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Stay home and Sashiko | Sashiko Online Class Special

As much as it is scary, frustrating, and sad to experience the pandemic of COVID-19, I support the Federal/State government decision to combat the virus via temporary closing some business. I understand that we live in a freedom of “opinions”. However, I believe, it is just best to stay at home and keep the appropriate social distance. Staying at home for 2 weeks or even more sounds quite scary. I would like to offer the special deal for the Sashiko Online Class special for you to utilize this time to learn & stitch Sashiko. I will do the same. I will stay home and Sashiko stitch, hopefully with my daughter.

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*This special offers (Stay Home & Sashiko Special with Store Credit) has ended at the end of June 2020 with accepting the state of PA moving its phase to “Green”, which is a process to reopen. Although we “may” be able to offer another special offer in the future, the detail and timeline is unknown and unexpected. It wasn’t easy to offer something like that big – and it was a contribution I thought I could do for the world under Covid-19. Your understanding is very much appreciated.

(Update on 7/19)

Stay Home & Sashiko Special

This Special Offer ended on June 30th. Thank you very much!!

I would like to offer $110.00 store credit for a new participant of Sashiko Online Class 2020. After your registration, I will send you the coupon of $110.00 that you can use on anything in our web store (*1). You will receive exactly the same materials, lectures, and follow-up from Atsushi to learn the core & basic of Sashiko. This time, I am offering the store credit so you may be able to get more thread, fabric, and other tools to continue your stitching for your time of stay home & Sashiko.

*1 – “anything” only applies to the US shipping address. The non-US shipping address can receive the same store credit of $110.00. However, please read the note below that some of the items are not eligible to use in coupon.

Register Sashiko Online Class

  • To the best use of coupon, I am planning to make a special “bag” to maximize your Sashiko experience including Sashiko thread and Japanese fabric. (Update: 3/20 – I did prepare the Special Bag here.) It is similar to the “Fukubukuro” I had prepared at the beginning of 2020. It is very rare to offer the similar deal… but, I guess it is an understandable offer in such a situation.
  • This offer ends when the shutdown/pandemic ends. The store credit will be effective for 365 days from the day you receive the coupon code.
  • Before the registration, please read the article of “Sashiko Online Class” to understand what you can expect from this class & how to proceed it.
  • Anyone in the world (where USPS or Japan Post makes a shipment) is eligible for this offer. However, if you live outside of the USA, the coupon will be used in the regular thread/supplies category. Some special dye Sashiko threads, new Sashiko thread (YOKOTA) & one-of-a-kind items will be outside of the coupon since they are only stocked in the USA.
  • This offer may be altered without any further notice. However, the credit will not be more than $110.00 (You are getting the most as of now).
  • I plan to offer the “Online Sashiko Gathering” via Zoom when my daughter’s school restart. This will be available to anyone who have taken Atsushi’s workshop, either Online or In-person.

Talk to oneself, instead of reacting in fear.

I learned that we feel fear mostly by “unknown”. When I experienced the earthquake in Japan, it was very scary and sad, but I feel the different kind of fear – unknown and unpredictable.

In these cases, we tend to “react”. React to the news. React to the numbers (of positive cases & ratios). React to frustration, and then reaction ends up panic.

Please do not get me wrong. It is natural to react. However, “reacting” to the news & opinions often exhaust us more than we can carry on. In those case, “shutting down the information for a period of time” could protect us from unnecessary reacting. In order to stop reacting, Sashiko and other hand-crafting is a great way to make our hands busy & empty our brain. It is a precious way to talk to friends, family and ourselves throughout the process of making, sewing, stitching, crafting and caring, instead of reacting in fear and frustration.

I hope to share the core of Sashiko & encourage anyone to enjoy Sashiko stitching as the ordinary Japanese had practiced.

I am looking forward to meeting you online.

Atsushi Futatsuya / Sashi.Co / Upcycle Stitches

8 thoughts to “Stay home and Sashiko | Sashiko Online Class Special”

  1. hello, I have never taken an online course before but I like your story and I would like to learn the beginning while at home so eventually I can take the follow-up course in NYC. I have been embroidering my whole life but never
    attempted the sashiko patterns other than the +. I don’t understand “Pingback” and would like to see a full sized photo of what we would be making. I believe it is some type of bag.
    Thanks for keeping me up to date.

    1. Dear Barbara,

      Thank you very much for your comment. Yes, you will be practicing the Sashiko on the fabric you can make a bag. However, this is a workshop/class to learn the stitching itself, and “what to make – result” is the secondary. Some people make a bag as I introduce. Others make table-runner or coasters. It is up to the participants to make “what”, and I will be teaching how to enjoy Sashiko.
      For what you can expect, please check the description of Online Sashiko Class as well as the In-person workshop in NYC ( I will also find time to upload the other’s achievement after the workshop.

      After offering the Sashiko workshop for 3 years, I learned that what I teach is quite new to the most stitchers. It would be great to take the Online Class. Now, I offer the special deal while many has to stay at home.

      I do not have the “Follow-up course in NYC” because I am confident that I can deliver the same experience over the Internet. You can take the advance class & I can follow-up there as well. You can of course take the In-person workshop for basic & core, but the contents will be exactly the same & you may be bored. It is quite simple, just different so a advise from the expert should be a good help.

      Thank you for your time to consider.
      I look forward to serving to you.

      Best Regards,

    1. Dear Sharifah,

      Thank you for your comment.
      There is no difference between the store credit and just buying what you may need online. In this Covid-19 pandemic, to encourage people to enjoy Sashiko, I offer the special “bonus” for those who takes the Online Sashiko Class (Deal ending on 6/30). There is a special bag of $110.00 for those who registered the Online Sashiko Class as well (This one is only for the workshop participants/graduates –

      However, there is no difference between the store credit and a customer purchasing what they want online.

      I hope it makes sense.

      Best Regards,

  2. Hello,
    Your work is beautiful and I would like to take your Sashiko online course, but I don’t quite understand your instructions. So, I have the following questions:
    (1.) What is the cost of the online class?
    (2.) Does this price include the kit with materials?
    (3.) Would you still give me the discount for the class?
    (4.) What is the duration of the class?
    (5.) In what format is the class? (virtual live classes, pre-recorded, etc.) ?
    (6.) My address is in the is a U.S.

    Thank you for your help. I will be anxiously waiting for your reply. Take care, Priscilla

    1. Hello Priscilla,

      Thank you for your comment here.
      I believe most of your questions are already answered in the registration page. Please read them carefully.

      Also, the Online Sashiko Workshop Terms & Condition will help you to understand what I offer.

      For the question (3), unfortunately, we do not offer the deal any longer.
      I may offer another deal in the future, but I have not decided.
      Please be advised that the deal is not a discount. It was for the store credit after the online class registration.

      I hope this reply will make my writing clear.
      Since English is not my first language, a reading mindfully would be very much appreciated.

      Best Regards,

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