May 17, 2021 at 01:06PM

Believe it or not, I had been trying to be someone else. For example, I once tried to be an “IT programmer” for the job-security. I have a few friends who are very successful in the IT field. They advised me: “Do you like it? You may be competing with those who enjoy programming more than anything”. Well, I like working on a PC, but not programming itself. The one who keeps practicing what they like will reach to somewhere.

If I do not have to worry about anything myself, I can stitch 24/7. Many may find it so boring to just stitch for 24 hours, but I enjoy it. Since I said it outloud, I did 24-hours live streaming to prove that one can stitch for 24 hours without any pain when they have proper position. I have probably done more than 1 million stitches. Some of our artisans may reach 100 million stitches. At this point, numbers aren’t so important. However, numbers only bring one to the state of understanding then. I am not saying one has to be the master to enjoy Sashiko. I am saying “quick answer” will not bring them the essence much, especially in hand-crafting. I want you to taste the homemade pizza on your tongue, instead of watching it on TV and feeling you have tasted it. 



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May 16, 2021 at 04:38PM

I try to be as “difficult” as possible on social media to share the boundaries. I enjoy “Casual Friendliness”, but a DM saying “Hey, I like your work. Tell me how I can do it” is outside of my comfortable boundaries. However, in-person, it is not my intention to be difficult. As a base-line,  I would like to know who I am talking to. (Since I have a very specific preference, some may find me difficult… but that’s another story).

I started an Online Sashiko Class for those who couldn’t meet me in person. In Covid-19, I invested a lot to make it better & easier to learn. I offer online classes because it is challenging to meet them in person. On this visit to FL, one of my Online Sashiko Class students made a visit to me, and we could finally meet in person. It was delightful. She knows me well through what I have shared. I know her well through her Sashiko. I didn’t feel it was the first time to meet at all. This is one of my goals – “pass down the Sashiko”. It doesn’t have to be my family to pass down. It is my friends who understand my messages – that Sashiko is more than a trend & stitching. It is just a delightful pleasure to meet new friends.



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May 15, 2021 at 04:22PM

The feedback, “It is fortunate to take your class”, is the best reward I can get in the workshop. I teach stitching, but I ask not to stitch. I teach how to speed up their stitching, but I ask them to slow down. One result of Sashiko is being mindful, but I ask “not” to be mindful (I am neither asking them to be uncareful). It may sound like a Zen Dialogue, but it is in fact very practical teaching. Once we practice it, this nonsense dialogue starts having the meaning. I find it interesting & it is an honor to be able to share that.

The first day, the first hour, when they see my demonstration, the reaction is “What the…” and I see their worrisome & confused faces. The 3rd day, I could see their faces with, “yes, I can do it now”. In the Online Class I offer, the moment happens in Live Session (where I meet). The Sashiko I share may be a bit different from others. However, since it is all comprehensive in my life, all of the steps have “meaning” and “stories”. If you want to have even stitches, try not to make even stitches. Please learn from us if you would like to know what it means & how you get there. I really appreciate the new Sashik friends who came over to FL to learn from me. See you soon!


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May 14, 2021 at 10:03PM

It is pretty funny to understand what kind of person I am. As much as I teach “NOT TO BE” perfectionist in Sashiko, I am the perfectionist. Everything I do as “work (professional work with payment)” has to be well-prepared & organized. I knew it from previous workshops… but I cannot eat during the workshop – to be fully alert & paying attention to even a small facial expression change.

Sashiko is very easy – however, it isn’t simple. Everyone has a different learning curve in the theme of “No Right and Wrong”. This 3 days workshop added great experience to my profession – like the jacket with extra Indigo thread in between. I hope to come back to FL again!



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May 13, 2021 at 09:20PM

I am in FL for 3-days long Sashiko workshop – and it is my first time to offer the 3-days long. Once I thought 3 days may be too long to “fulfill”. However, after completing the 2nd day, I realize I have enough messages to share for 3 days. I have lost a lot in Covid-19, but the year of writing every single day gave me time & challenge to verbalize what I would like to share. Everything is the same. I would need only 6 hours to teach the essence & core of Sashiko – however, in order to “talk through everything on top of technique”, I really appreciate this opportunity (I am pretty much repeating everything I share on SNS & Youtube, but it is good to feel the real-time feedback & laugh).

