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It is an honor to announce the Sashiko Workshop (Core & Basic) collaborating with a beloved SAORI weaving studio in NYC, Loop of the Loom. I am very happy to share the Sashiko we practice in such a beautiful space where the owner already developed the “caring atmosphere” to the participants. In the 6-hours long workshop, the participants will learn the basic and core of Sashiko stitching – Unshin (運針)- how to move the needles. We believe Sashiko is not about making one perfect stitch. It is a process of appreciating with moving the needles. Because of this Rhythm, our Sashiko pieces look beautiful with even stitches, and so will be yours.

Loop of the loom Sashiko Workshop 22

Sashiko Workshop @ Loop of the Loom


  • August 24th, Saturday | 10 am ~ 4:30 pm
  • August 25th, Sunday | 10 am ~ 4:30 pm

Location: LOOP OF THE LOOM | 227 E 87th Street #E (Lower level)

Registration: Here on Loop of the Loom page.

Why Workshop with Loop of the Loom?

You may remember my words in the beginning of 2019 – “I plan to focus on my creative activities, so I will offer as less workshops as possible.” You may be surprised that I decided to offer the workshop with Loop of the Loom.

SAORI and Sashiko

I only have read a few articles about the founder, Ms. Misao Jo. Although my knowledge is limited, I feel there are similarities between SAORI and Sashiko. It is a great opportunity to share Sashiko with resonating the similar message in Japanese culture in well-known SAORI studio in New York City. I appreciate Loop of the Loom to find us and organize such a wonderful opportunity.

Learning instead of following the direction

It is easy to simply follow the direction. You come to the workshop and enjoy Sashiko for a few hours with following the direction of the instructor. Sure. It can be fun. However, what I would like to share is more than that. I want you to be able to continue Sashiko after the workshop. The workshop is only the gateway for the Sashiko we practice.

Some workshop organizers had contacted me to offer the Sashiko workshop as the entertainment opportunity for their customers. It is perfectly fine for me to commercialize the Sashiko workshop and market it as the weekend entertainment. I would offer that type of workshop if I have unlimited time. However, becuase our capacity is very limited, I would like to focus on the “Learning opporunity” rather than “the entertainment.” Don’t worry, though. The Sashiko workshop is both entertaining & educational. I am just taking about the “purpose” of the workshop (not the contents of the workshop).

Natural Dye and to-be-Boro

Loop of the Loom also offers the Natural Dye such as Bengala and Kakishibu. We also hand-dye our Sashiko thread. Loop of the Loom will provide various kinds of swatches for the participants. I will bring my collection of Natural Dye Sashiko thread for sampling (some will be available for sales as the skein of 145 meters). Also, I will bring some samples of vintage Japanese fabric to see why we use the Natural Dye thread for some projects such as mending to make it Boro-like fabric.

Regarding this Natural Dye theme, I will talk about the Boro and its history. This “Natural Dye and to be Boro” lecture will be only available for those who register the workshop. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Eye opening day for anyone who is interested in Sashiko

After offering the Sashiko workshop to close to 200 people, I am confident to say that the Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Core and Basic) will be your eye-opening day for your Sashiko journey.

I look forward to meeting you at Loop of the Loom.

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