiko written in English. Therefore I share so many Stories on SNS. You can start watching the videos on Youtube.

I understand this is not what they want to hear. They want to have a “package (a book or a course)” where they can start following without spending time in searching. “Searching” can waste our time, and we all do not like wasting time. Therefore, so many books & courses are available online, and they are quite popular even if an author or a teacher has very limited knowledge & experience in Sashiko.

By offering this New Online Sashiko Course, I can answer to the most frequent asked question: This is the place where you can start learning (Japanese) Sashiko we have been practicing.

More Stories are Comming!

Sashiko Class 2021 Cover

Sashiko Class and Workshops to share what Sashiko is

Sashiko became a well-known word in English for those who enjoy hand-sewing and crafting with textiles. I am happy that many people are interested in Sashiko, and enjoying Sashiko with sharing the inspiration they got from the Sashiko they see. However, unfortunately, the Sashiko translated in English is not enough to describe the whole picture of Sashiko: not many non-Japanese Sashiko teachers are teaching the core & essence of Sashiko. Sashiko in English is NOT wrong at all – however, they are insufficient. It is my pleasure and honor to share what Sashiko is for us with teaching the core technique of Sashiko & essence of why it is so important to focus on the process rather than the result. Anyone can learn & start enjoying Sashiko as we do by joining one of the learning opportunity I offer: Sashiko Class 2021 to 2022.

I offer several options, both Online and In-Person. Please check my schedule & availability. I am looking forward to meeting you soon!

Online Sashiko Class

The year of 2020 with pandemic brought us very difficult time. However, at the same time, it was the time that we all needed to somewhat adjust to the availability. For me, it was a year of investing majority of my time & energy to improve the Online Sashiko Class. With cancelling all of the workshop in 2020 due to Covid-19, I had to shift everything I had to Online.

I am confident that anyone can learn the Core & Essence of Sashiko Online. This is the main & the most important class I offer. I receive many good reviews with prefering Online Class because they can watch my hands movement closely and slowly over and over again.

You may find Atsushi’s Online Sashiko Class (Virtual Class) on other platform with slightly lower price. (As of Summer 2021, it is $330.00). I occasionally offer Sashiko Class online collaborating with other platform. I ask them strongly to match the price to our Online Sashiko Class, but the final decision will be determined by them (including some mistakes done by manually).

You may find our Online Sashiko Class on this official website as the most “expensive” choice. Please be advised that the other virtual online class will NOT offer the follow-up Live Session after the virtual class (some platform offer the recording of the virtual video & follow-up session with extra fees). The reason of the fee of Online Sashiko Class from my website is that I offer the “Full-Support”, until you can do it or until you completely give up while I will NOT give up on you). Although the Online Sashiko Class include only one virtual ticket to join the “Live Session” to confirm all of your learning, if a participant needs additional session to “be able to stitch like we do”, I will keep offering the time. I may offer the one-on-one session if necessary.

For me, “The learning of rhythm & practicing Sashiko in the rhythm” is the reason I share Sashiko. I sincerely would like you to be able to stitch in the rhythm – therefore, it would be very helpful if you would consider the Online Sashiko Class 2021. (*1) and (*2)

In-Person Sashiko Class / Workshop 2021

It is my sincere pleasure to start offering the In-Person Sashiko Class & Workshop as well. Although I am confident in sharing the technique & skill over Online Sashiko Class, it is also nice to meet in person and share the same moment. I will be there, right next to you, to share & teach Sashiko with my hands on your hands. Also, the biggest advantage of In-Person Sashiko Class / Workshop is that you can touch and feel what we make – the Sashiko we have been practicing. When the condition allow, I bring as many sample as possible with me. You may touch it and wear it for your inspiration. I will still try to limit the opporutnities of In-Person Sashiko Class, there are several of confirmed plann toward 2021 and 2022 (*3)

Sashiko Workshop: Core & Essence

Saturday August 14th: 10 am to 4 pm offered by Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh, PA.

Special 3-Day Sashiko Workshop

Monday January 31st (2022) to Wednesday February 2nd, offered by Aya Fiber Studio in FL.

Sashiko Workshop: Core & Essence / Application & Practice.

