Sashiko Workshop Location and Availability

In order to learn Sashiko stitching with our method, participating to our Sashiko workshop is the best idea. In 3 hours long workshop, the Sashiko instructor (usually Atsushi) will share his technique and experience. In Sashiko stitching workshop, the instructor will sit next to you and put the hand on your fingers to teach how to use the Sashiko thimble and needle.


Participant Satisfaction is important. We want you to enjoy Sashiko for a long time.

We have 100% satisfaction feedback so far for Sashiko stitching workshop. Our goal is not only teaching the Sashiko technique, but also sharing how enjoyable Sashiko is in your life. Therefore, satisfaction in the Sashiko workshop is very important for us.


Sashiko Workshop Availability

Sashiko Workshop


(1) Workshop in Central Pensylvania

The sashiko instructor (I, Atsushi), lives in Lewisburg, the central Pensylvania.

I am happy to offer the Sashiko workshops if you could make a trip to the city of Lewisburg. The workshop is 3 hours long. I am usually available on weekdays between 9 am to 4 pm. Also, I am available to travel to your place if the driving is in about one hour (or invite me overnight), with your responsibility of preparing the place for workshops and covering the travel expense. Since I do not have a specific day opened for workshops, please contact me for more information.

Here is a list of the details we need to confirm.

  • Participants of 3 are the minimum size of the workshop for the regular workshop price of $135.00 and up per participants (including all the workshop material). The maximum size is 6 participants. Please contact me if you would like to have a private workshop or have only 2 participants.
  • Travel expense is based on standard mileage calculation (0.54 USD per mile). If you invite me from Philadelphia, the cost for travel expense is about $150~$200, a round trip.
  • If you are an owner of a shop or a studio, thinking of hosting the Sashiko workshop, I am happy to share the term and condition to offer Sashiko workshop in your location.

(2)Workshop in New York, the Manhattan and Brooklyn Area

We have a workshop organizer in the Manhattan and Brooklyn Area. Please contact to Curious Corners if you are interested in Sashiko workshop.

Also, check their calendar for coming up workshops. I try to have workshops every 2 months or so.


(3)Online Sashiko Workshop

There are numbers of request to have online workshops. I understand that it is costly and troublesome to make a trip to NYC/Brooklyn and/or the central Pensylvania. My concern is whether I can provide the workshop with the same quality since participants satisfaction is very important for us.

However, I also understand the needs. If you are interested in taking our Sashiko Online Workshop, please leave the comments here, or simply contact me to tell me you are interested. When I have a good number of potential participants, I would like to develop the online workshop with the help from those potential participants.


Sashiko Workshop 2


Our goal is to share the Sashiko technique and experience. I sometimes say that I want to make Sashiko “open-sourced” information. I could use some money to continue doing it to support the both generation, older generation to appreciate the technique they have and the younger generation to inspire and teach them.

I could use some money to continue doing this; to encourage the both generation, older generation to appreciate the technique they have and the younger generation to inspire and teach them. I hope participants understand the price of our workshop, as well as the price we have the products and supplies. It is my biggest intention to pass Sashiko down to the next generation.


Enjoy Sashiko!

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    1. Hola!
      Although I do not speak Spanish, I am happy to share our class online. Keep checking this website.

      Gracias por tu comentario. Espero verte en mi clase Sashiko.

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