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Thank you for visiting the Sashiko Store. Our goal is to introduce the beauty of Sashiko & its concept, “Caring and Appreciation”. We strive to provide the Best Quality Supplies and materials for your Sashiko or hand-crafting projects.

I would like to make ourselves more than just a store. Once you purchase in this Sashiko Store, you already contribute to our goals. I will support you as much as I can regarding Sashiko.

The Sashiko Store where you can ask for support regarding Sashiko

【Latest Announcement】

  • The order placed between 10/5/2023 to 10/9/2023 will be processed starting from 10/10/2023 accordingly due to Atsushi’s Business Trip. I usually complete shipping within a day or so, but for this period, all of the orders will be held until 10/10. Thank you very much for your understanding.
  • As of April 11, 2023, Square announced that their Processing fees will no longer be refunded to our account when we issue full or partial refunds to your customers. Due to this change, we updated our refund policy as well.

【Update Regarding Shipping in 2023】

  • For International Orders: Depends on the shipping address, we may ask our partner (Sashi.Co & Futatsuya Keiko) to fulfill your order. This is for the speed & safety of fulfilling the packages. No extra charge will be occured when we decided to switch it. When you cannot find your tracking number on USPS, please try Japan Post here.
  • For Packaging, I am happy to change our packaging to “Plastic Free Packaging“. Please read the detail here, and let us know if you prefer that way.

2023 Online Sashiko Class | Core & Essence

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【Important Information】

Thank you for your interest in learning Sashiko with/from us via our Online Sashiko Class [Core & Essence]. In order to offer sufficient support, I set a maximum numbers of participants per week/month. If you see "Sold Out", it means that the Online Sashiko Class is unavailable for certain period (usually a few weeks to a month). In that case, please fill out the waiting list.

[Waiting List for Online Sashiko Class 2023 - Core & Essence]

Thank you for your understaindg & continuous support.

Learn Sashiko Online - Whenever you can & Wherever you live.

Now, we offer "As you watch" Online Sashiko Class (Lectures are recorded and offered Online). Please read mindfully what I offer. I am looking forward to sharing the Sashiko we have been practicing.


  • Once you complete the order, I will send you a [Welcome Email] within 24~48 hours. Please expect an email from me. If you do not receive it, please contact me so that I can follow-up right away.
  • Photos are the results of our students (Graduates of Atsushi's Workshop/Online Class in Japanese/English).
  • I have added a ticket to join a "Semi-Private 1 hour Live Session" to go through all of the learning in our Sashiko In-Person Workshop. Please be advised that this is only available for those who have joined the full-length (more than 3 hours / Core & Essence) workshop offered by Atsushi & Upcycle Stitches. This will be a great opportunity to refresh your learning. Semi-private means that it can be with 3~4 people or private based on your need. I will make sure that you will get enough attention & time to get all the answers.
  • If you feel the need for another "Live Session" after the Online Sashiko Class, please let me know so that I can set up the follow-up accordingly.

How we decided to offer this Online Class.

We have offered Sashiko Stitching Workshop in NYC, the US Eastern Coast and once in Texas. We tried several "Sashiko LiveStreaming Workshop" to share the similar experience online. I had a lot of fun, and I believe everyone on Live was happy about the online workshop over the summer of 2019. Although all of the online workshops completed as very successful events, it has been challenging for us to schedule an online meeting for the time everyone can join with overcoming the time differences, busy schedules, and locations. The previous online workshop was "Real-time (Live-Streaming)" workshop and the participants had to stay in front of the PC and web-cam for the whole workshop hours.

With many voices from the experience in 2019, here is a new journey of Online Sashiko Class by Upcycle Stitches. I will share the necessary Sashiko skills & knowldege to enjoy the Sashiko as we, the Japanese Sashiko artisans, do. The goal of this Online Sashiko Class is to get the "rhythm" of Sashiko Stitching so-called Unshin. By learning the Unshin, the stitches will be more even. The stitching speed will increase. And more importantly, you will be able to enjoy the "Sashiko Stitching Itself" more. Please read below for what you should expect in taking this Online Sashiko Class.

*This is the Online version of Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Core & Essence). If you have taken Atsushi's workshop in NYC (the one more than 3 hours length), you will not get much new things to learn from this Online Sashiko Class. Please wait for the periodical monthly Sashiko continuous kit. You are, of course, welcome to take it again.

We will do our best to deliver the same experience as the In-person Sashiko Stitching Workshop - Core & Esssence. Please read the detail of this workshop carefully. Please contact me if you have any questions BEFORE you make a registration. (Because of the characteristic of the workshop, we will not issue a refund once I share the passwords for the videos.)

