September 22, 2023 at 08:18PM

It took 4 years for me to reach the Story I shared yesterday on Youtube Live Streaming (9/22). It is about how “disrespectful” it is to define Sashiko as stitching of [Embracing the Imperfection]. I keep mentioning I do not like this phrase, yet I didn’t clarify the reason why. I thought it was because of the incapability of translating some of the Japanese Words we have such as “Wabi-Sabi”. The cause was “simplification (cutting the contexts off)” in introducing what Sashiko is in English. Interpretation of Japanese words got translated, and the translated words got interpreted by someone else for their profit – there were 3 steps in between… (like a telephone game).

In this Live Streaming, I try my best to be logical to identify the cause of simplification while explaining “why/how” it happened. When Japanese have to explain what [Wabi-Sabi] is, we often use the word [不完全の美] – and it can be translated as “Beauty in Imperfection”. The interpretation of this concept of [Beauty in Imperfection] is causing the confusion – or worse, the pain. With respect to the contexts, this wouldn’t happen. I hope this wasn’t done intentionally. For me, this explanation is a big breakthrough as I can speak up with confidence how disrespectful the phrase is. Please watch the whole live Streaming why it is so disrespectful – I believe I explained well.

You can find our youtube Channel from the Profile Link. The live streaming was on 9/22.




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