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Explanation for Different Sashiko Classes We Offer

It has been 6 years since I started “teaching” Sashiko as my action to react to many requests. For me, Sashiko wasn’t something to “teach” so systematically. In the beginning of my teaching, I didn’t even know what to teach as I thought everyone knew what I call now as “Core & Essence”. While learning what I can offer, it has been my pleasure to share the Sashiko we practice. Over time, we established several kinds of Sashiko Workshops/Classes. This article is an explanation for Different Sashiko Classes we offer.

*I often receive a question about my recommendation for resources to learn Sashiko. Unfortunately, there are no books written in English that I can recommend to learn the Sashiko we practice. Because I don’t have any recommendation in books, I share so many Stories & information on the Internet. If you are new to Sashiko, please check them as it is quite rich content after years of accumurating. I summarized the list of links at the end of this page.

Different Sashiko Classes We offer

(As of September 2023)

As of 2023, I offer 4 different Sashiko Classes as I listed below. I used to offer other kinds of Sashiko Workshops such as “Invisible Mending”, “To-Be-Boro Making” and “Hitomezashi”. However, after 2020, I summarized those workshops into [Application & Practice]. Please take the 3~5 Days In-Person Workshop for the [Application & Practice] class. The [Core & Essence] Sashiko Workshop is prerequisite to join [Application & Practice].

*I am eager to make the [Application & Practice] online version. It will also have a prerequisite of [Application & Practice]. I appreciate your Understanding & Support!

List of Different Sashiko Classes (with Links)

Difference Between Domestika Course & [Core & Essence]

One of the frequesnt question I receive is about the difference between the [Introductory Japanese Sashiko] Couse on Domestika and Online Sashiko Class [Core & Essence]. Although there are a few contents over-rapping, the biggest difference between 2 classes are the “Goal” that I expect students to achieve.

I agreed to Domestika’s Course as I have the same “dream” in teaching. Regardless of where to live, what to have, and who they are, I would like them to learn the Sashiko We practice. Therefore, the pricing on the Domestika’s Course are very reasonable. When one decided to skip 2~3 Starbucks Coffee, they can take the Course – the easy access for as many people as possible was the Goal of this Introductory Class. As the result, unfortunately, I do not spend a lot of time in the [Core & Essence] of Sashiko that I want to pass down – it is Form of stitching & Understanding of Unshin. One can learn this [Core & Essence] by just watching me stitching on my Sashiko Live Streaming. However, to make sure that I pass down the Sashiko we practice, it is very important for me to know the students, their hands, their philosophy, thier approach to Sashiko & most importantly “Their Rhythm” in Stitching.

I strongly recommend taking the [Core & Essence] Class (either In-Person or Online) if your goal is to start stitching like us, with similar philosophy, similar technique, and toward the similar understanding. Try the Domestika Course. If you like what I offer there, then if you find it difficult to stitch like we do, please consider taking the [Core & Essence].

Why Do I create the Domestika Course if it doesn’t teach Core?

Ever since I started teacing Sashiko, I have been receiving the same questions very frequently. It is: [What is your recommendation for the resource of Learning Sashiko?] and [Where do I start learning Sashiko]? Until 2023, sadly, I had to answer those questions saying [There are no recommendation in books & resources. Please take my Workshop to start learning Sashiko]. However, for those who just discover Sashiko, taking the [Core & Essence] class would be a big commitment to make.

Sashiko introduced in English is quite simplified. It isn’t wrong, but missing great part of Sashiko. Therefore, I keep sharing Sashiko Stories on SNS – yet I wanted & needed to have a place where I can recommend anyone to. The Domestika Team understood my dream, and with agreeing to achieve their goal, I decided to make the Course, Introduction to Japanese Sashiko on Domestika.

*I elaborate my feeling toward the Domestika Course in the article below,

[Core & Essence] to [Application & Practice]

In order to explain the Different Sashiko Classes I offer, I would like to use an analogy with “riding bycicle”. Let’s say you have not seen the type of bycicle some Japanese ride. You want to learn how to ride neatly and safely.

[Introduction to Japanese Sashiko] is a course that you can learn about the bycicle. How it is different from your knowledge of riding a bycicle. Why it is so different from what you know. What kind of items you need to enjoy bike riding. Where to get them with as many samples as possible. Unfortunately, this introduction course doesn’t include the support on actual “How to Ride the bicycle”. Some may be able to ride it without support with their own style, or the other may experience the difficulty to ride the bycicle like they see on videos and photos.