How we proceed Online Sashiko Class

1. Please expect a package of all the necessary materials for the online class from Atsushi or Keiko. The contents of the provided materials are listed below. They are all included to the registration fee. If you already have purchased some of the items below, like a set of the thimble and the needles, please let me know. If you do not need the new set, I will give you a in-store credit so that you can use for the future purchase.

2. I will send you the links to the recorded videos for the workshop. The workshop videos consists of 3 parts on Vimeo.

  • A - Understanding Sashiko - Lecture of Sashiko history and background.
  • B - Unshin (運針)Lecture - How to use the thimble and the needle to make "rhythmical stitching" happen
  • C - Sashiko Stitching Basics - How to proceed & enjoy Sashiko stitching with Asano-ha pattern.

In order to fully understand & enjoy Sashiko, we strongly recommend watching all the videos in order of A→B→C. The Part (B) is the most important section in the Online Sashiko Class. Sashiko is not about making one good stitch, it is about moving the needle as you feel, then you will see many beautiful stitches.

The videos are about 3 hours length in total. However, I strongly recommend re-watch the video as you practice stitching. Please expect 3 hours to 15 hours of learning (stitching) to be comfortable with the lessons I would like to deliver.

This Online Sashiko Class DOES NOT include the section describing such contents below. (Some of them are already on Youtube to review.)

  • How to prepare the fabric (How to transfer & draw the pattern and such) : Available on our Youtube Channel.
  • How to finish the materials (only focusing on Sashiko part)
  • How to apply Sashiko to Visual & Invisible Mending.

Again, this workshop is a online version of 6 hours+ workshop I do in-person to share the Essence and Core of Japanese Sashiko we practice. You will learn how to use the thimble, the needle, and move them with rhythm as we do. I will, of course, answer any kinds of questions regarding Sashiko.

I am planning to provide the extra Online Sashiko Classes (like a subscription) for other topics that I have mentioned above. In order to attend any other Sashiko classes, this Online Sashiko Class will be the prerequisite.

3. Join one of the "Online Live Session" to meet Atsushi, and make sure you learned the "core" of Sashiko stitching. We will check you hand-posture. It will be like a type of Online Workshop. Please read the procedure of "How to prepare to join the Online Session" and make a reservation for the date and time you would like to participates. The session will be about 30 to 60 minutes, focusing on each participants.

This 3rd step (Live Session) will complete the Online Sashiko Class. You will receive one privelege to join "Sashiko Online meeting (Live-Style)" . Most of the general questions are answered by the Online Session, but I understand that the questions will be keep coming up even after that. I will be available over the email to answer your questions & Follow-Up Website.

*If it is extremely difficult to join the Online Live Session due to your busy schedule, I understand that. In that case, the participant can send me a video of him/her stitching as I introduced in the workshop. The person has a year to join the Online session or to send me a video for checking. I am afraid but the prerequisite will not be effective until Atsushi actually confirm the stitching the way the participant does.

Important Note for Online Sashiko Class

If you are a Sashiko Teacher who offer Sashiko workshops, an author who has (will) publish a book about Sashiko/Boro, or a lecturer, please contact me first to purchase the option as needed. I will follow-up as much as I can to share the actual information. The price is "estimate". Please contact me if you would like to "share" Sashiko on behalf of us. (We do not issue a certiciation at this point.

Please take a moment to read the notes below. Your contribution to maintain the Online Sashiko Class is very much appreciated.

  • The videos for the Sashiko Online Class are available for a year starting from the day you sign up. Not available for Download (so please don't try). After the first year, I am planning to ask participants to pay a small fee, if they are still interested in watching. This fee will be used to keep us update the workshop videos & use the video-chat platform (as of now, we use "zoom').
  • Please respect the copyrights. Once you complete your registration, we will send you a password to access the video.s We will also add you the the specially designated mailing list for the Online Sashiko Class subscribers. I will change the password every month, so please make sure that you receive the email from us.
  • Once the Password is sent out, no cancellation & refund will be available. If you would like to cancel the class, please contact me before I offer the official email (which can be sent within a few hours to upto 48 hours). I will send it mannually.
  • It is my goal to share Sashiko to as many people as possible. I even feel that, If I get a patron who covers all of my expenses, I would like to offer the workshop free. Until that, you as the participant are the patron for our journey.
    • I am scared. : The last thing I would like to experience is that someone "who doesn't understand what we do" watching the tutorial-videos and get "what they want to learn" instead of "what I would like to share with." Unfortunately, we as human tend to listen to only the things we would like to listen, and see only the things we would like to see. It is the risk I was thinking over and over if I should offer the Online Sashiko Class like this. I do not want to spread only the "quick technique of Sashiko". What I would like to deliver is the whole experience of mindful, beautiful, and fulfilling Sashiko. Your support to maintain the Sashiko community without misunderstanding & misuse of what we are proud of would be very much appreciated.

