April 04, 2023 at 06:25AM

Sashiko is “more” than just making “perfect (accurate/even) stitches”. Therefore, we do not embrace the imperfection to begin with as it exists outside of dualism. The workshop/class I offer is an opportunity to share what “more” is like by going through the technique, then stories to explain the techniques. 6 years ago, I started the workshop in self-doubt if I were to have something to offer. Now, I enjoy being a graduate, but certain changes in their eyes. A new student who also doubts my words that “everyone can do this” will become my friend who thinks it is not that difficult. I am proud of myself working hard to develop this, appreciative to those who have me as a teacher/lecturer, and sincerely thankful for those who invest their time & money to learn “it” from me.

Sashiko & related stories are non-significant to me. They are just my ordinary. However, the “ordinary” is very different from the ordinary you may have. Unfortunately, the Sashiko introduced in English are filtered & adjusted to fit your “ordinary”. One needs to realize & go through something “uncomfortable” to learn something new, especially when they think they are learning something foreign. It can be a painful path to learn – yet, it is my job to make it enjoyable. I will go through the uncomfortable & difficult times together. I am strict, but not suppressive. I am stubborn, but there are reasons for that.

As I trust teachers who do the practice (here Sashiko), I prioritize stitching over teaching. The opportunities aren’t everywhere… but if you find one available, please consider taking it. It is NOT the workshop where I go over things saying “let’s do Sashiko together” – I believe I am offering something more than just “fun time” to share what is “more” in Sashiko.


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