Sashiko Class Arrangement

Sashiko Class Arrangement under Covid-19 pandemic

I has been so long since we had to jump into the new normal of Covid-19. With our “new normal”, I am now accepting the request to arrange the Sashiko Class toward the end of 2021 and throughout the year of 2022. My schedule for an In-person Workshop opportunity is quite packed until the summer of 2022. However, it is possible to arrange a day or so to arrange the nearby in-person workshop and virtual Sashiko Class. Since I starts receiving several requests, here is a summary of what I can do for Sashiko Class Arrangement.

In-Person Sashiko Class Arrangement

The possibility of arranging the In-person workshop in long distance from the state of Pennsylvania is, unfortunately, limited. My schedule is occupied until the summer of 2022, including two Sashiko In-Person Workshop in Aya Fiber Studio (FL) and QuiltCon 2022 (AZ). If you are neaby FL and AZ, please contact them if there is any availablity. If you are an organizer for the possible In-person Sashiko Class, please contact me after reading the Fee Estimate Structure Article.

I limitedly offer the In-person Sashiko Class Arrangement for those who live in nearby/within Pennsylvania (Zip Code 17837). If you woud like to have me for the In-person workshop, please consider having me for the Private Workshop. You may gather your friends and split (divide) the cost to make it happen. I am happy to consider traveling about 200 miles radious from 17837 Zip code. Alternatively, you can plan a visit to the town of Lewisburg to take the private Sashiko Class. For the Sashiko Class Arrangement in Lewisburg, please consider staying in a hotel or Airbnb so that I can offer the Sashiko Class at where you stay. I used to offer the Sashiko workshop in my small house as a classroom. However, under Covid-19 with 6 years old daughter, it is more comfortable for everyone to have your own space to have the Sashiko Class.

If you are interested in a Private & In-Person Sashiko Class Arrangement in Lewisburg and surrounding area, please check the In-Person Workshop Registration page.

*Additional Transportation Fee may apply if I need to travel more than 15 miles from Lewisburg, PA.

Scroll Down to the Links to In-Person Workshop Availability.

Online & Virtual Sashiko Class Arrangement

I can offer a group Online/Virtual Sashiko Class on Zoom if you are an organizer of the textile organization, schools, and other Sashiko interested groups. I will adjust the contents & pricing based on your needs. For the estimate & benchmark, please read below with possible 2 options.

  1. Online Sashiko Class with Recorded Videos & Specialized Follow-up.
  2. Virtual Sashiko Online Workshop.

Online Sashiko Class with Recorded Videos

with recorded videos & follow-up lecture & semi-private session

I have developed an Online Sashiko Class to offer Sashiko in this Pandemic. I have been receiving a lot of good feedback.

If you are an individual, please consider taking the Online Sashiko Class above. I receive many positive reviews, and I am sure you will find it eye-opening. I will support you until you can enjoy Sashiko running Stitch. Archives of Sashiko Webinars are also available (complementary to the Online Sashiko Class).

If you are an organizer in a group, I am happy to consider the special Sashiko Class Arrangement.

In this offer, I send you a link & password for the 3 sections of the Online Sashiko Class (3 Recorded Videos). Your students/participants will work on their own first with watching the recorded materials. After completing the 3 sections & practicing the Sashiko Stitching, I will arrange the Online Webinar about Sashiko’s history and philosophy (1~3 hours: it depends on your request & I will customize it as you wish). 

Then, I will set up several Follow-Up Live sessions (1~2 hours each) so that I can meet each student in a smaller group setting (like 4~6 students). The purpose of this live session is to confirm their learning & practice. It is not a form of lecture or workshop.

To be honest, this is the best way of Sashiko Class Arrangement even for a large group of people since each individual needs unique hours of time to practice the core & essence of Sashiko. Some people get it easily within a few hours (but it will take at least a few hours or so). Some need more hours and struggle to get it comfortable. At this point, I have met no one who had claimed “Oh, I knew what you taught today”, so everyone needs to go through some practice & challenges.

When I offer In-person workshop, I can physically help them to get it comfortable. However, in a virtual setting with many participants, allowing them to have extra time at their own pace would be be more beneficial.

The cost for Online Sashiko Class is the same for the organization Sashiko Class Arrangement as well: $330.00 per student including the supply package. The semi-private session & follow-up lecture are complementary when you choose with this option. The discount for the group may be available based on the numbers of students you have & if you allow me to connect to the students directly to send a follow-up email with recommendation for Sashiko supplies and tools.

*If you are organizing it for academic purpose (like collage students), please contact me for possible discount. Passing down Sashiko is my personal mission, and sharing with students can be my life-time work.

Please Contact Atsushi from Contact Form for the specific arrangement.

Virtual Live Sashiko Class

If you prefer Live-Style Sashiko Class, I can offer a set of 2 Sashiko Workshops on Zoom. In the First session, I will talk about the history of Sashiko & what Sashiko is for us. Then, I move to a class teaching the core & essence of Sashiko (Unshin). The esimate duration for the 1st session is 3~4 hours, but it depends on the numbers of students in the Live Class.

In between the 1st and 2nd section, I would ask a day to a week of time so that the students can practice the core & essence of Sashiko Class while watching the recording of 1st section. For this purpose, I will NOT offer the set of 2 Sashiko Sessions within the same day (The 2nd Session has to be later than the next day of the the 1st session).

The 2nd session is about “how to apply the core & essence of Sashiko” to actual Sashiko practice. The esimate duration for the 2nd session is about 3 hours to 5 hours, which is also depend on the numbers of students & the request for the contents.

I will prepare the materials package, and every participants are required to purchase it (or an organization can purchase the package for them). Without the package, I cannot operate the efficient Sashiko Class.

In this option, there will be no additional Webinar or follow-up Session (the recordings of the set of 2 workshops will be available after the virtual class for a month). The semi-private follow-up Session may be available with extra fees, if the participant would like to have a personal attention.

The cost for this Virtual Live Sashiko Class is below, following the Fee Estimate Article.(

Instructor Fee: $900.00 (estimating 3 hours per section, 6 hours total / $150.00 per hour).

Materials Fee: $70.00 per student. US Domestic Shipping is included. Extra Fee will apply for the International Shipping.

As an estimate, if your organization has 10 participants & Virtual Lecture is 6 hours length of 2 sessions, the total fee will be $1,650.00 USD ($900.00 Lecture Fee + $700.00 materials fee + single set up fee).

*Single Set up fee applies only for the first time. If you decide to offer it repeatedly, this fee will be waived.

*If you allow me to send emails to individual participants to recommend Sashiko supplies & tools to purchase after that workshop, I am happy to consider some discount (up to $120.00 per hour). 

*If you are organizing it for academic purpose (like collage students), I am happy to waive the set-up fee of $50.

I will do my best to make it happen.

Before the pandemic, I used to travel to NYC every few weeks to offer the workshops. I enjoyed meeting the passionate Sashiko students as much as they were happy to take the in-person class. Also, it was a big help for us to keep on going in our Sashiko journey. Making Sashiko pieces is what we do. However, teaching will help us significantly financially to stablize what we do.

With adjusting the new normal, after offering so many Online Sashiko Class & Virtual Sashiko Workshops, I am confident that I can offer the great experience to those who are interested in Sashiko. It isn’t only my subjective confidence without reasoning: it is based on the reviews & feedbacks I have received.

I will do my best to make it happen with your Sashiko Class Arrangement needs. It will help us to keep sharing the Sashiko we have been practicing as well. Thank you for your interest.

*If you would like to support us keep sharing the Sashiko Story, please consider the Patreon to support artisans & story-telling of Sashiko Story.

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