October 15, 2021 at 07:56AM

My mother, Keiko, and I lost everything 8 years ago. With arranging what we had, and what we wanted to have, we started our Sashiko from Zero: We had nothing but ourselves. Keiko decided to live with Sashiko again, and I am determined to support her no matter what.

“What is Sashiko (for Keiko)?” → A way of living. “Does Keiko like Sashiko” → It isn’t a matter of like or not. I do not have a specific teacher in Sashiko. All of the artisans I grew up with are the teachers. However, Keiko, as the one who was always here with Sashiko, is the fundamental of our story. 

We shouted out in gratitude when a customer purchased a skein of thread when we restarted our Sashiko. The feeling hasn’t changed at all. We appreciate everyone who supports us in various ways. Therefore, we order packages with our own hands, wishing to meet them & share Sashiko with them, one day, together. This is a series of Sashiko Stories of a mother & son, who happened to live with Sashiko as their fate. 




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