October 13, 2021 at 08:56PM

Since May 2019, I have been sharing many Sashiko Stories on this account. Since my goal was sharing, not so much “delivering the message”, I tried to write a new story everyday. I tried one story per day for a long time. 

I will keep sharing the stories. I won’t change my life. At the same time, I am realizing the importance/significance of “Delivering the Message”: Unfortunately, it is too late for me to just “share” the stories. There is so much “filtered information”, which causes several critical misunderstandings, and I need to re-repaint the “common sense” in today’s Sashiko. Otherwise, we may not be able to “raise” Sashiko artisans who can stitch this type of Sashiko Jackets & Pants. I do my best to pass them down in my class, yet the speed of trend is much faster & stronger than one individual can do. 

If you are new to this account, please enjoy each Sashiko Story here. Each day, I have something new for you to read, and then make you think. If you are a long time follower, could you please share the post which you remember the most? Or the Sashiko Story I wrote that most influenced you? It would be great if you remember which post (specific date), but the contents of the posts are good as well. Or even, just memories will help me to go through the ideas. I will try to repeat the stories in different way to describe the Sashiko Story. Thank you for your time, in advance.



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