September 21, 2023 at 07:02PM

Where is your knowledge from? What is the upstream of what you do regularly? Whom do you receive it from? Toward 2023, the strongest message I want to deliver is the acknowledgement toward the upstream. We can learn “anything” from Online Source now via the Internet. 6 years ago, no one was sharing the video of Unshin – I don’t remember people using the word “Unshin”, either. Today, we can find the video when we search for “Sashiko” on the Internet. It is perfectly fine as I started sharing it saying “Copy It”. Live Streaming without editing & hiding – of course, it will be copied and distributed – it is what I want to anyway.

One thing “we” have to be careful when we learn something – to acknowledge where their teaching comes from. Please do not get me wrong that Unshin I share is my property. It is NOT mine – and many other Japanese would have similar, yet it is “From” a series of our Sashiko Artisans. Without them (upstream), none of what I share are here, even Sashiko I will share in front of the Camera tonight. Please & Let’s acknowledge the Upstream.

英語が中心の「Sashiko Story (刺し子物語)」ですが、日本の方々にも私の文章が、思いを巡らせたり考えるきっかけになれば幸いです。昨晩、寝惚け眼、ある日本語の投稿を拝読した記憶があるのですが、朝起きたら見つからず。もし私で削除してしまっていたら本当にごめんなさい。寝惚けてても消すことはないのですが、ズボンのポケットに入れていたスマホがいつの間にか運針会の方をブロックする…という前科があるので、念の為。私が日本語のコメントを消すことは99.9%ありません。どれだけ不都合なコメントだとしても無かったことにはしないので。



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