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I have been introducing how great our collection of Sashiko Threads are. However, I just realized I haven’t explained well “why” they are so good from the perspective of the actual thread. Here is a secret recipe for you to enjoy Sashiko Stitching more. A Sashiko Thread Secret, presented by Atsushi.


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Comparison of Sashiko Thread

A Sashiko Thread Secret.

Our Sashiko thread consists of 4 embroidery flosses in unique twist strands.

In a photo, you can see the 4 thin thread after I un-twisted them a bit. This twist creates rich stitches on the fabric after stitching. It is the specialty of Sashiko thread, and here is a Sashiko Thread Secret.


Sashiko Thread Secret 33


What is different from our Sashiko Thread and regular sewing thread?

Here is a photo of sample stitching we made.

From top to bottom,

  1. Double thread of Coron Sashiko Thread | When we need the strong stitches
  2. Regular thread of Coron | Most common method.
  3. Half thread of Coron | Rarely. When you use the thin, fragile fabric such as vintage silk.
  4. A regular sewing machine thread.


Sashiko Thread Secret


As you can see, even the half of regular Sashiko thread is thicker than the regular sewing machine thread.

You may use any kinds of thread in Sashiko, but there is a reason why we keep using the great Sashiko thread.



Color Variations will keep you motivated

Including Natural Dye and synthetic dye, we have more than 50 colors of thread available for you.

Most of the threads are Mono-single colored Sashiko thread, but we have a few Natural Dye variegated Sashiko thread as well as 5 choices of synthetic dyed variegated Sashiko Thread. We believe that these 50 colors of the thread will satisfy the need to be creative in general Sashiko projects.


Sashiko Thread Secret Mono

Sashiko Thread Bulk Discount 2

Sashiko Thread Secret Variegated
Kakishibu Dyed Thread Covor 2 First Indigo Dyed Sashiko Thread 1


Sashiko Thread Secret = A desire to have good stitches

The Japanese in poverty probably didn’t have the Sashiko thread like the one we had. Sashiko is a culture developed in a poor economy, and they even twisted their thread by themselves. Overtime, some long-lasting thread company invested their time and capital to come up with the great thread for Sashiko purposes. We have been using the Sashiko thread from Coron Manufactures more than 30 years.

In the Sashiko Thread secret, I see a desire and a hope that Japanese wished to have to have good stitches on the results.


Therefore, I want you to enjoy the great Sashiko thread, simply because they are available for you with reasonable prices.

Get the good Sashiko thread from the traditional company, then reward the time you invested in Sashiko.



4 thoughts to “A Sashiko Thread Secret | Reward your time”

  1. I have just started learning the Sashiko Method and am thtilled that I found your store. I have much learning ahead of me and wish to offer this to create a business of very unique mending. This is very exciting fire me and willwill be using your site for supplies
    Look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

    Donna Kryston

  2. I’ve started learning about Sashiko. I have some preprinted fabric, ordered needles and thread. My question is do you separate the thread to sew with less strands or do you use all strands when sewing? Thank you.

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