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Care and Eco Sashiko Packages for your order.

I am a big believer of the power of hands. It may sound strange, but I believe I can make a (significant) difference by preparing an online order by my own hands with praying and caring. The message on the package in Japanese, hand-writing of saying “thank you”, is a way to appreciate the support from customers/friends on my business, Upcycle Stitches. This is our statement about how I think of the environment & our online business regarding the Eco Sashiko Packages.

We care about Eco & Sashiko

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I define my business as “for profit & society”. Although it is not Non-Profit organization, I believe I can exist thanks to those (YOU) who appreciate what I am trying to do. Therefore, your order means a lot to me.

I would like to think of you and appreciate the time you use to choose the items you order. This business (Sashiko as hand-crafting & “art” industry) is not viable.

Therefore, I care. I try to protect the items as much as I can. I am well aware that a plastic bag is not good for environment, but it is essential to avoid the water damage to the item. It is unlikely to have the water damage in the transit, but we never know what can happen. Please be noted that I try to use the plastic bag I had received, and try to avoid purchasing something new (We occasionally purchase some).

However, if you prefer the plastic free packaging, please let me know your preference when you place an order. I am happy to make a package with only paper materials, such as wrapping paper & shipping envelop. Please be advised that any water damage to the package will not be covered when you choose the Eco-packaging. Insurance is available for the extra fee, or simply choose the priority mail option.

I just simply would like to be the caring & eco-friendly in my best capacity. I am not here to judge anyone and push some idealistic social norm. As much as I care for the environment, I also use the plastic in my usual days. So, please let me follow your value, and I am more than happy to do so.

Care and Eco Sashiko Packages

To be honest, it is my dream to have the Eco Sashiko Packages, which is both the best for the item and environment simultaneously, in future. As of now, I have to balance the safety, eco-friendly, and budget for the shipping materials. For that matter, I may say, I prioritize the “care for you (a customer)” more than “care for the environment”. As I mentioned above, I don’t have an answer yet. I can be mindful & caring instead of just throwing an item from a shelf to the box. Your order is much more important than that.

Therefore, one thing I can promise you here is that I will NOT outsource this packaging process to a warehouse / the 3rd party fulfillment service – (besides Amazon Storefront – which has another reason to have the storefront on Amazon).

As an Internet business manager, the time for me to make a package for you is a few opportunity to physically communicate to you. I can always answer your questions and write to you via email, but the “communicating in honesty & feeling” is very challenging thing in contrast to the physical store front.

It is my dream to have a studio where people can visit and choose what they want after touching them,

This may be a bit of “too crazy” concept. I apologize if I make you uncomfortable. However, Japanese naturally believe the concept of Animism, and so do I. Every thing has spirit in it, and I can contribute to respect the sprits for you, and for me.

*You may be an experienced hand craft-people. If so, you may know the power of “hand” and the beauty of one of a kind. Each item has a bit of different vibe – all good, just different. I try to imagine who you are, and try to make the best out of our capacity.

I appreciate your time to read our website & getting the Sashiko supplies from our website. I promise I will make a package in mindfulness, caring, and respecting way that I can do the best, until I come up with the perfect “Eco Sashiko Packages”.

In this article, I share the concept of Animism I learned in Japanese culture.

2 thoughts to “Care and Eco Sashiko Packages for your order.”

  1. Thank you.
    As a mother, I find myself doing many things out of necessity. As a maker, I find joy in the process. As a human, I find I want to live in harmony with the planet. Sashiko appeals and fulfills me in so many ways. It feels like a gift, not only for those I give items to, but for myself as well. We have a saying about gifts. “It’s the thought that counts.” Though I agree, our cynical world uses it more as an excuse to give more junk to each other. Gifts have become an obligation and we use them to fill our lives with more toxicity, both figuratively and literally. We buy things no one wants, crafted using processes that pollute the planet, and we don’t even feel good about giving them. We throw away the bag we brought it home in. We throw away the wrappings. We throw away the gift when it wears out or we just don’t want it. Sometimes, we even throw away the friends and relationships.

    So, I’ve tried to turn that around at least personally. I much prefer “People who think good thoughts, give good gifts.” No more toxicity. No more obligations. I choose love and kindness. For me that has come to mean, handmade gifts that fill me and reflect the joy I want for others. No more buying things to get thrown away. A gift must be usefull, by the specific person I give them to.

    I appreciate the care you show. Your thoughtfulness and kindness spreads as you share pieces of yourself. I’ve been thinking about your words and attention to something so small, knowing it is the small things that will save the world. I’ve struggled myself with finding ways to give gifts, without also giving a burden. For baby gifts, this has meant a wrapping layettes and blankies large bag for mom or a manly bag for dad. For kids and teens, perhaps a container they can reuse to organize their gift later. Reusable grocery bags that I’ve made, usually repurposing something broken or useless, are great for everyone. As I thought about your concerns about shipping, especially about moisture, I’ve found a new idea. There is something called waxed wraps. They are made from cotton cloth, beeswax, and oils. They are reusable, washable, and sustainable. There isn’t much I dislike more than plastic wrap, which never works well and I end up throwing away anyways. I’m about to try making or buying a few, to see if they will work for lunches and in my fridge. I can’t say if they will work for your needs, but I’d like to tell you that I’d be willing to pay extra to ensure I wasn’t contributing even more waste to the world, and it would be fun to have wrapping I could reuse rather than throw away. Perhaps they could part of the solution for you and your customers. I found several retailers and tutorials online

  2. I just received the products I ordered and I haven’t managed yet to open the package – you have wrapped it so carefully, even left a hand-written message on it, this is sooo special. This is my first “encounter” with Sashiko, so far I’ve done other upcycling works ( I mainly felt old woolen sweaters and make woolen blankets out of them which I give as gifts to family and friends). I do everything by hand and people ask me why I don’t use a sewing machine (which I have), but hand-stitching is so much more grounding and almost contemplative. Keep up your work, it is important especially in such crazy times as ours!
    There is a Sashiko comunity here in Italy they are on facebook and I subscribed – I will let them know about you!
    Very best regards from Milan (by the way, I am German)

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