Sashiko Dialogues

Sashiko Dialogues with Ty & Atsushi

Last year, I started a new challenge named “Sashiko Dialogue” with a big help from Ty (@tyxdiaz). The goal of the Sashiko Dialogues is to “deliver” the message. As the trend of Sashiko is so fast, as many are misled to “someone’s definition of Sashiko” so easily, I realize that “Sharing Stories” itself won’t be enough. It is sad that some do not care for the stories from origin when they use their “foreign word/culture”, yet it is probably what it is in today’s society. To preserve the culture, the one in the original culture has to do the labor to deliver the message.

It is my privilege that I have so many friends from my workshop. They were (were) my students once, but now I sincerely appreciate the friendship we have. Ty is one of the young friends I have – and I occasionally & casually asked his opinion while we stitching. A series of small talks encouraged us to start the series of “Sashiko Dialogue”.

I am well aware that what I am sharing is very difficult to “comfortably understand”. It is natural as I am sharing something outside of “Western’s Value”. As one left a comment here, “To understand your story, I have to realize that I won’t be understanding it by just reading it once or twice. I need to think & re-think while knowing I may not understand it at all.” Sashiko Dialogue is one example of the process of “Think & Re-Think” to understand what I share here (for you), and to see how I can deliver the message (for me).

All work credit goes to Ty. Without his help, I wouldn’t be doing this. As we were a bit busy in the beginning of 2024, I thought we may need to pause it for a while. Well, I was wrong. We will restart this Dialogue, and I am happy to share this dialogue with good confidence.



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