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Visiting Sashiko Japan 2023

10 years ago. Everything of my current Sashiko Journey started in 2013. My life was full of Sashiko even before 2013. However, the dedication, commitment, and passion I had were released at the end of the year. Ever since, I have not been back to Japan. There are several reasons that I have not done yet so… but in today’s society, it is kind of insane to not to go back to one’s own country for that long time. I am a bit scared… yet, I have a strong purpose in this visit. It is to share the “Sashiko Stories” of others from my own views. I will be visiting Japan from April 11th to 25th. This is a project of “Visiting Sashiko Japan 2023” – and I sincerely appreciate your support on this Journey. (As a return, I would like to offer the dedicated webpage for the “Visiting Sashiko Japan 2023”).

The Purpose of “Visiting Sashiko Japan 2023”

The main purpose of this Japan visit in 2023 is to fulfill the promise I made in 2020 – that I will take my Sashiko friends to Japan. There are many who trusted, supported, and encouraged me in the very difficult time in the Pandemic by waiting me to re-arrange the tour. So, I will take my Sashiko Friends to Japan, to enjoy the Sashiko I have been sharing to.

This main purpose is going to be fulfilled as I have already booked most of the things & planned a quite detailed itinerary. With paying attention to our health & safety, I consider it to be almost satisifed… now, I have another purpose crossing my mind. This is probably not a “Purpose” when I put it into the words. This can be more like my “wishes”, or even my “mission (responsibility)”. While visiting Sashiko Japan 2023, I would like to share “Someone’s Sashiko Story”. Almost every day, I share my own Sashiko Stories on SNS (such as Instagram). It is my own personal stories – yet there are probably millions of Japanese who have been (or have done) practicing Sashiko. I would like to, and I feel responsible, to share the stories of those Sashiko Artisans especially with decades (like 50+ years) of experience in Sashiko. Thanks to many support from Japanese friends, we are planning to see several Sashiko Artisans who aren’t well known, yet very experienced, in Japan. I will share some of the stories on the SNS. However, the SNS is a platform to share my own Sashiko Stories. Therefore, I prepare the dedicated webpage for this story. I really appreciate your support to sustain this by joining the Givebutter Funds Page Above.

*If you are already a supporter on Patreon, you will find a link on the Patreon Page at the beginning of April 2023.

*I prepared a dedicated postcard as a memento for your generous support. Please check the detail above.

Why can we find more “Sashiko Stories” in English?

I wrote my honest consideration about “Sashiko Stories”. Why is it so difficult to find someone who share their own Sashiko Stories in English? (If you know anyone sharing their Sashiko Stories – not the techhnique of “How to”, but more like their Stories to illustrate what Sashiko is for them).

One of the biggest barrier is language. The second possible obstacle is the Japanese Cultural “Expectation”. I will be overcoming both by being a “Japanese Sashiko Artisan” who actually stitch, instead of purchasing for trade, critiquing their culture, and researching for the history. I am 100% sure that there are millions of stories that I can listen to as an actual practitioner.

The purpose of Visiting Sashiko Japan 2023 has developed from just taking my friends to Japan, to share the Sashiko we love to everyone, including you.

I want “You” to be part of this experience

For 2023, I can only take a very few Sashiko friends with me. It isn’t a commertialized tour, a simple friend trip to Japan. Therefore, although I have a list of Google Form Submition received, I feel bad that I cannot offer anything to them. As I always say it here and there, “Inclusion” is always my intention. Even the discussion of Cultural Appropriation is for the purpose of inclusion.

I have been thinking what I can do for those who wish to be in Japan, yet not being able to for many reasons. The answer is the dedicated website (a series of blog with photos & videos) for those who are interested & have been supporting our activities.

I won’t be able to take everyone with me, but I want them to be a part of this experience. I will share as many Sashiko Stories, including mine but more importantly “Other’s Sashiko Stories”.

I hope to see you there on the Dedicated Website (the detail is on the GiveButter platform above).

*If you would like to be on the Waitling List for the Future [Visiting Sashiko Japan], please fill out the Google Form below. Thank you!

To Learn our Sashiko More

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