October 17, 2021 at 02:50PM

We live in a world of “Choices”. The personal choice is more precious & respected than anything. I agree with that. I am grateful to have a choice to “choose”. It is a great achievement of our ancestors who worked so hard to make choices available for us. Therefore, we shouldn’t ignore their effort while they didn’t have their “choices”.

I really appreciate your choice of listening to my voice & liking them. At the same time, I understand their choice of not liking what I share. I am nowhere to convince them. It is arrogant if I were to think that I can change them in this “choice” society. Therefore, no matter how many hateful messages I receive, I will keep sharing the stories. My goal is NOT to be liked: It is to share the story so that the other groups of people can “choose” what they want to have in their future. (Of course, I want to be liked, but that’s another story). 

Don’t be so worried about someone’s choice. They are just unhappy (or faking that they are happy). One of the best things about Sashiko is that you can find your “own” definition of what you do (who you are). You can “feel” happiness instead of fighting to win over. We worry when we know the cause. When we know the cause, we can help each other. When we fear, we don’t know the exact cause. Therefore, I share stories to ease the fear. Happiness is behind the worry. The more you worry, the more caring you are: I keep sharing “Don’t worry too much”, right? I share Sashiko’s story in fear of those who do not worry about anything, and your voice will help me to understand what is behind the fear. 


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