Sashiko Supplies in Japan

Shopping Sashiko Supplies in Japan

I occasionally receive a quesiton whether we have a place (store-front) offering our Sashiko Supplies in Japan from those who are traveling to Japan. This Blog Article explain how we can arrange a Shopping of our Sashiko Supplies in Japan.

We do not have a StoreFront & We do not do wholesale

As we do not have a storefront where anyone can access, it requires a bit of preparation when you would like to purchase some supplies from us. Unfortunately, due to a very limited production, we do not do wholesale business at this point. As a result, there are no craft stores carrying our Sashiko Thread, needles, thimble, and ever fabrics.

Arrange a Special Package for you

The realistic way to purchase our Sashiko Supplies in Japan would be by arranging a package from my mother so that you can receive the items while you are staying in Japan. If you are interested in this way, we are happy to offer up to 35% Off from the listing price of the items on our webstore.

Please contact Atsushi first to get this discount. The actual amount of the discount will be determined what you plan to order, where the package to be shipped, and when does it need to be delivered. Once I confirm the availability with Keiko, I will generate the One-Time Coupon for you so that you can get a package of our Sashiko Supplies in Japan.

For the items listed, please click the store above.

Please include the information below when you contact us. Without information, I may consider the inquiry as a spam, and you may not receive the reply. It is safe to write [I am interested in the order arrangement in Japan] or something like that when you send the Contact Form.

  • Your name & what you would like to purchase form the Webstore above.
  • The name of the Hotel or a shipping address of the house/room you are staying
  • Your preference when it to be delivered.

If you do not hear from me within 3 days or so, please contact me via SNS like Instagram.

Keiko’s House & Sashiko Supplies in Japan

Keiko Futatsuya lives in Takayama, Gifu Prefecture. She carries some of her threads & her pieces. If it is your strong preference to actually see the supply & purchase, visiting her house for the purchase is one option. However, to reduce a risk, we have some restriction to who can visit to Keiko’s house.

If you are a graduate of Atsushi’s Workshop (Core & Essence), you are always welcome to visit Keiko. Please simply email me with the email address you registered the workshop. I will follow-up with arrangement with Keiko.

If you are new to our Sashiko, please read the article below to arrange the appointment. Please be advised that the appointment is not guranteed as Keiko can be quite busy. It is safe to arrange the appointment at least a few month in advance. If the visit is within a few days, the appointment will not be available in many cases. To start the arrangment, please contact Atsushi after reading the article below very carefully.

Other Recommendation about Sashiko Supplies in Japan

I also receive a numbers of inquiry asking for my recommendation about Sashiko Supplies in Japan. My recommendation is what we sell, and unfortunately, there are no storefront where you can get. There are many kinds of good Sashiko Supplies in Japan, and they are available in many stories – yet they are’t my recommendation.

I understand that it is a bit troublesome process to get the Sashiko Supplies. Once we regain the structure of supply production, we may be able to restart the wholesale business. In that case, a visitor to Japan can enjoy the Sashiko Suppiles that we recommend fully.

Our Sashiko Store is located in the United States, and we make a shipment to many countries internationally. If you are interested, please check what we have… and more importantly, “Why” we keep offering these specific threads, needle, thimble and fabric.

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