This is Sashiko Workshop for QuiltCon 2022 in Phoenix, AZ. QuiltCon 2022 will be held in FEBRUARY 16 – 20, 2022.

For more detail about Sashiko Workshop such as the contents, fee and how to register, please visit the QuiltCon webpage above, and follow the direction.


(*1) The Online Sashiko Class from this website comes with “Full-Support” I describe above. The Sashiko Online Workshop offered by other platform, the “Full-Support” may be available with additional fee. No matter where you learn from me, my goal is the same. I just would need to priotize the one who pay the full price. Thank you for your understanding.

(*2) Other Online Sashiko Classes via different platform offer the same contents as the Online Sashiko Class 2021. However, the personal support may be available with extra fee. Most of the platforms provide you to access the recording videos. If you would need the personal support, please visit our website to purchase the ticket to get the personal support.

(*3) Please be advised that the In-Person Sashiko Class offered in Central PA (where I live) is still unavailable due to my family condition. Please wait for an update for that. It is my hope to start having the participants soon.

Online Sashiko Gathering Cover

Online Sashiko Gathering | The core of Sashiko

I often wonder what Sashiko was for the Japanese in 17th or 18th century. A few hundred years later, I am sharing the Sashiko they had practiced. One of the core concept of Sashiko is a sense of community – not stitching technique, design of pattern, or accuracy of each stitches. Sashiko provided the time & place where people can get together, talk to each other, make sure everyone is okay, and stitch. It is my honor to offer the “Online Sashiko Gathering” – where we simply share the time and place over stitching & talking no matter where you are in the world.

What is Online Sashiko Gathering

Online Sashiko Gathering (OSG) is a Zoom meeting where people get together for stitching and talking. OSG is not a structured workshop or class to teach on Sashiko. A participant will bring their own stitching project, and stitch in front of the camera/smartphone sharing a beautiful time (community). There are no restriction, no time table, no assignments. Although I set up the rules to keep the OSG a healthy place, I believe a mutual respect will keep me offering the online Sashiko gathering. Please join us as if you are visiting your friend/family house for the purpose of stitching. A glass of wine and/or a cup of hot tea may be a good accompany.

Who can join the OSG

Ideally, I would like to have anyone who enjoy Sashiko. However, to keep the gathering healthy and satisfactory, please let me prioritize the students/friends who have taken (are taking) Atsushi’s Sashiko Workshop/Online Sashiko Class.

My goal is to involve everyone. This is not a rejection to anyone who have not taken Atsushi’s workhop, it is just a prioritizing for organizing purpose. Please check the paragraph of “How to join the OSG” below even if you are not taking the Sashiko Workshop/Class by Atsushi. At the same time, please consider taking the Online Sashiko Class. Many gave me a feedback that it was an eye-opening experience.

How to join the OSG

Please fill out the simple registration form below. I will send you an invitation following the priority list.

Online Sashiko Gathering doesn’t require any preparation but just installing the Zoom App on your device. However, it may be more satisfactory when you prepare your device to look at the screen while you sharing the stitching. Please check this article for the preparation you may need for joining the Zoom Session (This article is designed for those who takes the Online Sashiko Class & Live Session).

How much does it cost to join

A free of charge! (If you think it is “too generous”, please advise me. I couldn’t come up with pricing, and I say, “let’s do it first and then think”.)

When is the Online Sashiko Gathering

I will schedule whenever I can… It really depends on the school schedule of my daughter as well. Such a strange time & Such a new world. The dates below are confirmed.

  • Friday, July 31st, 2020, around 8 pm EST (Time will be flexible).
  • Friday, August 28th, 2020. Around 8 pm EST starting.

