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Your Sashiko Review help us in many ways.

We sincerely appreciate you choosing Upcycle Stitches as your Sashiko supplier. It is our pleasure to share what we are proud of in our ordinary Sashiko project. I believe what we offer is the highest quality available, and we are also a fan of the products we are offering. This is a blog article asking for your Sashiko Review. We sincerely appreciate your time to leave your Sashiko Review – it will help us a lot in many ways.

In this Internet society, almost everyone checks the reviews before they make their decision. Your kind review directly help our business as well as the other customers who are not sure if they are getting a good supply. Please read this article to learn how to leave the Sashiko Review.

It is our sincere hope to spread the stories we have been sharing – why it is so important to be mindful of who you are purchasing from. Your choice will protect the culture & people behind it, and Thank you very much for your choice.

How to leave the review on Upcycle Stitches

When you make a purchase from our Upcycle Stitches store, you may receive a review request via email about 14 days after the delivery completion. It is an automatic service that I use for asking you to leave the review. Following the link on the email is the easiest way to give me the best thing you could provide me for.

If you have not received the email, please follow the direction below to leave your review. It is not difficult at all to make a review, but it will significantly help me to keep what we are offering now.

(1) Please go to the product page

Please visit the product you have purchased, and then please scroll down the product page.

(2) Please find a link “Write a Review”

You will find a link saying “Write a Review”. Please click (or tap) it.

(3) Please share your review.

5 stars is the best quality/service. Thank you very much for your time.

Sashiko Review on SNS (Facebook Page)

Atsushi shares our stories on SNS, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. Your feedback on SNS where applicable is very much appreciated as well. If you like what Atsushi shares & his service, please leave your review here.

How to leave a review on Other “Upcycle Stitches” Website.

Besides the official Upcycle Stitches store, we have 2 other storefronts to provide the Sashiko supplies we are passionate about. We have a virtual store on Etsy and Amazon. (For the reason why I have 3 storefronts, please read the article about it.)

Each platform has an easy process to leave a review. If you are a previous customer from these storefront, your precious time to leave the comment there would help us to continuing our service. 

How to write a review on Etsy

If you have placed an order on Etsy Store, please visit their Q&A page for “how to leave a review“. It is very straight forward.

How to write a review on Amazon

If you have placed an order on Amazon store front, please visit this page to learn how to leave a review. It is super easy. As much as we appreciate your product review, the Seller Review will help our business a lot. Thank you very much for your time for doing this.

【Note for the follow-up】

As I have explained the article about different types of stores for different purpose, a customer on Amazon store may not receive the follow-up (customer service for answering question) in priority. However, if you leave a review, I will consider to prioritize to the other orders on Amazon. Your Seller Review means a lot. Thank you for your help.

Any Sasiko review is appreciated, but…

I welcome all kinds of reviews. As much as I believe our products are the supreme quality, it is not healthy to expect “everyone” will be 100% satisfied with our products. Many friends & customers proved that our products are above their expectations. However, again, any reviews / feedback will make our products better, and I will not remove the negative reviews on my own discretion.

However, for the service, it is my intention to keep our promise 100%. I will never make a case of “item not delivered” or “unwanted surprise” – you will receive what you paid for. 

If you live in my neighborhood, I can accomplish the achievement by 100% easily because I will simply visit you and hand them out to you. However, over the Internet, we need to depend on the shipping carrier. I use mainly Japan Post and USPS, and they have been providing us very awesome services. However, an unfortunate accident can happen – such as “missing package”. I promise I will do everything for you to get what you order – however, please understand that I cannot guarantee “when” you receive it unless you upgrade the shipping in which the carrier will promise us the on-time delivery.

Many people, including myself, get motivated to write a review when they experience a service below expectation. It is a fair emotion to get upset when things do not go as we wish. However, when you experience an unsatisfactory service, please contact Atsushi first, instead of leaving the review on the service. 

Let me introduce a few samples of how we respond to the situation.

1st case: Missing International Package

We live in a globalization. It is much easier to purchase an item from oversea across the nations boarder. However, please understand that it is much more complicated than the domestic shipping. We will do our best to deliver what you offer – we will not give up. However, there may be a case of taking longer time to complete. It was a surprise to learn the customer’s frustration over the International Package. I summarized the case, and it would be great if you could take a look.

2nd case: Surprise Bill on Credit Card/Paypal

As you may know, the store does NOT have any control to change the total billing amount without a card-holder’s agreement (authority). What we can do on the financial platform is to (1) make a refund up to the amount paid by customer and (2) send a customer a “money request” if the total amount is insufficient (let’s say, adding the order).

Therefore, a “Surprise Bill” will not happen. If it happens, it is a credit card fraud, and the customer needs to contact to the Credit Card company. Please make sure to confirm the total amount of the order when you place one.

Honesty is one of my core belief

Well… I can technically delete negative Sashiko review. However, I don’t do so because what I would like to share through the Sashiko here is honesty and dignity. If a customer receives a bad-service / defective item, I will follow up with my best capability. If a review is about the product, I will do my best to improve the product by talking to the manufacturers.

So if you happen to be a customer who feel the service/product is not satisfactory, please give me another chance. Please contact me first before writing a review. When a request is within common sense, I will do everything to make it right.

Your help is very much appreciated.

You may think that it is just a review. However, a review is one of the biggest helps I can ask. One smiley face or 5 stars on Our Web Store, Etsy, and Amazon’s Storefront will help my business significantly & massively.

I sincerely appreciate your time to write a review, and I will keep improving our service & products to support your wonderful Sashiko projects & learning. Thank you very much.

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