Workshop Materials Contents - We will send them to your address.

*The First-Class shipping is included. The shipping upgrade is available. For the international shipping (Outside of USA), please choose the option of 【Non-US Address】so that we do not have to go through sending separate invoice for the extra shipping fee.

What is included in the package:

  • Indigo Dyed Fabric | Cotton 100% / About 27" x 11" | Asanoha pattern pre-printed
  • Cotton Poplin Fabric (for back fabric usgae) / About 27" x 11"
  • Fusible Interfacing | 24.5" x 11"
  • Indigo Dyed Fabric, small swatches
  • White Sashiko Thread | 145 meter | Cotton 100% |
  • 3 Sashiko needles and 1 Sashiko thimble
  • Itomaki Bobbin Paper (For keeping Sashiko thread in a good shape) - Updated Version in 2021
  • 1 Chalk Pencil

*Total value of more than $78.50. If you have purchased any of those above, please let me know so that I can adjust the final pricing.

For Support

  • For section.3: One privelege to join the Sashiko Online Workshop (Live-style) - "checking up" version will be provided over email. (Please confirm the schedule once you join the google group. I share the schedule with Google Calendar. The duration is 30~120 minutes depends on the questions from the participant).
  • Support from Atsushi for any questions regarding Sashiko Workshop over the email will be available. The question may be shared annonymously on our Follow-Up Page.

I believe I have explained everything.

Again, please read another article about the "Sashiko Online Workshop - Term and Condition" to fully understand what I would like to do. Thank you very much for your understanding.

[Last Edit: May 7th 2023]

*The Previous Archives is available per request.

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We strive to provide the all of the essential items you would need to enjoy Sashiko including supplies, tools, and materials.

Please read the articles why you would like to choose the supplies from us.

If you find that we don’t carry something you want, please contact us. From time to time, the item is invisible because of limited stock in our storage. I can let you know the re-stocking time and more information.

Also, please ask if you have an item you would like to get. We can try to find it from Japan.

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I’ll do my best to meet these shipping estimates but cannot guarantee the accuracy of timing. Most of the order will be shipped out within a few days unless there are no announce made. The actual delivery time will depend on the shipping method you choose. Depending on the order contents and destination, the package may be shipped out from Japan (For tracking the international package tracking number starting with “RX” or “EN”, please check the Japan Post Tracking Tool).

Customs and Import Taxes:

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply, and all the process required. We are not responsible for delays due to customs. We cannot solve the case from a foreign country when the issue occurs. Of course, we will provide the documents required.

Return Policy

We strive to deliver the best items for your Sashiko experience. Please contact us if we can help to improve your experience here.

We would accept exchanges:

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We will not accept returns unless the item is defective:

  • We do not accept returns for the reason of Color Preference. I do my best to match the color of thread and the listed photo. However, each display screen may show different color than I expected. In addition, the color of Natural & Hand Dye items varies in each pod (batch). Thank you for your understanding.

*However, regardless of the policy above, please contact me if you encounter any problems. We will do our best to be reasonable to your request.

The following items cannot be returned or exchanged.

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In the unfortunate events that Upcycle Stitches LLC must cancel the Workshop, classes, and event due to unforeseen circumstances, Upcycle Stitches LLC will refund the cost of registration for the workshop, class, and events. However, Upcycle Stitches LLC does not assume responsibility for any additional costs, charges, or expenses; to include, charges made for travel and lodging.

It isn’t our intention, and we try everything to avoid this, but please be advised that following: Upcycle Stitches LLC reserves the right to cancel any class, limit class size, change class times or substitute instructors for those listed in the schedule. If a class is canceled, students may choose to receive a full refund or may transfer – with no fee – to another class or workshop. If Upcycle Stitches LLC cancels for any reason, all payments can be refunded.


Travel Insurance

It is strongly recommended that you purchase travel insurance, which can protect you by refunding monies paid if you need to cancel your trip due to an emergency. Travel insurance is very affordable and can protect you in other ways as well. Course Changes or Cancellations

Participation Waiver

Registrant acknowledges that registration and participation are voluntary and that by registering for this workshop/class that he/she is solely responsible for any loss, damage or injury, including death, that may be sustained on the premises or any location where any workshop/class is being conducted.

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