Online Sashiko Gathering Rules and Terms

  • Please respect each other. That’s the principal of this Sashiko Gathering. Please be nice & polite as much as you can.
  • Please keep any discussion & topics within the Sashiko Gathering, unless you get the permission from the person and/or an entire group. The participants may share their personal stories. I would like to keep the OSG as a safe place where anyone can say anything. Please do not “share” the conversation outside of the OSG with non-participants. (It is okay to share that you join the OSG, but not what happened there.)
  • I (Atsushi) will start the OSG at the scheduled time, but I may not be there for the entire time. This is a gathering anyone from any places in the world can join. I would like to welcome everyone over the time-difference. I may assign the “host” assignment someone else so that the gathering can keep going. I offer the Online Sashiko Gathering in Japanese twice a month for 2 years. It can go up to 16 hours (I know it is crazy), and I cannot be there for 16 hours. There is no set-ending time. As long as people wants to talk & stitch, The OSG continues (24 hours is the maximum due to the Zoom capacity).
  • Atsushi & hosts will have permission to remove/reject a participants who are disrespectful this Online Sashiko Gathering.
  • Atsushi may use a photo of Online Sashiko Gathering, with asking for the permission of usage.

I will keep adding the rules and terms. Please advise me if you have anything to be added or removed.

Registration Form

Please fill out the form to be on the list. I will send you an invitation to join the Google Group where I share the link to join the Online Sashiko Gathering. Please contact Atsushi if you do not receive the invitation 30 days after completing this form. Please be advised that Only Workshop/Class graduate will receive the invitation as of August 2020 due to high numbers of request.

Stay Home and Sashiko Cover

Stay home and Sashiko | Sashiko Online Class Special

As much as it is scary, frustrating, and sad to experience the pandemic of COVID-19, I support the Federal/State government decision to combat the virus via temporary closing some business. I understand that we live in a freedom of “opinions”. However, I believe, it is just best to stay at home and keep the appropriate social distance. Staying at home for 2 weeks or even more sounds quite scary. I would like to offer the special deal for the Sashiko Online Class special for you to utilize this time to learn & stitch Sashiko. I will do the same. I will stay home and Sashiko stitch, hopefully with my daughter.

Damage on your roof is something you don’t want to take lightly, as it can have severe consequences on the structure and integrity of your home. To avoid this damage, you must regularly call roofing services near me to check your roof.

*This special offers (Stay Home & Sashiko Special with Store Credit) has ended at the end of June 2020 with accepting the state of PA moving its phase to “Green”, which is a process to reopen. Although we “may” be able to offer another special offer in the future, the detail and timeline is unknown and unexpected. It wasn’t easy to offer something like that big – and it was a contribution I thought I could do for the world under Covid-19. Your understanding is very much appreciated.

(Update on 7/19)

Stay Home & Sashiko Special

This Special Offer ended on June 30th. Thank you very much!!

I would like to offer $110.00 store credit for a new participant of Sashiko Online Class 2020. After your registration, I will send you the coupon of $110.00 that you can use on anything in our web store (*1). You will receive exactly the same materials, lectures, and follow-up from Atsushi to learn the core & basic of Sashiko. This time, I am offering the store credit so you may be able to get more thread, fabric, and other tools to continue your stitching for your time of stay home & Sashiko.

*1 – “anything” only applies to the US shipping address. The non-US shipping address can receive the same store credit of $110.00. However, please read the note below that some of the items are not eligible to use in coupon.

Register Sashiko Online Class

  • To the best use of coupon, I am planning to make a special “bag” to maximize your Sashiko experience including Sashiko thread and Japanese fabric. (Update: 3/20 – I did prepare the Special Bag here.) It is similar to the “Fukubukuro” I had prepared at the beginning of 2020. It is very rare to offer the similar deal… but, I guess it is an understandable offer in such a situation.
  • This offer ends when the shutdown/pandemic ends. The store credit will be effective for 365 days from the day you receive the coupon code.
  • Before the registration, please read the article of “Sashiko Online Class” to understand what you can expect from this class & how to proceed it.
  • Anyone in the world (where USPS or Japan Post makes a shipment) is eligible for this offer. However, if you live outside of the USA, the coupon will be used in the regular thread/supplies category. Some special dye Sashiko threads, new Sashiko thread (YOKOTA) & one-of-a-kind items will be outside of the coupon since they are only stocked in the USA.
  • This offer may be altered without any further notice. However, the credit will not be more than $110.00 (You are getting the most as of now).
  • I plan to offer the “Online Sashiko Gathering” via Zoom when my daughter’s school restart. This will be available to anyone who have taken Atsushi’s workshop, either Online or In-person.

Talk to oneself, instead of reacting in fear.

