Japanese Sashiko Story March 27, 2023

Japanese Sashiko Story March 26, 2023

When we share something “Cultural”, it is important to pay attention to the “Connection” to each dot. Here, a dot is a piece of information (or a simplified “answer” or “definition”). As we look for fast & instantaneous answers, we often get satisfied with the dots themselves. We search for the answer online, and we stop looking into the topic when we find “one” dot. It is okay when we just “enjoy” someone’s culture, I guess. However, when they “teach” or “share” about the culture, ignorance/indifference to the connection can destroy the culture. I believe the core of the Cultural Appropriation Issue is “missing connection” – mostly unintentionally, and worse case, “intentionally”.

I say “Sashiko Thread Matters”. I appreciate many agreeing with me after they use it. I often get ignorant comments saying [thread doesn’t matter as Sashiko is mending]. Yes, mending is an important part of Sashiko, yet when we focus on the “connection” between dots, one cannot say “thread doesn’t matter” as Sashiko was developed on the “wishes” of people with no choices for them to avoid mending as much as they could. Instead of us embracing the mending with an abundance of choices, Sashiko started its practice to “hide/avoid” the mending itself. Therefore, thread matters. The thread we use is an outcome of the wishes.

A.I. can give us millions of “dots” when we ask. We fear that humans may lose our own significance. I believe this “connecting dots” is the way to co-exists in the wealth of culture & life-quality. Sashiko is the opposite of A.I., so I don’t want “Sashiko Teachers” to be like an A.I. which only provides the dots. Sashiko is more: Connection, Ability to read between lines (read what is NOT said/written)… Sashiko can represent some of the “superpower” we have – so, please don’t give up on that.


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