Sashiko Story 3/26

Japanese Sashiko Story March 27, 2023

I sometimes say that it is “too late” to pass down “Sashiko”. Many encourage me saying “nothing is too late”, yet some agree with me that the Sashiko in English has become something different. It is true that nothing is “too late” to start. However, there are reasons for my pessimistic expression: Why is it so difficult to find someone who shares stories about Sashiko rather than just teaching “How To”? As Sashiko is a cultural practice, there should be millions of stories out there, right?

The language barrier kicks in here. Decades (or +50) of experience & English Proficiency do not come together often. Also, a Japanese character of “Shame” may influence why their “personal” stories are not out there. I understand that the Stories often are contained within a family. So, what I am doing is insane, or even embarrassing for some Japanese. Yet, therefore, I say, it may be too late to fully understand what Sashiko is as those family members who received Stories are getting old.

Well. “Too Late” isn’t a reason for me to quit. No matter how devastated I become, I won’t stop stitching & sharing stories as I receive much support. The more I receive, the more I realize the importance of my role. It is just “Sashiko” as ordinary. But, because it’s ordinary, it is so precious to preserve. The visit to Japan is this. I am so fortunate to greet a number of Sashiko practitioners in Japan. I sincerely appreciate your Support (Donation) on GiveButter, and I will make sure to use it as effectively as possible – to share the Stories we, as Japanese Sashiko Artisans, will carry. (Detail Story will be available in a dedicated webpage).




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