October 20, 2021 at 11:35AM

“Are you saying that we have to understand where ‘Sashiko’ and ‘Boro’ came from & What they are before we claim we are doing Sashiko & Boro?”. One frequent question I receive. I have shared answers already on Youtube, but it is important to deliver.

My honest reaction is “Why are you even asking this?”. Sashiko is a Japanese Term, right? However, I am NOT saying that they must “Master” or “be fluent” in Japanese or Japanese culture, or Sashiko/Boro to claim what they do Sashiko and Boro. All I am asking is “willingness” to learn about Sashiko & Boro when they realize that there are Japanese voices behind these words. Without proper willingness to learn more, using the foreign words can be categorized into Cultural Appropriation.

I hope you agree that  “I don’t care what Sashiko & Boro are or where they are from, but I am using it just because (they bring me money, followers and attention.)” is a violent statement in terms of Preserving the Culture. It is NOT anyone’s fault that they didn’t know it. There aren’t (weren’t) many resources. However, after they come across the voices, then ignoring (indifference) it for their convenience causes significant pain. Sashiko & Boro are the Japanese words: They are not the marketing terms for someone’s business. 



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