October 10, 2021 at 09:09AM

When I talk about “Sustainability (& our thread)”, there is a disagreement saying “It is about you. I do not have to spend any dime by using the thread I purchased a long time ago”. Yes, this statement is true. If one has a pile of thread, I wouldn’t want them to throw threads away. I want them to use it for other purposes like mending. If they decide to use it for Sashiko, then I want them to understand the difference in threads, and explain it when they call it Sashiko. If they insist on using the word Sashiko shouting the importance of sustainability, then I want them to think about Cultural Sustainability as well. Is it too much to ask?

I am one of the few who write/speak in both JP/EN language & being with Sashiko for more than decades. Most of the information you can find is edited/translated either by non-Japanese or Japanese who started Sashiko recently. Their explanations are NOT wrong, but not “a whole”. I dare not say my Sashiko is the whole, but I have so many stories. Therefore I can write 1K of stories here on SNS and 130+ long articles on Patreon. Sashiko is more than what is explained in English. If your situation allows, please consider supporting my stories & our Sashiko on Patreon. You can make a significant difference by as low as $5.00 per month. I will answer most of your questions there, too. Your support goes directly to our days & Sashiko. I am not interested in luxury items… if you find me wearing a Richard Mille watch, I will refund all of the money I receive. Ever since I accepted my fate in Sashiko, I decided to use all of the surplus to Sashiko & related fields. Your choice (support & purchase) directly helps the Sashiko I have been with since I was born.

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