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100 of Sashiko Denim Jeans Journey

One Denim Jeans with Sashiko stitching completing within 4 days. A story from my dear friend, Dag Force, motivated me to unrealistic work. After the 4 days, I realized that I underestimated my ability in Sashiko. At the same time, I learn that I can improve my Sashiko. The 4-days of intensive Sashiko Denim Jeans Journey taught me my potential and possibility. I want to be better, so here is an announcement of the 100 of Sashiko Denim Jeans Journey.

What did I do in 4-days?

With spending about 20 hours in 4 days, I completed adding the whole Sashiko on one-leg (both front and back) and some small Sashiko mending. You may check the whole process on Youtube as a series of live-streaming or a video below as the preview of 20 hours stitching. | 1/100 of Sashiko Denim Journey

I would like to continue stitching on the denim. However, I do not have 100 of denim jeans because I decided to purchase no more clothes in 2017. I would like to work on your denim jeans, especially the one you have a story to tell. It could take 10 years of my time to complete 100 of Sashiko jeans, and I would like to work on the denim they value so much that they want to keep for a long period of time. I appreciate your understanding of this massive labor on one denim and its value.

Project Outline

X/100 Sashiko Denim Jeans Journey

Atsushi will perform Sashiko stitching on your used denim with minor mending if necessary.

The fee for the project

About $150.00~ | $7.83 ($7.25 * 1.08) multiplied by actual hours spent on. The total fee will depend on how much of stitching & mending the denim require. The fee for the denim on the photo is $156.00 + shipping of $7.80.

Production time / duration

2~20 weeks from the day of denim-jeans delivery to Central Pennsylvania.

Notes & condition

  • The pair of denim jeans need to be heavily used. I do not (cannot) stitch on the new denim because the fabric may be too thick. Also, the denim has to be cotton 100% and non-stretchy fabric. If you are concerned it is lightly used and not thin enough to perform the stitching, please let me know when you contact us.
  • Please allow us to broadcast some or whole of the stitching on your denim on Youtube and/or Instagram.
  • Please wash the denim jeans thoroughly so that all of the smell and dirt will be washed away before stitching. If the smell is too strong, we may wash it in our house ($20.00 extra fee applied).
  • Please share your story on the Denim to me in writing over the email. I would like to prioritize the denim with a more inspirational story as the priority.
  • The regular price is about $580~ for these types of commission. If you would like to support us with the full commission, please let me know. I will work on it as the priority commission. Also, any types of support (in a form of donation or tips) would be appreciated.
  • For the design, I will provide some geometric pattern preference. I can work on the pattern you would like to have, but it could end up with more time to work on and result in higher pricing.

How to be part of 100 Sashiko Denim Jeans Project

Simply contact me mentioning that you are interested in the 100 Sashiko Denim Jeans Project. I will reply to you from our Gmail account. 

I would like to consider it as my lifework instead of “work to make a profit.” Therefore, I would like to know who is asking me to do Sashiko stitching, why, and the stories behind the denim I will be working on. 


Stories of 100 Sashiko Denim Jeans Project

  1. Dag Force Sashiko Denim – Footage – Completed
  2. NK – pure power to encourage the others – Working

I appreciate to be part of this 100 of Sashiko Denim Jeans Journey.

Another Sashiko Denim project is coming up

This project, 100 of Sashiko Denim Jeans Journey, is a project that Atsushi will work on YOUR denim to reinforce the stories.

As a synchronizing project of Sashiko Denim Jeans Journey, we can work on the “used denim in the market” and practice “Full Sashiko Stitching with necessary mending” provided by Atsushi’s student in Japan. If you are interested, please contact me saying “More information for the Full Sashiko Stitching Denim.” More information will be coming up soon.

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