October 16, 2021 at 10:04AM

In 2+ years of sharing Sashiko stories, I learned the importance of “delivering the message”, which is repeating the same phrase over and over to “deliver” it. There are many methods to deliver the message. Ex). A big advertisement budget and customizing the messages toward “comfortableness (easy to listen)”. I do not plan to do either. No Paid Advertisement. I will be honest rather than “comfortable”. If I need to twist my message, then there is no meaning to what I do. Therefore I haven’t had any investors in my business. Therefore, I haven’t met a publisher who is happy to publish what I want to share. Therefore, your words to your family & friends are the best support I can think of. The more people listen to the actual voice, open up their mind, acknowledge the filtered comfort, the more I can support Sashiko both in JP/EN and many other languages. I may meet a publisher and patrons who carefully understand what I am doing. Please share my voice on Here, Youtube, and Sashiko Class (Feel free to translate to your language). Your caring voice will be the future of Sashiko.

Some say I am causing conflict in Sashiko. Well, all I am saying is “The Sashiko available in English is insufficient (not wrong)”. I do not want to make an enemy, or attack anyone specifically. I am just saying, the Sashiko without learning the Japanese (culture & language) can be NOT enough. If they think my voice is creating conflict & confusion, then it is their personal issue that my voice is inconvenient to them. I want “everyone” to enjoy Sashiko regardless of who they are: therefore, I need your help to spread the words. The Sashiko you can read/watch in English is NOT wrong but limited (filtered/insufficient). I am here to share the story & deliver the message.



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