September 18, 2021 at 02:35PM

I love thinking about “fun things”. I enjoy being “positive”. However, when someone says, “Atsushi, stop focusing on the negative (in Sashiko). We just enjoy Sashiko with positive thinking. Be Happy”, I find myself feeling somewhat disgusting with their “positive” words. I have been facing this “uncomfortableness” for while to see why I feel that way. It is true that being positive is good, but it makes me feel sick. Today, while on SNS, I may have found the answer. 

It is like a music concert in a public park. The Positive & Happy music on the stage is great. There are many people in the audience dancing & singing together in great joy. This great Event is possible because there are many people/workers who clean the park before/after the Happy Time. The cleaning includes dirty jobs. Thanks to those who face the “cleaning”, the positive event can happen. 

A Music Concert is a “planned” event. Sashiko is NOT an event for some Japanese: although for some, unfortunately, this is the event and therefore they can focus on the positive. Who is going to clean the mess after the party? While one is enjoying the positive, another may prepare for the dirty job: and the people who say “Be Positive” are usually the ones who do not engage in the dirty cleaning job. 

This is another extreme analogy. Everyone should enjoy Sashiko as much as they want. However, telling others who are serious in “Cultural Context” to suppress the reality (dirty job) over Positivity (Fun event) is dangerous. Well… we see the same thing in many cases, and often, privileged people (including myself) can “choose” to be positive in someone paying the price for it. Are you here to enjoy the event of Sashiko, or to enjoy Sashiko fully?


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