September 20, 2021 at 12:34PM

The more I share my stories, the more I realize that my “ordinary” has now become the “extraordinary”. Sashiko is what I do: and it requires the Japanese mindset to fully understand Sashiko as a practice. Although I haven’t reached a full understanding yet, it is astonishing that my common sense can be someone’s remedy. 

Come to think of it, it may be “wisdom” we call. Some of you may have received a “Grandma’s Recipe”. In modern society, visiting a family in a rural setting and cooking Tomato Sauce together may be rare things to do. The ordinary Grandma’s Tomato Sauce became something extraordinary: that’s how we change ourselves.

In terms of Sashiko, I am privileged because I received (forced to receive) those recipes. It isn’t just about stitching, but all around Sashiko including their life-long wisdom. In order to explain what Sashiko is to me, I need to provide enough stories for the audience to be on the same page… and therefore I feel I have so many more stories to share. 

It is okay to dislike/disagree with what I say. I am questioning the “fun Sashiko” and it is a big “No” in today’s market. However, I want them (you) to trust me in one thing: If you are looking for something to help you in the practice of Sashiko, you will find it with/by/from me. I do not give it to you, but you will find it, as you may remember the Granda’s Recipe. 


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