A matter has a different look by changing the angle or the side in how to look. Sashiko can be an Art, but not-Art at the same time. In order to stitch fast, one has to slow down first. It sounds philosophical, but in reality, it is very practical & I am here to share. I will try to enrich the Online Class Contents more for this summer. I have a lot to share. I can say with confidence more. Please learn Sashiko from us.



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May 12, 2021 at 08:05PM

If I were to have 3 days to share Sashiko – and how to apply Sashiko to their project, I thought I would have more time to take photos in the workshop. The answer is, nah… I realize I don’t have any photos from the workshop after the workshop. I will take some photos tomorrow with someone who may volunteer to be in the photo, but here is the Jacket I brought to the ocean – with sharing some photos of the beach in FL.


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May 11, 2021 at 07:12PM

Again… I couldn’t take photos of the beautiful studio that I will be offering the workshop. I get too serious when it comes to “before” the workshop. Well, since this is my first-time 3 days long workshop, I will have a bit more free time to take photos around (I usually offer a 1-day 6~8 hours workshop). I hope I can take more photos of this beautiful Hitomezashi Jacket as well. It is Indigo, imagining the blue ocean, and the studio is “Dyeing Studio” with lots of Indigo.



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May 10, 2021 at 01:44PM

When we get a new cloth (garment), it is the start of a relationship between us and the cloth. Well… it should, right? Generally speaking, the purpose of getting the jacket is to wear, not to purchase. However, in this materialistic society, we occasionally “end” the relationship by just purchasing it. I like the Jacket, purchased it (the most exciting moment), and then put it in somewhere and forget. I have done that – and therefore, I decided to not to purchase any garment in 2017. 

In fast & seasonal fashion trends, excitement (adrenaline) from purchasing items are inevitable. I don’t think it is a bad thing on some levels. Shopping is fun (which I don’t remember when was the last time – but I remember I was almost “addicted”). However, well therefore, I share Sashiko as a way to share mindfulness & appreciation. The time you get the jacket is the time you start a journey with the fabric – Good Cotton fabric with this much stitching with appropriate thread will last long – and I hope you learn how to “repair” it when it is needed. The thread – Indigo will fade – Kakishibu Gold will change color by sunlight. This is one of the essence of Sashiko – stories within the fabric. What kind of stories do you have in your Jacket?

昔の日本の農民(平民)は、1着の野良着を世代を超えて着続けたそうです。夏は日除けの役割として。 冬は防寒具として。季節ごとに流行が変わる現代の「衣文化」では想像が付かない程の時間と想い(念)が、当時の布には宿っていたんだと思うのです。感謝とか愛とかっていう美しい念だけではありません。きっと喜怒哀楽のすべてを布は受け止めて、だからこそ、現代に残る襤褸という布には、「畏れ」を抱くのだと思うのです。


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May 09, 2021 at 01:32PM

In 2014, I immigrated to the US where my wife had her profession. Then, we learned that we received a daughter. Then, Keiko asked me if I could help her to “restart” everything she had loved. In 2015, when I met my daughter for the first time, I made my life to live for these 3 generations of women. I am happy & proud of that. (I used to think “A man provides for the family”, and I kind of still think like that deep in the consciousness, but I am mindful to change it). 

Happy Mother’s day to Keiko – a genius artist (and “sometimes” a nightmare as a mother – I mean… you know what I mean to have a genius artist as a mother). She casually applies Sashiko to her life, and I sincerely believe that she is the future of Sashiko. It is my privilege & pleasure to support her so that she can keep making & stitching – and I am learning a lot from not only what she is capable of, but also who she is. And, Happy Mother’s day to my wife who is barely in the photo – a mother of this beautiful child & a model of many photos I take. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!



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May 08, 2021 at 01:10PM

We work on multiple projects simultaneously. It isn’t so healthy (for us) to just focus on one fabric/jacket in communication. It is always a balance. Even if you are in love with someone, in order to have a long-term relationship, sometimes “a space” would be important. We work on several (sometimes more than 10 projects) to keep the balance in communicating to the fabric (Please DO NOT read as I am advocating bigamy or cheating – just an analogy!). 

There isn’t such a specific “Completion” in Sashiko. You can add more stitches at any point. However, it is so important to have the “goal” to complete. For Keiko & me, it is a workshop/exhibition where we can share what we are working on. In this workshop in FL, 2 jackets will make their debut. One is from the previous photos. One is a “Blue (Sky) Hitomezashi” Jacket. Keiko started this when I told her the possibility of having the workshop near the ocean. Our Sashiko is on-going. We will keep surprising the world (The whole jacket photos will be posted sometimes soon).



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