I learned that we feel fear mostly by “unknown”. When I experienced the earthquake in Japan, it was very scary and sad, but I feel the different kind of fear – unknown and unpredictable.

In these cases, we tend to “react”. React to the news. React to the numbers (of positive cases & ratios). React to frustration, and then reaction ends up panic.

Please do not get me wrong. It is natural to react. However, “reacting” to the news & opinions often exhaust us more than we can carry on. In those case, “shutting down the information for a period of time” could protect us from unnecessary reacting. In order to stop reacting, Sashiko and other hand-crafting is a great way to make our hands busy & empty our brain. It is a precious way to talk to friends, family and ourselves throughout the process of making, sewing, stitching, crafting and caring, instead of reacting in fear and frustration.

I hope to share the core of Sashiko & encourage anyone to enjoy Sashiko stitching as the ordinary Japanese had practiced.

I am looking forward to meeting you online.

Atsushi Futatsuya / Sashi.Co / Upcycle Stitches

Sashiko Workshop at Loop of the Loom Cover

Sashiko Workshop at Loop of the Loom Spring 2020

It is an honor to come back to the beautiful Saori Weaving Studio in NYC, Loop of the Loom, for the Sashiko Workshops in April 2020. It was August in 2019 that I had a privilege to offer the Sashiko workshop in Saori Weaving Studio. It was a great success, and I am coming back to Loop of the Loom with offering the same “Basic & Core” workshop as well as the “Advanced” Hitomezashi workshop. Sashiko Workshop at Loop of the Loom Spring 2020 is coming over the weekend of April 18th and 19th.

The seats are limited. Please visit Loop of the Loom website to purchase your seat.

*Advanced workshop has a prerequisite of the “Basic & Core” workshop.

*Read the article for the previous workshop in Loop of the Loom.

Sashiko Workshop at Loop of the Loom

This Spring, we offer 2 kinds of Sashiko workshops in 2 different locations.

Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Basic & Core)
Saturday, April 18, 10am – 4pm
at DUMBO studio

Hitomezashi Sashiko Workshop (Advanced) 
Sunday, April 19, 10am – 4pm
at Upper East Side studio
*Prerequisite of Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Core & Basic)
*This class includes some review of the Sashiko Stitching Workshop.

Atsushi will offer hands-on instruction in both workshops. Since the Hitomezashi (advanced) workshop requires the core understanding of Sashiko (Unshin – the needle movement), all of the participants need to be a graduate of Atsushi’s Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Basic & Core). If you have taken the Atsushi’s full-length Workshop (more than 3 hours) in 2018 or 2019, you may take the Hitomezashi Workshop. Online Sashiko Class is also qualified as the prerequisite. If you have taken Atsushi’s short workshop (less than 2.5 hours), please take the full-length workshop first to join the advanced level workshop.

I understand you may be confident in your Sashiko experience. In that case, please send me a video of your stitching. Since I will not explain the Unshin (needle movement) in the advanced workshop, the participant without the basic understanding may suffer. By looking at the video, I can tell if you would need the Sashiko Workshop (Core and Basic).

Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Basic & Core)

Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Basic & Core) is the gateway of all the Sashiko Atsushi would like to pass down. Sashiko is a simple form of hand-stitching. However, there is a specific posture, form, and movement that one has to learn before applying to the other stitching. It is not difficult, just different from what you may know. Anyone can master it.

The Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Basic & Core) is NOT a type of workshop like “Let’s enjoy Sashiko together”. It is your learning opportunity where I teach and you practice. If you do not know how to make the stitches even with good speed, then you will have an eye-opening experience.

After teaching more than 150 people in person, I am getting more confident in what I can offer. For the detail, please check this page (This is a workshop registration page for those I offer as Upcycle Stitches). The contents will be very similar in taking through Loop of the Loom and Upcycle Stitches. I may add extra content for the Loop of the Loom. However, I will share the core and basic surely.

Hitomezashi Workshop (Advanced)

Many who took the Sashiko Stitching Workshop to ask me when I offer the Hitomezashi Workshop to make “it” happen. Yes, the Jacket with Hitomezashi is very eye-catching. I understand the interest in the Hitomezashi Workshop.

This workshop is indeed the first step to make “it” happen.

Please check the article below to learn what you can learn in the Hitomezashi Workshop.