[Core & Essence] is the actual workshop/class to teach you “How to Ride a Bike (in Sashioko, How to stitch with Unshin while learning the proper Form)”. Explaining each step carefully, asking them to strickly stitck with the form & approach I offer no matter how uncomforatble it is to them, I am confident that everyone can learn how to ride a bycicle like we do (how to stitch like we make Sashiko). As everyone has different hands & condition, some may need extra help & adjustment. Also, there may be (is) some philosophical understanding we have to be on the same page in learning. To help you fully to accomplish the Goal, I share “Live Session” for the Online Sashiko Class, and one-on-one time over In-person Sashiko Workshop.

The Goal & Contents of [Core & Essence] classes are the same both Online & In-Person. Each style has different advantages, and you may have your preference as well. Some strongly prefer to In-Person workshop as I will “force” you & you can get direct support on site. Others prefer Online as they can proceed learning with their own pace. Either way, I will do my best to support your learning.

*One of the advantage of In-Person workshop is to see, touch, and feel the Sashiko we make directly. Over online, it is difficult (impossible) to do so. Therefore, when I have a workshop nearby you, when the organizer allows, the Online Class Students are welcome to visit me & touch the Sashiko We make. At the same time, one of the advantage of Online is that you can start learning “Right away”. As what I teach is the startline of the Sashiko We practice (equivelant to how to ride a new bycicle), it is a good idea to start learning before installing other “habit”, especially when your goal is to learn the Sashiko we practice.

[Application & Practice] is, in the same analogy, the workshop I take you to the bike park to enjoy many kinds of attractions such as Time-Attack, Climing Hills, Jumps, and such. [Application & Practice] is an opportunity for you to learn how to apply “the Sashiko we have been practicing”. It would be sad & difficult for one to enjoy Bike Park if they do not know how to ride a bycicle. With the same logic, therefore, I set the [Core & Essence] as the prerequisite. Some of the information I share are over-rapped with Domestika Course. However, we will actually do it together in the [Application & Practice] workshop.

3~5 Days Sashiko Workshop

Thanks to many Art studios & Museums all over the world, I occasionally offer the 3~5 days Sashiko Workshop (In-Person). This is a combination of [Core & Esence] and [Application & practice]. On the 1st day, we cover how to ride a bike. On the 2nd to 3rd/5th day, we jump into many possible application of the Sashiko we practice. The difference between 3-Days to 5 days are the page & depth of the contents. 3-Days (2 Days of Application & Practrice) would be enough to cover the contents I can offer. However, I receive feedback that they would appreciate more time to engage in each process. It is very much up to the budget & goal of the Art Studios & Museums.

As I am trying to reduce the frequecy of In-Person Workshop for 2023~2024 in order to focus on my own Sashiko, I would recommend booking it when you find the availability.

[Application & Practice] Online

I am eager to create the [Application & Practice] Online Class as a follow-up Online Class for the [Core & Essence]. Your feedback from the Google Form below would be very much appreciated.

Platform Links to Support our Different Sashiko Classes

My goal is to share as many Sashiko Stories (information, knowledge, wisdom & techniques) as possible. In order to achieve the goal, as well as the form of follow-up of the Sashiko Classes we offer, we keep sharing Sashiko Stories on different platform. Please find the major account we offer.

  • Instagram:
    • @SashikoStory is the main platform for me to share the Sashiko We practice. It is more than just stitching.
  • Facebook Group:
    • Unlike other Sashiko Groups on Facebook, this group has very strict rules to preserve the “Japanese Sashiko”. Anyone can join & posts. However, please read the Group Guideline Carefully before joining the Group
  • Youtube Channel: (Sashiko Story)
    • It is important to share unedit & unmodified version of me stitching for the next generation. For that, I share it every week as Sashiko Live Streaming. Also, I upload many Tutorials & Webinar regarding the Sashiko We practice.
  • Patreon Support Page:
    • I try to be as honest as possible on SNS – however, I learn the risk of being so volnourable where anyone can read & react. To keep my safety & sanity, I share more honest stories on Supporter Only Page – here Patreon Page.

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