September 21, 2021 at 10:33AM

As you know, I share pretty much everything on the Internet. Stories here to enrich the body of Sashiko, and Unedited Videos & some tutorials to preserve the techniques & skills. I offer Sashiko classes to pass down the “Core & Essence”. However, since I do not want to filter “who can learn” based on “what they have”, all of the stories & videos are free of charge. I care how “Sashiko is” more than anything. I ask them to support me when they can.

Many people strongly denied this idea saying, “Atsushi, sharing them for free in public is a bad idea”. Yes. I understand that they worry about me & what I do. However, keeping “it” secret can be very dangerous in this “Internet” society: since anyone can be “the answer” without proper understanding. I fear Sashiko being something different by keeping it secret. So, I share even if it may strangle me slowly & surely. 

This is my life-staking challenge, to believe in “Humanity: We are born decent”. Anyone can teach Sashiko after watching what I had been sharing for the last 5 years. As I am teaching Sashiko in Japanese, what I do isn’t so common even among Japanese people. So, if you decide to teach Sashiko based on what I share, please credit my works & help me to share what I am trying to do. All I want is to keep the Sashiko we practice with reasonable changes, and I need to make my ends somehow in order to continue that. 

Well… those who may copy & teach what I share are not reading this story anyway. What they want is “technique” and “how to”. Same as Boro. Those who “copy” can only copy… and the original can keep sharing the original. However, due to the Internet, anything can happen including “ending me” in the process. So, please, please consider supporting the original instead of someone who copies & does a better job in marketing & communicating. I know the importance of “how to deliver the message”, but I have other priorities. I am doing my best to accommodate the reasonable request: and I hope I can pass down Sashiko as a “whole” to the next generation. I believe & hope that I can continue, but I sometimes get weaken in spirit.


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