*You may take the Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Core & Basic) on Saturday, and then join the Hitomezashi on Sunday if you would prefer that.

I am very much looking forward to meeting & seeing you in Sashiko Workshop at Loop of the Loom Spring 2020. Please do not forget to register your seats from here.

Cover Sashiko Workshop Schedule 2020

Sashiko Workshop Schedule 2020

As I had announced in 2019, I plan to focus on my creative activities (Sashiko stitching) in 2020. Therefore, I may end up offering fewer workshop opportunities in comparison to the last year. However, I will do my best to meet the passionate expectations from the personnel/organization who would like to share the Sashiko with me. Please check the Sashiko Workshop Schedule 2020 below.

Sashiko Workshop Schedule 2020

Sashiko Workshop Schedule 2020

Loop of the Loom, Manhattan/Brooklyn, NYC

Please check the detail here. It is an honor to come back to the beautiful Saori weaving studio in NYC.

Sashiko Workshop in Lewisburg, PA

I received a request to arrange the workshop in Lewisburg on either Thursday or Friday starting at 9 am (for 4 hours or so) in April or May. Please contact me if you are interested with the specific date you prefer. I am happy to arrange one for you. This is the most reasonable & easiest workshop you can join if you do not mind traveling to Lewisburg, PA.

Detail of Sashiko Stitching Workshop in Lewisburg

*Please check the option of “Wait for others to join” – which can be as low as $175.00 USD.

QuiltCon 2020 in Austin, Texas

For the participants of Sashiko Mastery Class in QuiltCon 2020, please check this article before your trip to Austin. If you wish to be on the waiting list, please contact the QuiltCon Admin.

Sashiko Workshop Schedule 2021

  • A workshop is in the planning phase in the State of Florida in Winter-Spring time.

The other opportunities to take our Workshops

In order to offer a workshop in a big city, I need to have 2 factors ready. (1) A good amount of preparation time, and (2) A very understanding organizer for the workshop. I would like to spend a bit more time in my own Sashiko stitching instead of preparing & advertising. However, there is a way to make both (1) and (2) happen simultaneously without much hassle. It is (1) Sashiko Workshop in Central PA visiting your group and/or (2) Sashiko Workshop where I live.

Sashiko Workshop in the Central PA

When you have a group of people and live in somewhere close to Central PA (Zip Code: 17837), inviting me to your place to offer the workshop is a great choice. Since there is no hassle for advertisement and arranging the participants, I am happy to travel to your place and offer the workshop. Please read the detail of what I offer from this (semi) private workshop details.

Visiting me for the Sashiko Workshop

I am happy to offer a private workshop for you if you would like to visit me at Central PA (Zip Code: 17837). I may be able to open up my house for the workshop (if a group is small), or we can talk about the venue for your group.

If you are alone, and worrying about the fee, I can try to advertise the workshop to make it a “Semi-private” workshop so that you can split the fee. For more details, please check the article about (Semi) private workshop details.

Online Sashiko Class

This is a Sashiko Stitched Denim done by one of the Online Sashiko Class Participants. You can do it as well.

Is it too far to visit Pennsylvania? Please consider taking the Online Sashiko Class. I developed this online course to deliver the exact same experience for those who cannot join the in-person workshop.

Yes, I agree that the In-Person workshop is more attractive than the Online Sashiko Class. I wish I could travel to all of the cities where there are people who would like to learn Sashiko. Instead of traveling, I spent so much energy and effort to build this Online Sashiko Class and will continuously spend more time in it to follow up on your Sashiko learning.

With receiving many numbers of feedbacks from the participants of the Online Sashiko Class, I am confident that I can deliver the same contents of the In-person workshop.

Sashiko is a form of Stitching, but more than a trend.

Sashiko is a simple form of hand-stitching. However, there is a lot more to share & appreciate. I hope you would try to learn Sashiko from us.

QuiltCon 2020 Sashiko Workshop

QuiltCon 2020 Sashiko Workshop | Sashiko Mastery

This is a notice blog article for the participants of the QuiltCon 2020 Sashiko Workshop in Austin, Texas on 21st and 22nd of February 2020. Since I am not familiar with being part of the big fair like QuiltCon, I may be a bit clumsy in terms of administrative work. I will do my best to meet your expectations before the workshop. I am preparing everything I can to go beyond your expectations in the workshop. I am looking forward to meeting you with the Sashiko friends in the Southern part of the U.S.

