April 04, 2023 at 09:04PM

“How can I reach the summit? I want to see the view from the top of the mountain you introduce”. Well. I can show some photos or videos of the view from the summit. One can probably use a helicopter to get to the summit without climbing. Even when they decide to climb the mountain on their own foot, there are millions of mountains and millions of ways to climb the mountains. For the mountain climber, the view from the summit is one of the joys – but not whole joy. Do they only enjoy the view from the summit? I believe they enjoy the process of being on the top of the mountain.

I feel similar when someone asks me for quick answers. Yes, I can tell them what it looks like. Many books & tutorials explain how beautiful the views from the summits of each mountain are. Some offer a ride to the summit. The other may live-stream the view from the summit. “Every possible way” is a great way to enjoy “it”, but not the whole picture.

There are no (universal) answers, but there is (your own answer). My job is to teach how to climb as many mountains as possible safely & respectfully so that one can find their own way of enjoying the process. Therefore, Sashiko is a cultural practice – not just an Art form. Therefore, “teaching” without cultural context can destroy the practice itself.

I know the joy of reaching the summit. It isn’t only about the view from the summit. It is the process of climbing, sometimes by myself, or sometimes with someone who shares the same value. There is nothing wrong with asking for the photos from the summit. However, when you are ready, please join me to be a climber to say “I like mountains”.


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