September 24, 2023 at 07:26AM

While listening to my own Live Streaming (9/23), I re-realize the power of the Internet as “Revolution”. I am experienced in Sashiko, having spent all of my youth in Japan. There is nothing special about me & what I have been doing. I don’t have a higher education degree. I don’t have any friends/family members with strong influence. I don’t have connections to publishers/media/politicians/celebrities… I am an ordinary Japanese man with a bit of experience in Sashiko. Interestingly, Sashiko became the “trend” in English, and all of sudden, my experience & stories got attention & values.

Without the Internet (SNS), my Stories would never be “listened” to. Because of my strong belief, I do not have any publications (at this point). Without a platform on the Internet, I wouldn’t even be able to express my suffering. Now, the voice from the first source can be delivered to the world without being “chosen” by someone influential. I don’t have to publish a book to deliver my story (although I hope I can do so one day). I can elaborate on the issue of [Wabi-Sasbi] as [Excuse to be “imperfect”]. This is indeed the revolution. There are so many stories from people who didn’t have the Internet. Their voices weren’t listened to, or chosen. I keep sharing them thanks to this revolution.




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