*The QuiltCon 2020 Sashiko Workshop (Sashiko Mastery by Atsushi Futatsuya) are all sold out. Please contact QuiltCon if you would like to be on the waiting list. I have no control over the participation list.

*Since I will be traveling to QuiltCon 2020, I use the “Gmail” as the main communication method. Please expect several emails from “sashikoatsushi☆” (Change ☆ to @). When you do not hear back from me within a few days, please check the Spam folder.

A Material Kit for QuiltCon 2020 Sashiko Workshop

All of the participants are required to have the material kit, which Atsushi prepares for the workshop specifically. The kits are in the preparation process in Japan and waiting to be imported to the U.S. toward the end of this year (2019). Please give us a bit more time to complete our preparation. Thank you for your concern & understanding of the situation.

We will make a purchase page for the Material Kit during the holiday. Please expect a notification from me (or QuiltCon Admin) to complete the purchase. I will make sure to complete the preparation before the end of January 2020 and will send you a link to purchase.

I am still developing the workshop-flow with thinking about what is the best way to deliver the basic and core of Sashiko. It would be very helpful if you could let me know what is your expectation in learning Sashiko by filling out the Google Form Below. It is not mandatory at all. It is purely for the purpose of me understanding the participants’ expectation.

Google Form – QuiltCon 2020 Sashiko Workshop

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me through this website – Contact Atsushi. I will keep updating this blog post on the event day of Feb. 21st and 22nd.

Important Note:

Items needed on site of Quiltcon 2020

The Kit is available now. Please complete the purchase before January 26th, to receive a small skein of Sashiko (extra small skein will be included in only the package to be shipped at your house via shipping).

  • 1 skein of Sashiko thread, 145 meters
  • 1 Sashiko thimble
  • 3 Sashiko needles
  • Fabrics with the pattern printed on for the workshop with other fabric to make a tote bag
  • 1 Thread bobbin Paper
  • 1 Surprise package
  • 1 Finger cot (additional with no extra charge)
  • 1 threader (additional with no extra charge)
  • 8 Sashiko patterns (PDF) (will be sent after the workshop)

[Previous update]

*The complete kit will be available on our website for the students on at the end of December 2020. I will notify you in many ways such as notification from QuiltCon 2020 and our own mailing list.

Other Required tools and/or supplies:

Please bring yours to the workshop – we will use Fabric Scissors and Scotch Tape only once in the workshop, but necessary. You may need a threader and/or magnifying glass to thread the needle. I will share the wisdom to make it easy. A set of required tools can be purchased in addition to the complete kit above.

  • Fabric Scissors
  • Threader (and/or magnifying glass) 
  • Scotch Tape

If the participant has beautiful nails, they may want to bring fake fingernails or some types of tape to protect the nail from scratching by the needle. In a process of learning the Sashiko posture, you may scratch the nail a bit.

Preparation for the Sashiko Workshop

This workshop requires NO Previous Sashiko Experience and no preparation (in terms of techniques) for the actual workshop. However, as a preview of the Sashiko Workshop, it may be a good idea to watch some of Atsushi’s Youtube videos to get familiar with what you are getting into.

Please check the Youtube Channel – Sashi. Co-channel – for more information.

*In Sashiko Mastery Class, I will go through all of the information you need to enjoy Sashiko stitching. However, some of the side-topics are already covered on Youtube for free of charge. It may be helpful for you to watch them before the Sashiko Mastery Class. The free videos will be available after the Sashiko Mastery Class as well for reviewing purposes.

See you in QuiltCon 2020 Sashiko Workshop

Please do not forget to fill out the questionnair to shar your preferences. Google Form – QuiltCon 2020 Sashiko Workshop

Below – I copy and paste the message I had sent throughout the QuiltCon Admin. I will see you there!


Dear Sashiko Mastery Class participants,


Thank you very much for taking the Sashiko Mastery Class in QuiltCon 2020. 

It is my honor to share the Sashiko we practice. 


