October 18, 2021 at 08:54PM

Sashiko (and Boro) became a trendy word in unfortunate lack of resources, and more scary, in ignorance & indifference. My heart aches when I see a person damaging the fabric with a file or sandpaper, and they call it Sashiko/Boro without proper understanding/explanation. The Japanese felt the opposite, I believe. They stitched to avoid those “damages”. When one ignores the fact & voices from origin, then, it becomes the issue of Cultural Appropriation, I understand.

I am NOT, however, limiting anyone’s creativity. If they want to “distress” their denim, and say it “inspired by Sashiko (Boro)”, I am fine as long as one condition is agreed: The willingness to introduce the stories on the other side. When one explains (shares) as many stories as possible to respect the culture, the outcome (here distressed garment itself) will not cause the pain. When one expresses their willingness to learn, I am here to share. Only thing I despise is the “ignorant” and “indifference” as if I am over-reacting.  

If anyone wants to be creative with distressed denim, I respect it. That’s an important evolution in “Fashion”. It is perfectly fine to say “inspired by Sashiko”, but I want them to specify what they are inspired by. If that doesn’t include the stories: if they are just inspired by how it looks, then I need to keep speaking up loudly (More than 99% cases, they just don’t know and they are willing to learn. Unfortunately, 1% of the people block what I share). The word “inspired” cannot be the excuse for ignorance, yet anything can be inspired by Sashiko.


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