Handmade Mask Pattern

Handmade Mask Pattern | From Sashiko Artisan

It is so unfortunate and sad that we have to go through the crisis of COVID-19. We can beat this. I am a big advocate of “mindfulness” and stop being “quick”, it is a case that I wanted to act as quick as I could. I received many comments & messages after introducing a handmade mask for my daughter. This is another element I did not realize what I can do can be someone’s help. Please download the Handmade Mask Pattern below. However, please read some of the notes before jumping into a project.

Handmade Mask Pattern (Quick)

I just hand-written the pattern & took a photo to make a downloadable PDF. The scanned document would be much better in precision, but I do not have a scanner… so, this is as accurate as it can get now. Please adjust the size & pattern as you need. This is not a project to make a “perfect mask”. It is a care of making something to cover our mouth & nose from touching so much.

Download Handmade Mask Pattern (Google Drive)

Video Update (3/21)

To explain the making process better, I had the live streaming. I will edit the video later, but it is already a useful information.

NOTE (Updated 3/19)

  • The size is for 5~7 years old. I wanted to make a big mask for my 5 years old daughter so she can cover the whole mouth and nose.
  • Please choose the fabric carefully. It has to be “breathable”.
  • You can download it free of charge. I will keep updating as much as I can. Please refer our website or Instagram account (Sashi.Co and/or Upcycle Stitches) when you share.
  • This is NOT a perfect pattern – so please no complaints. Revise & improvise as you wish.

How to make a handmade mask Instruction (Quick-version)

The instruction is even worse. lol. I do not have time to film my making process. I do not have quiet time to use photoshop & write down the instruction. So, I summarized the basic instruction in my 5-years old daughter’s crafting time this morning.

If you have a basic sewing skill, it is not difficult at all. A sewing machine will increase the speed, but I believe we can make it with hand-stitching. If you don’t have a basic sewing skill, it is a great time to learn one.

Again, this is very rough instruction. I will try to make one tutorial when I have more time, but until then, please try to improvise it. Enjoy the process, and enjoy even a mistake.

Download Handmade Mask instruction

Instruction (Typed Up) – Update 3/19

Instruction of Handmade Mask Pattern Above,

  1. Cut the fabric with the adjusted pattern. Layer 2 fabrics inside-out. You need to prepare 2 sets of this for front and back of the mask. Front one may need extra fabric to make a tube for elastic band (The shaded part on the pattern). Stitch the dot-line.
  2. Open the fabric & iron the center seam. It may be a good idea to cut a bit of piece of seam so it is easy to open up. Do both of front & back part.
  3. Layer the front & back of the mask Inside-out, then put some soft fabric to obtain the moisture from the mouth. I used a “gauze” cotton fabric (Sarashi). Stitch the dot line, then flip the mask.
  4. Stitch the sides to make tubes for the elastic bands.

*Inside Out means facing the front side of the fabric each other when stitching. In Japanese, it is called “中表”.

*Dot Line (- – – – – -) on the instruction is there you stitch.

I know it is not the best instruction or tutorial. I will keep updating, and one day my daughter get back to school, I will prepare the video for the future pandemic (I don’t know when, but I will prepare more).

Alright. I hope this will encourage people in the US/Europe to wear the mask. We cannot get a medical mask from the store. This mask is NOT for the medical solution at all (The mask will not filter the virus). However, it can give us a good time to stitch together with our children & encourage them to avoid touching their mouth and nose after touching “EVERYWHERE” & when it is difficult to keep the social distance.

Good luck & Enjoy (Sashiko) stitching & sewing 😀

2 thoughts to “Handmade Mask Pattern | From Sashiko Artisan”

  1. This is a very functional mask pattern.
    I hope that people take the time to make several good masks. COVID-19 will be with us for several months, and perhaps we will not have a vaccine for 1-2 years.
    If people make fashionable, comfortable masks, it is more likely they will be worn often, for the many months needed till we get a handle on the epidemic. So using sashiko or Wonder Woman fabric actually has a medical benefit!

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