September 27, 2023 at 08:31AM

I am glad that the conversion about [Appreciation vs Appropriation on Culture] with JACL was a good summary of my message. (Check our Youtube for the archive if you missed it). When I talk about Cultural Topics, some often accuse me of “Dividing The Group”. The more I learn about this issue, the clearer this message becomes. Talking about Cultural Issues is the only way to connect each Culture. “Enjoying Culture” itself may look like uniting people within a specific group, yet it can exclude(ignore) those who carry the deeper experience.

My Story here may actually divide some groups, especially when the group is made on someone’s comfort or profit. When a group is united outside of the culture, with only those who care for their own “fun”, Voices from the origin can dismiss the group. However, accepting the uncomfortableness & trying to learn more is the only way to connect in respectful form. When one concludes their fun while ignoring others’ voices, then the “Cultural Appropriation” occurs.

I speak up with confidence on this: I am trying to include everyone. I may divide some groups initially, but it is the only way to connect us by including “Cultural Contexts” together. Sashiko is more than just making even stitches. Sashiko isn’t the practice to embrace imperfection. Please do not leave us (Japanese who practice Sashiko) behind in this trend. Please support the Sashiko’s Sustainability on thin ice.



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