My goal is to share the joy of Sashiko & how enjoyable the Sashiko is, with providing some specific techniques and stories behind the Sashiko. It is not a type of workshop like “Let’s have fun with Sashiko together”. The Sashiko Mastery Class is more like a learning opportunity that I keep providing you a lot of amount of information. It would be great if you could join the class with a fresh & energetic mind status. 


Please don’t be scared. It is not a place to be judged, and there is no pass and fail. I just wanted to share that many previous students told me how “rich” the content was. I want you to be prepared to maximize this experience.  


In order to operate the 6-hours workshop smoothly, we have a set of supplies & tools that everyone needs to have it ready. Please make sure to purchase the special kit before the workshop. Without this kit, I will not be able to teach anything in the class.


The kit is ready for purchase on my website. Please read the description and complete the purchase. I would appreciate your prompt action since this is my first time to teach at QuiltCon.

Also, as I introduced in the “necessary supply list”, please bring a list of tools below. I do not ask you to purchase these because we use the tools only once in the workshop. You probably have them in your drawer, too. However, it is critical to have them in order to operate a smooth workshop. If you worry about what kind of tools you should bring, I prepared another set available for purchase (Detail can be found on the link above). 


Thank you for your understanding.


  • Fabric Scissors (regular size – not a small size).
  • Scotch Tape
  • Threaders (only if you need).

I have updated the article about the Sashiko Mastery Class at QuiltCon2020.


As I mentioned in the article above, it would be very helpful if you could fill out the questionnaire on Google Form. Understanding who you are & your preferences would be helpful to customize the workshop to “Sashiko Mastery Class at QuiltCon 2020”.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me via email (sashikoatsushi☆ I may send out another email right before the workshop, so please register my email address so the email will not go to a spam mail folder. 


In Sashiko Mastery Class, I will go through all of the information you need to enjoy Sashiko stitching. Some of the side-topics are already covered on Youtube for free of charge. It may be helpful for you to watch them before the Sashiko Mastery Class. The free videos will be available after the Sashiko Mastery Class as well for reviewing purposes. 


Please check our Youtube Channel for more information.

Thank you for reading the long notification. I hope I covered everything.

I am looking forward to meeting you in Austin, Texas.



Atsushi Futatsuya

Sashiko Workshop in Gladstone NJ

Sashiko Workshop in Gladstone NJ | October 19th, 2019

Another great opportunity to learn Sashiko Stitching from Atsushi Futatsuya. We are offering the Sashiko Workshop in Gladstone NJ. In a very calm area with beautiful scenery, we will be offering the exact same workshop contents as we do in the center of New York City. Drive up to the beautiful town, Gladstone NJ, and if weather permits, we may be able to have a stitching time outside under beautiful sunlight.

After covering the core and basic of Sashiko (for about 4 hours), I will talk about how we apply the Sashiko technique to a mending project. You may bring your own garment with damage and/or a hole so you can actually apply it while learning the Sashiko stitching from Atsushi.

Join Sashiko Workshop in Gladstone NJ

Date and Time: Saturday, October 19th 10 am to 4 pm

Location: A Maker’s Circle

1150 Pottersville Rd, Gladstone, NJ 07934

Please register your seat from the link below.

Hand-on Learning Opportunity

Atsushi will stand right next to you to teach you the core of Sashiko.

As I have been mentioning on this website and SNS, the Sashiko stitching workshop is a learning opportunity. The workshop will be intensive stitching time with Atsushi’s guidance to understand the core and basic of Sashiko stitching. Atsushi will be there prepared for your needs.

How to apply to Mending a garment

Per request from A Maker’s Circle, I will spend about an hour to talk about how I apply the Sashiko technique to the Mending, including the visible mending project. Sashiko gets its popularity over the visible mending and slow stitching, and you will have time to use the technique you learn in the workshop to your own garment in the workshop.

Sashiko Workshop in Gladstone NJ

It is a Maker’s “Circle”

When I learned about what a Maker’s Circle does to create a community for creators, I immediately open my heart to them. I made a visit to learn what they do. Creating and maintaining a place where creators, artisans, and artists can get together is our dream. It is our honor to be part of their programs as Sashiko Workshop in Gladstone NJ.